It was finally the day we were all supposed to meet.

So why am I up at 5 am?

The thing is, I have been experiencing nightmares every day and I haven been able to properly sleep for weeks.

I can see fragments of my unsettling nightmares in real life sometimes.

These nightmares have occurred since my childhood, which is odd but I haven had this much trouble sleeping since I was a child.

I have met many psychiatrists and had therapy for this issue alone. But it was useless and eventually, my concern for it faded over time since it did not affect my real life as much.

Until now of course.

This was the reason why I decided to agree to that trip. Im hoping that it helps me relax over time and relieve my nightmares.


I turned over to the side and saw a shadowy figure sitting right at the corner of my bed.

My body turned stone cold and I could feel my goosebumps rising.

” am I still dreaming? what the hell is going on?!! ” I mumbled

Without thinking much, I kicked the shadowy figure at the corner almost immediately and as hard as I could.


”AHHH! *thud* ughhh, f..uck…! My head! ” The figure Screamed

”Serves you right! U bastard, who the hell do you think you are watching me sleep? ”

”Who the hell are you calling a thief?? its me Skylar!!…ugh.. ”

”What? Skylar? What are u doing near my bed? Don tell me.. ”

I looked at him dead serious and asked,

”are you.. a pervert? ”

”What!!, Anerix stop talking!!, and what the hell!, why are You calling me a pervert when you were the one who was crying in the middle of the night! ”

He continued…

”I mustve fallen asleep after coming here, and this is how you thank me?? By kicking me in the face??!, what if I died from your kick? ”

I was screaming?. I never realized this because I live alone, and there aren many neighbors who live around my house either, but I mustve done this during the time I was experiencing those nightmares.

”Stop crying like a child, you didn die, right? So be grateful and get out of here before I kick you out of the room myself ”

”Wow, you didn even apologize, how can someone so terrible, be a friend of someone as nice and sweet as me, ” said Skylar

”You.. ” I grumbled

”Im going to go back to my sleep and u go back to your sofa, and this time ill lock the door of my room so I wouldn be woken up by another hief again, ” I talked to him with a teasing tone

Skylar gave me a confused look, so I asked ”what? ”

He hesitated for a bit but then said,

”Why are u lying, I know you
e having trouble sleeping ”

How does he know that?

”I saw u weren able to sleep properly when I came in the middle of the night ”

Skylar continued

”its because of the nightmares, isn it? I remember it well, you used to have trouble sleeping when you were younger so youd come and find me near the dumpster in the Winter street and….- ”

”Alright-alright, ” I said attempting to interrupt his sentence, then continued,

” Why are you suddenly going down the memory lane? Its *picks up the phone* 5:37 am!!, I don want to talk about the old memories ”

”Right, Im sorry, ” said Skylar with a disappointed look

What? whats that expression for… Tsk.

”I don want to talk about the old memories now, but we can have a conversation about this later okay? ” I said to help lighten up his mood and to no surprise,

Skylar laughed

”wow, your attempt at being friendly is making me very uneasy- ”

”SHUT UP!!! ” I yelled at him to escape the embarrassment

”Alright, but since you can sleep and I don feel sleepy anymore why don we eat something, Im kind of hungry ”

”Go eat something from the fridge then, theres likely some bread left ”

”Ugh, just some stale bread? How sad- ”


Skylars phone started ringing, he reached out for his phone to glance at who was calling him so early in the morning.

”Huh? It is unknown ”

”Hurry and pick it up are you just gonna leave it to keep ringing? ”

He said, ”Pretty much ” while silencing his phone

”So where were we? Right foo- ”

*buzz* buzz*

We both glanced toward Skylars buzzing phone. It was the same number as before.

”Will you just pick it up already?? It could be something important! ”, I said with a slightly annoyed look

” Alright fine! ”

He reached for his phone and accepted the call, he put it on speaker so I could hear it too

”Hello is this Skylar? ” Asked the unknown person. It was easy to tell that he was a man, from his heavy and low-pitched voice.

”Yes, but who- ”

before he could even finish his sentence the unknown person started yelling profanities at him,

”Oh so it is you ” he continued

”Skylar, you M******** PIECE of ****, WHERE the **** ARE YOU!!?, YOU LYING M@&%%#$**, F******, S******!! ”

We both looked at each other with a confused look

This made Skylar extremely troubled and he said, ”I think you have got me confused with someone else? Who even are you?!? I don have the slightest clue as to who you might be ”

The unknown person stopped screaming and *sighed* then continued

”You bastard, you forgot?? You were supposed to pick me and Jake up from the airport an hour ago!!! ”

”I was? ” Skylar said still confused as ever

”YESS!!! We don know where Anerix lives, you were the one who said we can stay at Anerixs place for a few days!! How can you forget?? Come and pick us up from the airport now!!! I have been trying to reach your phone for so long! ”

”My place? ” I spoke while staring at Skylar who was very clearly trying to avoid eye contact with me

”Ohhh haha..ha, I didn forget dude I must have mixed up the timing, ” said Skylar nervously

”Why are you lying to me now, just hurry up and come here in a few minutes, or I will have you praying to god that I don find you myself, ” said Gray with a very irritated tone

”Alright.. I will be there ” said Skylar while hanging up

”Now, what the hell was that about Gray and Jake staying here in my house and for many da- ”

”Ah!! Look at the time it is so late I have to go and pick them ” Skylar interrupted me while still trying to avoid eye contact with me

”You bastard! answer me first!!! ” I yelled while running toward Skylar who was already at the entrance of my room

”We can talk about this later okay!? ” Screamed Skylar while picking up his pace

”Ill f*%&#@ kill you! If you come back! ”

I screamed at Skylar who was already outside the door entrance.

