The scheming CEO’s innocent wife

I think it\'s new year night

In Shen Family main hall———‐——————————

Shen family house decorated in 19th century pattern, Whole house furniture made by old wooden pattern, has a small fountain between hall and stairs its gives anyone feeling of leaving in castle, furniture had fine European art and curtain gives feelings of royalty.

Ye Lina takes Yun Jiao hand and walk into hall servant make line and welcome her like she some bigg shot. when Yeru take glance in house and gesture of servant he can take it anymore.

” Aunty what the hell is going on, are you giving any production house to make period era drama.. ”

Ye Lina want to make good impression on her future daughter in law by giving her home like feeling to take house little bit like castle its cost her millions of dollar and Whole 3 month overtime designing and plan, she doesn want her all effort destroye by her stupid nephew.

” Why did you suddenly come to my house? is second young master ye forget the way of his house, if you forget just go to mental hospital, this is my house where my family live and my lovely daughter in law will live in future ” she gives ye ru an angry look and suddenly take glance at Jiao and give statisfactory smile.

” Baby Jiao.. take the seat, make your self like home and don take his word seriously ”.

When Ye Lina call Yun Jiao aby Jiao Ye ru just want to laugh… his Hitler aunty can call someone so sweetly Baby, She didn give [email protected]€k to anyone even her husband.

Jiao happy because after long time someone call her baby long time means after 24hr because as par her IQ she just baby, ” thank you aunty, you are so sweet ”.

Everyone standing in the hall was stunned, the first time someone called Lina sweet, because no one present here seems imagine her sweet she is ice queen never ever smile a little bit, but now they did not believe she same Madam who they know from 25 years.

” My child you are sweet, just like your mother …When I saw you, I felt like I was looking at your mother ”, Yun Jiaos mother was Ye Linas best friend, when Lina got news about Madam Yun, she was in shock for a long time. the most painful thing when you get the news of your own friends death.

Yun Jiao does not want to talk about her parents, it is the most frightening story of her life. She doesn want to remember those moments. She turns things around, suppressing her feelings, ” aunty, lawyer uncle fu will also be coming here, because marriage was also added into my grandmothers will, so he come here nag.. ” before she completes her sentence two middle-aged man comes in hall.

” Little devilina what evil thing come from your mouth, behind my back …hmmm ” in silver tailor made dress a man who may be was very handsome when he was young takes seat beside Jiao.

Seeing him, there was a feeling of happiness and sorrow in Linas heart. Lina knows that it is not a small thing for that person to come here and maybe it is not a good thing for Lina. ” Fu Jin, its been a long time! ”.

fixing his glasses on his nose ” yeah, its been long time madam Shen, well i meet your husband outside gate so please excuse me not inform of my arrivals in advance ” see him too polite toward his wife Mr. Shen says, ” You don have to apologize, its our Shen family honour to have you as guest.. am I right my wife ”.

Ye Lina come to sense when she heard her husband voice ” yes husband ”

” Well Mr and Mrs Shen I do not take any extra time, so as a lawyer of late old madam Yun, i want to confirm Shen Mo and Yun Jiao are convinced of this marriage agreement or not. so please inform Shen Mo about this now ”

Lina calls her son and turns on the speaker, ” Son, where are you, here we are all sitting here to final the marriage agreement ”.

”Marriage, which marriage, marry whom ”

Lina supresses her anger in deep voice, ” your marriage with Yun Jiao, did you forget it ”

”Mom, do not trust anyone, how many times have I said that whatever Jiao came to you, it will be fake, all this is a very big conspiracy. original Jiao is with me, I am married to her ”. Shen Mo sentence is like huge joke in front of everyone. Ye Ru couldn stop laughing ” pufff hahaha ”

Ye Lina give him a ruthless glace as like she wants to kill someone now ” can you erase your presence like past 10 minutes ”.

” If I didn laugh everyone would have forgotten me …. Sorry aunty but your son has to be fictional writer because he knows how to make story and cancel the arrange marriage and even, he just hang up on you ”

” Did he just say, I am fake? ” no one has ever insulted her so much in whole life, but this so-called fiancée did today.

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