The Zyr and The Lizarna

Beginning of Mysteries

It was night when I entered the hostel. And I was surprised to see boys in hostel. I asked a girl why are there boys in our hostel? On hearing my question, she was surprised. She said,

”Don you know the medical college you chose has co-educational system? ”

I said I already know but there was nothing written about having same hostel to that of boys. She said,

”Why? Come on, the old fashioned system of having different hostels is already gone. Look, there are so many boys but none interested in you. I mean, look at you. No one will even want to talk to you! Don worry fatty! ”

Saying this, she laughed at me and went away. I remained silent for a moment. My heart was already broken in some minutes of being in hostel. All my confidence went away.

No wonder it was a really big hostel because both genders will live in same building! I don like being with boys. I don know why? Maybe because I get attracted to handsome ones and think about having a chance with them even though I can . A wave of disappointment runs through my body as I come to realize that no one will like me. Other than this reason, I don like how everywhere girls and boys come in physical contact with each other. Ill and I should ignore places like windows, empty spaces under the stairs, empty tables and empty rooms. I mean they SHOULD be empty but what if they are not…

I hurriedly asked for my room to the clerk. And it was room no. 103,

”same as my weight ”

I whispered to myself. The clerk couldn hear and asked me if I said something but I didn replied and went away in search of my room.

On my way, I saw a group of girls chatting. But I ignored them even though I wanted to talk to them. One girl asked me where I was going? So I replied,

”Its room no. 103. I can find it because all no. plates are rusty. Can you help me find it? ”

She looked me from my head to toe and said,

”Yeah, sure. Come with me, I know this building very well. My father owns it. ”

I was shocked on hearing this. She excused her group and took me to my room. I was happy that I got someone to help me, that didn criticize me for being fat. On our way she asked me my name. I told her about me and I asked her the same thing. She said,

”Im Rebecca. Nice to meet you. You are kinda cute. I like your chubby cheeks. ”

On hearing this, I couldn believe that someone would say such kind words to me. I confirmed if she was mocking me or something for being fat but she was being honest with me. She was beautiful from her look as well as from her heart. I asked her to be my friend. Then she said,

”Of course, Ill be your friend sweetie. Just call me whenever you need something. My room no. is 96. Its pretty near. Here, take my phone number too. ”

She was so kind to give ne her number and it was kind of awkward too considering she gave me her number even though we never met each other before, nor our talk was too long to be close friends. We reached my room in no time. And in I go. She left. I took a deep breath and closed the door. It was a good room. A comfy bed as well as a sofa. A chair and a table for study. Many drawers in the cupboard and also a wardrobe. I settled all my clothes in wardrobe and now the cloth bag was of no use. I also had an extra luggage containing culinary items, many paintings and decorative items etc. I left all that luggage to clerk and asked him to deliver all those items to my room because of course I couldn carry them all.

I slept because I was too tired. While sleeping, that Rebecca girl came into my mind for a second and my sound sleep was disturbed. I saw that she had something in her hands and she was gazing me with her cold and steady eyes. It was a little scary. But soon I forgot about it and slept peacefully. Thank God I didn get a nightmare again.

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