*huff* *huff*

its..been… How long exactly? I can remember.

Searching for my friends is starting to seem so hopeless now.

”I just want to take a break! ”, I cried out

My body drenched in sweat was aching all over from running around all over the resort.

”Agh! I haven sat down in hours, *sighs* where in the world has everyone disappeared to? ”

Now, I started to observe my surroundings, and I realized it was the reception of the resort which was the last place I hadn searched in yet.

I knew that the lack of employees during my hours of the search was suspicious but the reception where employees were supposed to be… was deserted!

”H-how can this be even the reception? ”

It seemed as if people fled away from this place and abandoned everything behind!

It wasn hard to tell, since all the things were pretty messy, I could hear the sound from the running tap water, see the suitcases lying around which were probably of new visitors, and room keys lying across the furniture were all indicating the fact that no one here was planning to leave this building anytime soon.

But why would they leave all of a sudden, and how come, my friends, didn even bother to wake me up?

Just what in worl-


A sudden shiver went down my spine, I was so frightened by this very unwelcoming sound that my legs almost gave in.

” wh-at, eh? What was that sound? ” I muttered to myself

What was that unsettling sound- I don get scared easily but if I heard a completely out of the place sound in a completely deserted place it Is bound to scare the living shit out of anyone.

It seemed to have come from the side where the windows were.

On any normal day, I wouldve avoided it but right now that sound couldve come from anything, if Im in luck it couldve been another person.

I mustered all of my courage to walk toward that windowpane. The climate was hot but I couldn help but feel like the temperature was dropping. The thought that something else was awaiting me on the other side of the window filled my body with chills from head to toe.

I could feel my fingers trembling from nervousness. As I slowly proceeded to walk towards the window-


I heard someone slowly thumping at the window.

I was filled with thrill because who else could it be other than a person who got stranded in this unnerving resort just like me!?

Undoubtedly I increased the pace of my steps. Quicker but still just as carefully I walked towards the window. I was only a few feet away from the window where I could see a shadowy humanoid figure at the window and I was filled with delight!

”Oh gosh, finally! Another person! ” I exclaimed

Without even realizing I started running towards the window, I ran as fast as my exhausted body could take me.

I wasn much farther off from the window when I saw that the humanoid figure started stroking the glass window. It was a little off-putting but regardless I rushed until my breathing turned into heavy panting.

The person was only a few centimeters away and his slowly stroking the window turned into excessive scratching at the glass pane *screech* *screech*

It kept getting louder and more piercing, he was scratching at it so hard with the tips of his fingernails that I could see the scratches forming.

I stopped in my tracks. This was the first time I saw his face.

My few seconds of happiness turned into sheer horror when we made eye contact. I recognized who he was. But some..thing was wrong with his face…I could recognize that face from anywhere even if it was attached on a body of a completely different creature.

It was Faye one of my friends who came with me to this dreadful place.

I couldn understand what was transpiring in front of me. The curiosity got the best of me as I walked towards the faye-beast thing. ”H..e..l..pp..me ”, the creature whimpered

I didn think twice.

And ran back to where I came from. Adrenaline was coursing through my veins..I could feel it, and I started running so fast that I couldn see anything in my path.

And the entire time I kept screaming at the top of my lungs, ”AAAAAAHHH!!!!!!! I want to go back, I don want to stay here anymore!!!, ple…ase… someone help me!! It will catch me, Fu..ck.. ”, overwhelmed with my surging emotions I started sobbing.

Still sprinting, I didn care where I ended up I just had to get away from that thing. After running straight for 15 minutes my body which was already weak and exhausted collapsed.


I fell on some grass and tried to stand up again. My extremely worn-out body refused to get up, but I got up somehow got up and fell again under the cool shade of a tree.

The resort was out of my viewpoint but I was too exhausted to think about something else.

As I was lying under the tree I could hear the soft rustling of leaves. The breeze kept blowing at my face and cooled my sweat off.

