The sound of dragged chains accompanied her all the way to the punishment place. Ina was making little steps as the metal chain between the cuffs on her legs was forcing that kind of walking on her. They reached the little square sooner than she wished. Her arms were stretched and chained to two poles. She didn resist like before, she had to save every bit of strength to survive this. They did their work efficiently and left. Its amazing how in situations like this one time seems to be put on a stand still. The minutes dragged endlessly.

From the corner of her eye Ina saw her. The perfect blond Alpha woman. She was standing in the shade and looking at her. She must have enjoyed the view and rejoice in her own doing. Ina was standing still and focused on the breathing, trying to calm down as much as she could. She won be broken by this. Soon she was alone again. Ina was trying to moisten her chapped lips but in vain. Her mouth was dry too. Her body was aching everywhere and the ruthless sun kept shining, it was afternoon now and the shadows were getting longer. Evening was her only hope. She won die, not like this, not here, not today. She forced herself to breathe and keep conscious. She was a worthless slave in the heaven like city. She has been standing this way for many hours now. She had a nice view though, right in front of her was a fountain with crystal clear water. She could hear the light sound of water droplets banging on the concrete basin. So close … and so far.

Ina closed her eyes, for a brief moment she wasn here, but back in the cool cave. Back home. She was sitting next to the water pool and watching its calm surface. Noah was with and he was smiling, telling her with enthusiasm about an amazing view he wanted to share with her. She remembered it all as if it was yesterday not a year ago.

Ina was squatting quietly next to Noah, they were watching from the top of the huge tall sandstone outlier the amazing city below. It was scorching hot, even hotter when you sat on a rock without the tiniest bit of a shadow.

”I told you it will be worth it, look – Noah pointed to one of the citys corners visible from above – they even have little ponds next to their houses. ”

They had, Ina was watching with greedy eyes every piece of the city she could notice, the rest was covered by tall walls surrounding the whole city. The wall was massive, made of stone and even three men standing on each others shoulders wouldn reach the top of it. Still from what she was able to see, it was impressive. They had trees and even the ground was green too, not mentioning this amount of water.

”It was worth it, wasn . The whole climbing I mean. ” Noah looked at her with th

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