While at the airport

”Damn this bastard Skylar, we shouldn have agreed to this re-union, ” said Gray in an irritated tone

e right but theres nothing we can do now except wait for Skylar to come here, also I find it hard to believe that Anerix agreed to let us stay at his home, ” said Jake

”Yeah, that guy would never-oh look whos here, ”

Gray said while staring at the glass doors of the airport entrance, this made Jake turn his head towards where Gray was looking and they saw a very flustered looking Skylar jogging and waving his hands towards them.

”Ugh he acts like a child I swear, ” said Gray with an annoyed expression

”Don be so harsh on him, ” Jake spoke while waving back at Skylar

”Hey, *huff* guys! Im so sorry *huff* for making you guys wait for so long!! ” Said, Skylar

”Yeah yeah, we get it, lets go now, Im too tired to fight your dumbass, ” said Gray

As the three friends walked toward the car while carrying their luggage Jake decided to break the awkward silence between them and asked Skylar,

” so, did Anerix agree to us staying at his place or you are gonna make us stay at a hotel? ”

Skylar made it clear he hadn asked Anerix yet, by trying to avert the conversation,

”How was your journey here?! Aren you guys jet-lagged? Do you all want to eat something? My treat! we can take some food back for Anerix too, what do you guys think? ”

Jake sighed

”Look at this bastard! ” Gray said, ”how can a grown man, like yourself be so irresponsible?! ”

”Leave it alone Gray, he has been like this for as long as we can remember ” Jake responded

While Skylar was looking at some good places to eat near the airport

”oh found it! Does anyone want to have Chinese? ”

”Ill take it since you
e paying ” Gray responded jokingly, and Jake too agreed.

After getting the food they all went to Skylars parked car, there was no trouble in fitting the luggage inside the trunk since it wasn much, to begin with.

*closing the Trunk*


”phew! All done, guys get in ” said Skylar

So they did.

the ride back wasn that long, and since the other two guys needed to rest they didn talk much inside the car during the short ride.

After 15 minutes, they reached Anerixs home.

Skylar wasted another 5 minutes outside trying to think how he would deal with angry Anerix, while Gray and Jake just watched him pacing here and there like an idiot.

”What is wrong with him ”, Jake whispered to Gray

”the hell would I know, ” Gray whispered back to him

”Alright Skylar stop this shitshow and lets go inside! ” yelled Gray who was hanging onto his last thread of patience

Skylar was startled by Grays sudden yelling, but he just smiled nervously and took out the luggage.

As he was waddling towards the entrance door..

*click* *clack*

The door opened, and it was Anerix.

”Oh…, they- ”

”Hi Anerix!, its been so long since we met!! Look we got you food, do you like Chinese? ” Jake interrupted Skylar with a big smile on his face

Anerixs face lit up, ”from that Chinese place near the airport? ”

”Yes, do u like it? ”

”Yes!!, of course, I have always wanted to try it, but then I didn want to go all the way to the airport and they don do deliveries! Anyways, why are you guys outside? Come on in!! ”

Gray was a little surprised After seeing Anerixs friendly reaction since it was the last thing he was expecting and asked him, ”aren you upset that we
e just barging inside your home all of a sudden? ”

Anerix withdrew his attention from the food and looked at Gray

”Well Id be lying if I said I wasn surprised at all when I learned you guys were coming ”

then he glanced at Skylar and said,

”at least you
e not the type of people who suddenly barge in my home in the middle of the night and invade my personal space like a certain someone I know, ”

”You guys are so mean to me, I need new friends ” mumbled Skylar

”Good luck, ” said all three of them concurrently

An hour or so later when Jake and Gray freshened up, they headed to bed immediately

”Ugh, Im so tired! ” Gray continued, ” its like all the exhaustion is hitting me all at once ”

”Yeah you
e right, my limbs feel like they will fall right off any moment, Im heading to bed ” Jake agreed as they both dozed off

”Wow they must be super tired, ” said Skylar while coming out of the room they were asleep in

”I wonder why, ” I said mockingly

”You will never let me catch a break will you? ”

”Alright, I will if you acted like an adult for once, ” I said sneering at him

”Bully! ” Skylar cried

”Yeah yeah sure, ” I said while stuffing the Chinese food in my mouth

The flavors were melting on my tongue and the spiciness of the noodles was just right

”Its sho, good!! ” I said with the biggest grin on my face

”Keep stuffing your face with those noodles, Ill be back in a few ”, said Skylar

I glanced over at him and asked him,

” where are you heading off to? ”

”Im going to pick up Faye from the Raven town, she just called asking me to pick her up, ”

”Oh, Faye is coming too? Cool, ” I said while finishing my food

”Yeah, ” said Skylar while walking towards the door

”Good thing you didn forget about her too, ” I said as I picked up the dishes and walked towards the kitchen sink

”How funny, ” said Skylar sarcastically, as he picked up his keys and went out.


Faye huh.., I started thinking to myself as I slowly turned the tap around and the water came rushing out.

Skylar and I met the brothers Jake and Gray in high school, while Skylar met Faye in a cafe where she was an employee, and somehow we all started hanging out after school was over. We just naturally got along. But after school years were over I lost contact with everyone except Skylar.

Meeting all of a sudden and then going on a trip all sounds like a dream.

I wouldn say it out loud, but I liked the company of my old friends more than I thought I would…

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