” ahh, I finally can relax ” I muttered softly

This false comfort of a few seconds broke down so easily when all of my thoughts started rushing into my head.

I started sobbing uncontrollably, ”*haah*, *haah*, shi..t, what is going on, what do I do now? I need to go back, what…happened to.. my friends, and that creature!- forget it I don even wanna think about it ”

This trip **ing sucks, if only I hadn agreed to go with that bastard Skylar before. None of this wouldve happened. Non..e… Skylar, I wonder how he is doing, Gray, Jake, and… Faye.. I wonder..

I started recalling my old memories from when this trip was planned…

It was almost midnight and the temperature was slightly colder than usual. After a long day of work, relaxing on the sofa while eating ice cream and watching television was usually the way I used to pass my time.

”-And on todays XYZ news channel, Another person in the Raven city has gone missing, this makes the total number of cases of missing people 102 on record, total estimation of people going missing is around 150 or above.

The authorities are looking into this matter but haven been able to find any clues since the people who have gone missing are completely at random intervals and very hard to predict, our heart goes to all the families who have been suffering because of this terrible crisis.

Some rumors say it can be the work of Mafia bu– ”


”-**- what was that? Someone is at my door in the middle of the night? Is it perhaps- MAFIA? shit are they here to pick me up?Noway, why would the mafia want me- ”


I am so nervous what will they do to me?, will I end up in the news headlines tomorrow morning? I decided to grab a knife and see who is it at the door.

*click* I opened the door and tried to put on the nastiest look I could pull in hopes to scare the proclaimed mafia gangster


”WHAT?! ”

”ARE YOU CONSTIPATED? WHY ARE U MAKING THAT FACE, WHILE HOLDING A KNIFE??! You just scared the living shit out of me bro ”

”Skylar?? Shut up!, what are u doing here in the middle of the night, you scared the hell out of me, I thought u were here to kidnap me ”

Skylar is my childhood friend, we always managed to stay in contact with each other even after so many years.

”What? Hahaha who would want to kidnap u with that face ”

”Shut up dude, u didn answer my question ”

”Why are u being so grumpy at least let me in first, ” whined Skylar

”Alright fine, come on in ”

As Skylar got himself comfortable I brought some beer and food to drink and eat. Then Skylar continued,

”I bet you forgot about the year-old promise we made ”

I was a little surprised by seeing how he saw right through me.

I was a little embarrassed and said, ”if you know it, then why don u just tell me already ”

”Wow, you
e as cranky as ever, glad to know you never change ”

I just started at Skylar annoyingly

”… ”

”Alright, quit staring at me, what if u fall in love with my handsome face?! ”

”Id rather die, ugly, just tell me what you came here for and leave already!! ” I said angrily

”Wow, you
e so harsh rix, I came here to remind you that tomorrows the reunion of some of us friends ”

”I never permitted you to call me that, also a reunion? When did I agree to be a part of it? ”

”I did it for you <3 "

”Stop doing unnecessary things, Im busy tomorrow ”

”Whattt then ditch the work, but u have to come!! Faye, Gray, and Jake will be there, we
e planning to go on a trip ”

”What? What trip?!, I guess I could use a trip to relax ”

Skylar just stared at me strangely ”what? ” I asked

”Nothing, its very weird of you to agree to go on a trip ”

”Is it? I haven had holidays in a while, thats why, so where are we meeting? ”

”Awe poor you, why don u hang out with me more often then huh?! I called u so many times but u never pick up, I get so sad you know! ” Skylar whined

”Stop making a fuss, u called me every hour, I don have time for your stupid shenanigans ”

”Oh really? u are making me upset *yawns* ”

”You should sleep on the sofa Im going to my bedroom, goodnight ”

”You wont let me sleep on the bed?? How mean ”

I kept walking and ignored his tantrums

”Wow so you
e going to ignore me now?, alright good night rix ”-

”don call me that ”

Skylar chuckled

he always does things that annoy me, this little bastard ill show him, Ill blast the ac and won give him a blanket. I thought to myself as I fell asleep…

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