“I will ask someone to prepare new clothes for Yaya later. Are you happy?” Ye Qinghe bent down to talk to her, appearing even more excited than her.

Yeya didnt have any knowledge about clothes, so she didnt respond to his question. Instead, all her attention was on the plush doll on the bed.

“Does Yaya want to play with it?” Ye Qinghe walked over to the bed, picked up the plush doll, and handed the doll to her.

“Thank you, brother.” Yeya hugged the doll happily as she flashed him a smile.

Ye Qinghes heart was about to melt. He patted her head and said, “Go play with yourself first. Ill have someone prepare some daily necessities for you.”

The Ye Family owns a shopping mall, so they can have anything they needed to be delivered with just a phone call.

After Ye Qinghe left, Yeya toured her room. She touched the furnishings as she looked at them. She was afraid of accidentally breaking something, so she was cautious when touching time. Yeya had so much fun playing alone that she completely forgot about the tasks assigned to her by the system.

It wasnt until Yeya noticed a piercing gaze directed at her from behind the door that she looked over in surprise.

The two looked at each other. The young boy didnt back away after being caught, instead, he continued staring at her fiercely.

Yeya held her plush doll as she jumped off the bed and walked over to him.

[Yaer, this is your second brother. He is the mission target.]

What is the mission?

Yeya pondered for a long time.

System: […You have to tell him to get lost.]

Yeya finally remembered her task after being reminded by the system.

“Hello.” Yeya greeted the young boy politely.

Ye Ziyu suffers from severe mania. Despite his young age, his gaze was cold and fierce. He doesnt like encountering unfamiliar people. After looking at Yeya up and down, his gaze became fiercer.

“Who are you?”


The expression on Ye Ziyus face became twisted, “Thats nonsense! Yeya is already dead!”

The seven-year-old Ye Ziyu had no memories or feelings for his dead sister. He simply felt that her appearance made him feel irritable.

Yeya thought about it for a while and said, “Okay.” She continued, “I want you to get lost.”

Since she look like a small little dumpling, she didnt sound at all intimidating.

Ye Ziyus eyelids twitched and he pointed at Yaya, “I-I dare you to repeat that!”

Yeya repeated, “Roll away~”3

The system was worried about whether she would be able to complete the task. But Yeya performed extremely well, so the system couldnt help but praise her: [Yaer, you did great! Youre so smart! You mustve gotten your amazing genetics from your Corpse Flower mother!] He hadnt chosen the wrong person! He knew that Yeya would be able to do it! After all, her mother was merciless! She was unrivalled in the transmigration world.

Ye Ziyus small face twisted in shock. His chest heaved up and down in anger, “D-did you order me to get lost?”

“Roll away~”

“I dare you to say it again!”

Yeya repeated it, “Roll away~”



Their gaze met as they were locked in a silent stalemate.

Ye Ziyu pouted and shoved his hands in his pockets. He stared at her with disdain, “I wont get lost. If you have the ability, why dont you show me how its done?”

Hmph! The little brat actually wanted him to get lost. She really is cheeky.

However, Ye Ziyu failed to realize that he too is a kid.

Yeya scratched her head. Uncle System told her that if she doesnt properly complete the tasks, she wont be able to save her parents and friends in the spirit world.

“Okay.” She nodded in response to Ye Ziyus surprise, “Ill show you how to do it.  You have to watch carefully~”

Yeya took two steps back, crawled on the ground and demonstrated how to do a body roll. She was so focused that she didnt notice the chair behind her. Ye Ziyu only heard a faint thud as the young girls head slammed against the chair.


Ye Ziyu grinned. It mustve hurt…

Yeya clutched her head in pain and remained on the floor.

“Are…Are you okay?”

Yeya sniffled ad rose from the ground, teary-eyed. She rubbed the back of her head and warned him gently, “You have to be careful when you roll. Dont knock into the chair as I did.”

Ye Ziyu became speechless.

Yeyas teary-eyes focused on Ye Ziyus tender face as she said, “Brother, its your turn to roll now~”

Ye Ziyu, “…”

Should he roll or not?

If he rolls, he would be humiliated.

If he doesnt roll, then it would be even more humiliating.

The expression on Ye Ziyus face changed multiple times until he finally stomped his feet in anger and dropped to the ground. His body rolled its way towards the third-floor staircase.

Yeya stood by the door as she watched him roll farther and farther away from her. When he was about to reach the stairs, she shouted to him, “Brother, be careful! Dont hit the pillar.”

It took Ye Ziyu a lot of effort to roll all the way back. He was panting when he finally laid on his bed. It was then that a sudden realization finally hit him, causing him to jumped up from the bed——

Wait! This isnt right!

Had he been tricked???

Ye Ziyu stomped his feet in anger when he realized this.


Hes furious. Ye Ziyu vow that he will chase her out when his dad returns!


Yeya, who had successfully completed the task, closed the door happily. She wanted the system to praise her, “Uncle, I did it.”

The system is silent.

How should he respond?

The task is for him to get lost, but the little four-leaf clover misunderstood the task…

Its reasonable to say that the task is not completed, but the taskbar showed that the task has been completed. Ye Ziyus pride had taken a blow and his dislike for her increased.

Even though the task is completed, why is he still unhappy?

[Congratulations to the host for completing the task and obtaining the reward [Wish Seed]].

The system push his sense of depression aside and asked gently: [Yaer, where do you want to plant the seed? Uncle can help you save the seed. I think its better for me to sav…]

Before the system could finish speaking, Yeya jumped up and down, “On the head! Yeya want the seeds to be planted on Yeyas head!”



3 Get lost/Roll away – The mission Yeya is tasked with is telling Ye Ziyu toget lost. Butget lost androll away are homophones in Chinese. They sound the same but have different meanings. Yeya thought that the system wants Ye Ziyu to physically roll away on the floor.

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