Yeyas eyelashes trembled as she stared at his thin but straight back. She jumped off the chair and chased after him, “Big brother——!”

Shen Zhou turned around and asked, “Whats the matter?”

Yeya ran to him and under Shen Zhous confusion, she took his hand and placed it on top of her head.

The young girls hair was as soft as a kittens fur. Shen Zhou had never been friendly with a child before, so this sudden action caused his mind to go blank for a few seconds.

“Big brother is a good person.” Yeya looked at him with her clear and bright eyes, “Little Yeya will bless you and your black raven.”

Her mother told her that four-leaf clovers can bless any human who touches their heads.

Yeya ran back into the police station, leaving Shen Zhou dumbfounded.

Black raven???

The dumbfounded Shen Zhou still didnt understand her words. He glanced at the police station one last time before he hurried back to where he parked his bike. When he arrived, all he saw were his books scattered on the ground.

Wheres his bike…?

It took a long time for Shen Zhou to finally comprehend the fact that his bike had been stolen. He sighed and picked up the books on the ground. After he finished organizing them, he resigned himself to head home.

Shen Zhou was used to having bad luck since he was a child, so he has long been accustomed to losing his things.

He was feeling a little thirsty when he saw that there was a supermarket opened just up ahead. He took out the remaining dollar bill and hesitated for a while before heading in. Shen Zhou parted with the last of his money in exchange for a bottle of mineral water.

“The supermarket is hosting an event for its grand opening. All the shoppers can participate and receive a ticket by purchasing something.” The store clerk pointed to the box next to him and said with a smile, “The first place prize is an electric-powered bike. Why dont you give it a go?”

A brand new pink motorbike was parked in front of the supermarket with a festive red ribbon tied around it.

Shen Zhou didnt have any expectation of winning anything in the lottery. He handed the ticket to the clerk and casually drew a prize——

[First Place Prize]

The three words written on the paper stood out vibrantly.

Shen Zhous hands trembled as he fell into a daze.


The clock on the wall pointed to ten oclock. It was just over an hour since Yeya woke up.

The policeman gave Yeya a piece of bread and questioned her while he watched her eat.

“Little girl, whats your name?”

“Yeya.” She looked quite similar to a cute little hamster, with her cheeks bulging slightly as she happily ate the bread.

The policeman had never seen a young child not cry after being separated from their parent. He softened his voice and asked, “Do you remember where you live?”

“I do.”

The policeman sat straight up and asked, “Where?”

Yeya pointed upward, “In the sky.”

The boundary of time is located in the gap in the sky. That is where she and her clansmen live.

“…” The policeman almost choked at her response. He asked nicely, “Little girl, do you know your parents name?”

“I know.” Yeya finished eating the bread and hastily rubbed the crumbs off her face with the back of her hand. “My mom is called Hua Wuque.”

The policeman who is watching 1, “…”

“My dads name is Ye Linchuan.”

The policemans eyelids twitched.

Ye Linchuan is the richest man in Longchen City. He used ruthless means to achieve his current status. He did have a daughter, but she died three years ago.

This young girl was simply spouting nonsense.

The policeman was about to continue to question her when an old couple entered the station for help. He told Yeya to stay still before heading out to help the old couple.

[Ding! New task assigned: Get rid of the bad guys pursuing you.]

Yeya corked her head to the side at the cold robotic sound in her head.

The system knew that Yeya probably didnt understand the task, so he explained: [Yeya, someone is coming here to kidnap you and bring you back to the laboratory. Listen to my instructions carefully. Head out right now, take a right turn, and run.]

Yeya nodded. She jumped off the chair and ran out of the station while the policemans attention was diverted elsewhere.

It was early spring, so the weather was rather chilly. Yeya was so busy running through the streets that she didnt notice that the system was anxiously calling out to her.

Seeing that they were running farther and farther away from their goal, the system cant help but roared: [I told you to take a right turn! But this is a left turn——!!!]

Yeya had been a human for only an hour, so she didnt know which side is left and which side is right.

“…” She looked around blankly.

The system sighed: [Little one, the hand that you eat with is the right.]

The hand that I eat with…

Yeya patted her head and slowly looked up at the sky. After staring at the night sky for a few seconds, Yeya said distressfully. “But I cant fly upwards…”


The system forgot that four-leaf clovers eat sunlight and drink dew. In other words, she doesnt use her hands to eat, so she doesnt know what is left and what is right.

The system originally wanted Yeya to head to the company run by Xia Qings father, which is located to the right. This way, the plot can return to its original storyline. But who wouldve thought that she would run in the opposite direction? Fortunately, they managed to lose the people pursuing her.

Sigh. Im so tired. I want to resign.

Yeya trotted through the streets by herself.

Since her body is a clone, it has a higher physical ability as well as a higher IQ than the average person. But even so, Yeya had gradually become exhausted after running around all night.

It was getting darker. Fewer people and cars were passing by.

“Uncle, my feet hurt.”

Yeya noticed that the system used the same mechanical voice as the first time they met.

“Uncle, I want to go home.” Her voice cracked and she was about to cry again.

The system reverted to his kind character setting and said warmly: [Theres a small chair not far away. You can take a break.]

Yeya wiped away the tears that she had unconsciously shed and walked towards the small chair.

She was still wrapped in Shen Zhous clothes as climbed onto the chair. The loose jacket was just big enough to be completely wrapped around her. It perfectly shielded her from the night breeze.

“I forgot to return the jacket to big brother.”

[Its okay if you dont return it.]

The system had searched up Shen Zhous personal data just now. He found out that the young boy was a typical villain in the novel. He has an anti-social personality and eventually becomes a serial killer. His younger brother, who becomes a policeman will execute him for his crimes. Shen Zhous younger brother is the male lead of the novel. Yeya will cross paths with Shen Zhous younger brother but not Shen Zhou.

Yeyas eyelids felt extremely heavy and her body felt feverish. She rubbed her eyes and slowly laid down on the bench before falling into a deep sleep.

Not long after, a black car slowly pulled up next to her.


is a Hong Kong drama based on a novel. Yeyas mother has the same name as the main character of the drama. The Chinese adaptation of this drama is called .

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