The Zyr and The Lizarna

White Room, a Cage for me

Next day, I woke up as usual, at 7:00am and to my surprise, I saw that my room was all messed up even though I kept all area around me clean and I can remember, last night, the room was not like this. How could the room be such a mess. All the things were not in their place. My precious dinner set that old lady gave me was broken on the ground. The glass door of cupboard was broken too. The clothes were out of the wardrobe. The foam of my couch was all out in bits and pieces. How could I not wake up by the breaking sounds of my dinner set? And who did this thing to my room? How anyone entered my room like nothing? The door was locked! How could the person who did this, didn do anything wrong with me? Why did he left me sleeping? What was he searching? So many questions arose in my mind in a few moments of seeing all this destruction. Only my bed and blanket were ok. I got out of my bed to complain all this to Mr. Joseph. But then I heard some sounds of something moving in the lower last drawer of my cupboard. I thought that it must be a cat but how could a cat do all of this. How can a cat break glass door and unlock my rooms door? No, it can be a cat. Something else the size of a cat but not cat. As I took some steps forward to open the drawer, the thing stopped moving after hearing my footsteps. I was a little frightened thinking what if that thing attacks me? As I was sleeping nothing happened to me and hence, I got some confidence in me to open the drawer. The thing started moving again and this time I didn stop and opened the drawer. A blue-green thing suddenly jumped and then I bent down a little in fear of being attacked but that thing jumped over my head and landed on my bed. I turned around to look at the thing. It was a strange creature like a pokemon. I know pokemons are just fictional characters. I couldn believe my eyes. The little thing had a thin tail. On the end of tail, white pearl-like structures were shining. They looked to be three shining white pearls glued at the end of its tail. Those pearls were a part of its body. It had black cute eyes. It was like a half cat, half fox and half deer. It had a small cat-like black nose. It had long and pointy ears like a fox. It had two little horns between its ears like the baby of a deer. The distance between both ears was more than that of a cat or a fox. The inner side of its ears was white while except the nose, the front of torso and its facial part below eyes was blue-green or you can also say it was a turquoise creature. It was sitting like a cat on my bed. The facial part below eyes and the front torso were all white.

I haven seen a creature like this before. I rubbed my eyes for a while because I couldn believe I was actually witnessing a creature like this. It was all real, not my imagination, not a dream, a small and cute and beautiful creature sitting right before me. He was looking so much innocent that I couldn believe that he made this mess in my room. As it was such a little creature so I forgave him for what he did to my room. I moved my hand toward the little creature slowly but it was afraid of me too as I was a new person it was meeting. It was new for me and I was new for it. It moved back a little when my hand reached near its head but I didn give up. I again moved my hand near its head and succeeded in touching it. The moment I touched its head, the pearls of its tail started shining more brightly. The cute creature closed its eyes and gave out a cute cat-like meow. Although it was not a cat, its voice was like a cat. I rubbed its head and it started squeaking gently. I sat with it and kept rubbing its head. I tried to talk to it like people talk to a baby,

”Hiiii! Little one. How are you? You are soooo cute! Aww, come on now. Why did you breake all the things? Were you scared? Don be so scared. Everyyyything is aaaall right now! ”

After that I chuckled softly. It looked in my eyes and squeaked like it was saying hello to me. I lifted it up like a baby from its torso and smiled. I hugged it gently and carefully. Such cute little thing.

I can call it ”it ” forever so I had to give it a name. I don even know if its a girl or a boy.

”Maybe Ill name it Kiki. ”

So, I don know where Kiki came from or why is Kiki only in my room. Why didn it chose any other persons room. I am the lucky one here who got to meet and touch Kiki. I can tell anyone about Kiki. People will surely try to snatch it from me and use cute Kiki for entertainment purpose or should I say for money in zoo. I cleared all the mess just to hide Kiki and its fault. Kiki wasn leaving either when I left it all by himself on the bed. Maybe, Kiki really likes me and wants to be my friend.

