The scheming CEO’s innocent wife

Did he just say \"I am a fake?\"

At the gate of a high-class community a security guard place his rod side and gives a glance toward the road. A black sportscar comes in his view but per speed only word comes in his mind ”bullock cart ”. but he shut his mouth immediately because he can afford to offend this kind of rich people…. just like curiosity kill the cat he wants to see this luxurious bullock cart owner. when car stop at the gate doors open but its given huge shock to the man.

A 18-19-year-old beautiful girl just like a fairy mistakenly come down to the mortal world. he never saw any girl who looks like make by milk she is to fair her skin light can make human blind, dark black long hair with classic length and downturned eye shape like bird wings on them soft arch eyebrow like mountain. thin lips like rose Leafe. such breath-taking beauty approaches anybody that person mind goes on sky.

” Excuse me uncle, is the Shen family who live in this community have 4 people one is middle age-old but honest man and middle age kind women but 2 spoiled children? ” her description made anyone laugh but her facial features are too innocent no one laugh on this.

” Yes, they had 2 children may be this is family you are looking for young miss, do you have any identity pass? ” mans asks in very polite way.

” Can you please inform them from your telephone ” she looks at him with pleading eyes which makes guard have feeling to help this fairy.

guard make the call from gate telephone, when call answer he asks her about name

” Miss, they are asking name so whats your name ”

she makes gesture like hitting her head but just pat on head ” how can I forget … sorry uncle tells Them… my name is Yun Jiao ”

guard inform Shen family by details after confirming he open the gate.

”Miss fairy resident number 3 is seen family home ”

after car draw in community in tortoise speed man look disappoint ” such a fairy but does not have driving skill ”.


after 20 mints outside of Shen family, butler is waiting for their future mistress, but its been 20 minutes pasts after gate confirmation, but no one come in his side.

” It been 20 minutes but miss Yun car did not come, did something bad happen with her ” after listening butler nags about 20 minutes head maid did not silent ” old man our community is too secure there must be important call comes to miss Yun that why she may be park her car roadside to attend it … this is young people era they have too many things on phone and forget about surrounding ”.

butler not wanted to loss by his wife, he thinks she always on opposite side ” you old women you don know there is not security in this modern society, she is heiress of Yun family do you have any idea about how many people have eye on her ” other servants just stand and watching show they though this is story in every home…,

here these two poor people were quarrelling because her in the car Jiao thinking about how to make brake again, from childhood to adulthood Yun family teats Jiao like princess she had no idea about how to cook, how to drive car even basic things like how to make hair style, ” aaaghhhh this stupid car … why its too hard to operate, I will buy driverless car ”

she did not wait to be thinking with voice operator she called her manager…

…. farm from country S in another country, a middle-aged man sleep disturbs by ringing phone ”who the hell are you have you any idea about disturb a handsome man sleep? ”.

” Your hair is totally turn into white, you did not have total 32 teeth in your jaw how can you are handsome mister bat ” Jiao asked in pure innocent voice, when man listen to her voice, he can take it ” Miss devilina twin sister of hell devil master can you not disturb my sleep…. its my vacation time can you please leave me alone ”

” Mister bat don waste my time in your nonsense, I called you because i want to buy best technology driverless car, just by it after that i will inform you address. sweet dreams ”

”What nonsense is she spoke want to driverless car ” the whole Castle has 300 servants and family member is 2 and this carefree girl want new toy.


by time she ends the call Jiaos car come in front of residents no 3 but she doesn have any idea about how to make brake there is only one thing in mind she started shouting when she saw huge group of people at gate ” help … ,…. i don want to die there is brake fail in the car pleaasseeee help ”

the people who are quarrelling because of her now they can see why miss Yuns car takes 30 minutes to travel 5 minutes distance because ” is its modern bullock cart? ”

when everyone comes to sense a young man opens door and take passenger seat and make the brake because his long legs.

Jiao give thankful toward the man ” thank you sooo sooo much, you know what if something happens to me how can a survive without any help ”

when man saw the driver seat girl face, he was goes in Dez how can someone is so beautiful but after listening her sentence God gives someone only beauty because after take beauty she left brain by God side.

” Ms you are …. i mean . um.i…. your welcome ”

” Are you my fiancé? ”

” I don have gf how can i become someone fiancé? ”

she makes confuse expression on her beautiful face she just looks like squirrel.

” So why you are outside of Shen family? ”

” ohhh we are relatives and are you, Yun Jiao! ”

” You know me, how you will not know .. I am such talent in US, UK, india, africa, japan everyone know me ”

” NO .. I guess because you just say you are Shen Mo fiancé ” he just makes its clear because did not want she make some misjudgement about herself.

” well, who is Shen Mo and when I say I am his fiancée ” when she makes angry expression, she is so cute he just wants to pinch her face but why she is too stupide

” You just take me as your fiancé, or you think because I stood in front Shen family so the only son of Shen family has a name which we called shen mo and he is my aunts son … so nice to meet you princess Yun my name is Ye Ru ”.

when he just wants to talk this cute princess, whole Shen mansion does not want it, a knock on the window surface, when YeRu roll down window a beautiful face come inside ” stupid ye don take extra time from my future daughter in law ”

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