My body became paralyzed from fear

Is she…


It was a normal thing to wonder about when your friend looks like a corpse and does not have a pulse!

No! I refuse to believe it! How can she be…

In a quick motion; I stretched my arm forward and tried to feel her breathing again…

Her hair was in the way

So I lifted the dangling blonde hair from her forehead


What is that?

Some shiny green thing was attached to her skin in the middle of her forehead

As I raised my fingers to touch it just out of sheer curiosity


My body froze


I slowly looked down, only to find the corpse of supposedly dead Faye grabbing my hand and staring right at me only this time her eyes are wider than before and more menacing!

My voice got stuck in my throat and it felt like my heart would pop out any second!


I forgot how to scream!

I had no way of knowing what was happening in front of me

Fuck being dead or alive!

Is she even human anymore?!

I slowly stepped back but her grip on my arm didn losen

My heart was filled with fear and my senses started to blur

My trembling arms and feet felt like they would fall off any minute

My thirst vanished and my mind raced for any possible solution to escape this scene

”Aghh! ” I winced

Her grip on my hand tightened and now her expressionless face had a sinister grin instead like it was declaring that I have touched something that belonged to her

I was sure at this point that this thing was not my old friend Faye!


I quickly slapped its grip off of my hands

A massive bruise was formed right where she held my arm

Where did she get the monster grip from?! I thought as I slowly touched my bruised arm

This is crazy! How am I gonna escaped this place!

I was so panicked that I didn even think of getting up

I quickly turned back and started crawling on my knees away from her while stumbling upon the utensils lying on the floor

I…am so **ed i thought as tears rolled down my cheeks

The exit of the vast kitchen felt like it was miles away as I crept and staggered toward it

I could hear my heart pounding and my surroundings felt stone-cold, I had never experienced the feeling of being so weak and defenseless before

But before I could further the distance between us I felt something grabbing my right foot

The hair on the back of my neck stood up as my body was paralyzed from fear!

No! What the hell! This can be happening

Deep down I wanted it all to be just a harmless prank but my gut was telling me otherwise

I mustered up whatever courage was left inside me and turned my head back, even though I was already aware of who would be awaiting me

It was Faye, or should I say the living corpse of Faye?!

Her expressionless face terrified me to my bones, as I felt like I could puke any moment

I have to get away from her as soon as possible!!

I searched the floor for any sharp object I could find, slowly and without making a single sound in hopes of not alerting Faye

Finally, I found something good enough for getting myself away from her clutches and I left no delay…

I grabbed the metal fork lying on the ground and swiftly struck it towards Faye as fast as I could!




The fork pierced through her cheeks skin and blood was gushing out of the freshly rendered wound!

But she looked at me dead in the eye not breaking eye contact!

She didn flinch nor is she crying out in pain?!

At this point, I knew something has gone horribly wrong!

How can one remain so calm while having an actual fork hanging out their flesh?!

My voice went numb from sheer disbelief and panic surged through me as I stared at the body of what used to be my friend once

Her skin was bluish and blackened, and her eyes just stared into nothingness, she was nothing but skin and bones, covered in the rags of what she wore the last time she came here with us

My sight moved downward and I stared at her arm gripping my foot

What couldve possibly happened-

Before I could finish thinking


”Aaaaaaghhhhh aggh! Ahh!! ”

*twist!* *crack!*

”Aghhh!!! Stop!! Stop!! Please!! No-! ”

I screamed in horror as an intensely sharp and stabbing pain surged into my foot

Faye was twisting and breaking my foot as if doing laundry on a Sunday afternoon!

I tried to push her away but her grip only tightened

I tried to break her hold by smacking her hands until I was gasping for air

*gasp* *gasp*

Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I couldn bear the unimaginable pain!

I tried to get away from her but it was useless when I realized I was being pulled by Faye!

I was twice the size of her!!

She wasn quick with her action, it was as if she realized that I am already defeated and have no other options but to submit

She wasn wrong either

I had little to no energy inside of me, the throbbing pain and the exhaustion were twisting my reasoning, and I could not see any ray of hope…

Fuck the ray of hope bullshit! I won die like this!

I pushed my arms towards the floor and suddenly a rush of adrenaline coursed through my veins and my anger toward Faye numbed my pain

I quickly stiffened my fist, and when the distance between her and me was only of few centimeters I raised my fists and struck her face as hard as I could!

*bam!* *bam!*

”Aaaahh!!!! ”

I screamed as I punched her!

*bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!*

Faye tried to move but I sat on her and started punching her faster!


Her head hit the floor! But I didn stop punching her even though my knuckles were already bruised and bleeding!

After a few minutes, Faye stopped struggling

Her cold hands fell to the ground


The adrenaline too in my body faded and I stopped punching her

And almost immediately tars rushed out of my eyes as I stared at the now unrecognizable face of Faye

”I didn mean for this Faye! Please forgive me! ”

*sob!* *huff* *huff*

”no…how can this be! ”

My chest felt heavy and I immediately got off of the body of Faye

”Ahh! ”

The stabbing pain was rushing back to me but I didn have the time to worry about myself

I looked at Faye, and suddenly my face started heating up and my chest felt like it was tightening


I puked on the counter!

”Agh! ”

I groaned as the puke left a bitter aftertaste

I immediately turned on the tap on the sink which was right next to the counter


The water started flowing out from the tap and I hurriedly moved my mouth towards it


When I was finally done, I decided to take one last look at Faye


I almost puked again! Her face was disfigured it was unrecognizable!

I…am sorry, Faye…

Tears started flowing down my face again as I remembered how good of friends we used to be!

The guilt of killing my friend was too much for me to handle

As I was finally ready to walk away from the corpse of Faye I decided to glance back at her one more time…


I noticed something strange this time

I could see something glowing with green light right next to her head

Is it the same thing that I saw on her forehead before?!

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