When I was cleaning Kikis mess in front of the cupboard, a heavy marble pot was falling on me. I didn know that. I could have gotten seriously injured but I saw toward Kiki when it was screaming as if Kiki was trying to tell me something. I smiled and got up. But Kikis pearls on its tail started shining so much that my rooms light bulb was nothing in front of it. I felt something touching my head, I moved away and saw that falling pot floating in air. It had a turquoise aura surrounding it. Kiki had his eyes closed and he was also covered with the same aura. I was so much surprised. I knew that Kiki was a magical creature but it was my first time seeing its magic in real. I grasped the floating pot in my hand and put it down on table. Kiki was now relaxed and there wasn any shiny aura around it. I picked Kiki up and hugged him in gratitude. Looking into its eyes I said,

I promise Kiki, Ill protect you just like this from whole world!

And hugged it again.

Now I decided to put Kiki in my bag and take Kiki with me but my handbag was so small. I couldn leave Kiki all alone or else it would run off somewhere. I asked Kiki to sit on my bed for just five minutes.

”Kiki listen. Just sit here for 5 minutes and Ill be right back. Don you run off, ok?…. Uhhhh, I don know why am I talking to an animal like this… ”

I closed the window but I knew Kiki can unlock everything…. So, closing the window won be a big help. I closed if for my satisfaction. After closing the window, I moved toward my door while watching Kiki. I opened the door and turned again too see if Kiki is sitting in its place or not. Then I closed the door and opened it again to confirm if Kiki was moving or not. I gave out a sigh of relief because Kiki wasn going anywhere and following my order, he wasn moving. So I hurriedly locked the door from outside and ran toward room no. 102. I don know whose room it is. I never saw anyone standing here or coming or going in. I knocked at the door but not a single sound. I knocked again and again but no answer. I tried to open the door and it opened very easily. It was not locked. After saying,

Im coming in! Pardon me!

I moved inside the room. There was all darkness, only a TVs light was covering half darkness of the room. Someone was sitting on the couch in front of TV. I asked if I could get a handbag wide and big enough in which I can put a cat. The answer came,

”Who gave you the permission to come in? ”

It wasn any answer. It was a question. A question from a man. His voice was like same as that man holding papers to whom I bumped into yesterday. The man stood up and said,

”I do have a bag but please next time don come in without permission! ”

I said,

”Mr. I already knocked ten times but you didn gave any reply! ”

The man turned to see me. He lifted his left eyebrow and said,

”I didn gave any reply, that means I don want you to be here. That means I don give you the permission to enter! ”

Hearing this, I pardoned again. I was a bit confused and a little scared too because the man was handsome yet creepy. He gave me a bag good enough to hold two baby cats in it. I thanked him but before I had left I asked him about those papers he was holding yesterday. Upon hearing my question he got a little angry and answered me in an extremely ride manner,

”Its none of your business! Stay away from me and all the things that belong to me! ”

I got a little scared. I mean it wasn a thing to be frustrated on. Why did he became that furious on this simple question? Anyways, I left with that bag and hurriedly moved to my room and locked it.

I couldn saw Kiki anywhere… I searched and searched but not a single sign of Kiki. Now I was worried a lot. I thought Kiki would never leave me but it just did. I shouldn have left it all alone in this room.

All these thoughts were coming in my mind one after another until I heard a soft and cute sound above me. I saw Kiki was sitting on my ceiling fan. I was so happy to see Kiki. So much relieved now. Kiki jumped in my arms and I hugged it. I said,

Ohhh, Kiki you scared me there just now. But how did you got up there?

Saying this, I put kiki in cloth bag and close its zipper to see if Kiki can fit in. And Kiki fitted in it perfectly. I poked a little hole in the bag by tearing a little part of bag away. Ill ask for forgiveness to that Bag Man later.

I took Kiki with me in bathroom and had a little bath with Kiki. I didn know Kiki would love the bath or not. Of course he loved it. We played and played during our bath in tub. Then I dried Kiki up and myself too. Putting on my clothes, I asked Kiki to go in the bag. After a little bit of denial it got in. I wore the bag on my back and picked only two books, a pouch having stationery items and a clipboard in my hand and left. I couldn hold another bag in my hand. It would have been too awkward and suspicious for others.

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