The Zyr and The Lizarna

New room and new friend

Hi, Im Maya. First, a little introduction. I don have any sir name, its only Maya. I don have any parents nor any siblings but I do have a family. A woman named Jessi adopted me when I was 5 and homeless. I couldn remember my past much so I don know who my parents were or why did they left me all alone in front of Jessis house. Later, she got married and had 4 kids. His husband lives in foreign because he has to earn money for his family. There is nothing in our town so…. Jessi is like my mother. She took care of me ever since I was a child. Not that I call her mom. I call everyone by their names. So, I am a chubby girl or you can also say fat, obese or anything that suits a chunk of meat like me. Jessi had me got education in a school where I was always bullied. Called fat and what not. At that time and at this time also, I think no one loves me except Jessi and her kids. They are my everything. Anyways, I got a habit of hearing the words fat, obese, cow, pregnant everyday so it doesn bother me any longer. Sometimes, whenever I feel lonely, I think about a guy that doesn even exist. He is handsome, tall and…. He has everything that a girl wants! He is in my thoughts though. So Ill write about him later in my journal if I feel like it. Right now, I got a scholarship due to my excellent performance in intermediate exams. I can choose whatever education I want and there is no fee. Its completely free and hence I chose medicine. I want to be a doctor so that I could provide the people a rest of mind, so that I can help the poor and needy, because its my ambition! I am right now in the taxi. I left my home and it was heartbreaking but I had to say goodbye to my family. Im going to my hostel right now which is a 500km away from my home. Its another city. There is a long way to go…..

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