This is Ye Linas biggest wish, but because of her sons stupidity, she lost only chance to make Jiao her daughter in law. she knows this marriage agreement is not a normal one when she saw Fu jin. she could see a satisfactory and relaxed look on his face, like he knew it all before coming here. Did Fu Jīn predicted whatever happen today, NO he had planned it all. she has only one way to save this marriage agreement

” No… baby Jiao may be Mo was drunk thats why he spoke nonsense, please don take it to the heart, when he come home, I will beat him so much until he regains consciousness. aunty will apologize to you on my son behalf ”

when Jiao think that her aunt Lina must have felt bad because her anger ”No aunty i am not angry on you as per marriage .. ” before this she spoke something else, Fu jin cut her off.

” I am sorry Mr & Mrs Shen but according to the old lady Yun will, this marriage agreement ends here, if either of the boy and girl refuse once. ”

Mr Shen knew how much his wife considers this marriage agreement as valuable as treasure, he did not accept this kind of outcome, ” Mr Fu it is matter of marriage, its not a minor thing that got cancelled like this ”.

” I just might want to remind you; Im a lawyer and my job is to respects my client last wish…. and if you want, I will show you the will and papers of annulment tomorrow ”. after saying this, he gets up holding Jiaos hand, he saw Jiaos meaning in her gesture by not saying much.

” i think its time to we should go home miss Devilina ”

Lina doesn want both of them to leave , Jiao has not come here even for an hour. ” We can understand to you fu Jin but its not good to go this way ”

Seeing his wife not happy, Mr Shen also spoke. ” Mr fu by forgetting about marriage matter, at least you and miss Yun lunch here ”

FuJins decision to go was fixed and Jiao can say anything in front of her Uncle Jin ” I am really sorry Mr and Mrs Shen, but I have to settle someone else mess so please give us permission ”

Now even Mar Shen can say anything more than this, Fujins image is like unshakable mountain in Upper class society ”Okay, too much has happened today, we can say much more but Miss Yun you should come to our house more in future, my wife like you a lot ” he also stood with them.

Lina says lovingly, hiding a lot of emotions in her voice. ” Will you come in future baby Jiao ”

Jiao jumps up like a cute rabbit and hugs Lina and says ” Yes of course aunty ”. Yerus heart skips a beat see Jiao like this, soooo cute. he also tag along with them out side of Shen family.

When he saw Fujin walking Jiao to the silver car, he immediately came, ”Hey uncle, as soon as you came, there was so much explosion, I thought today is the New year ”. Suddenly a man came from behind and Fujin without saying anything just pointed towards Yun Jiaos black sport car. Jiao makes a cute face out of the window and throws the key at the man.

Fujins mood became very good on seeing her cute face, he does not want to see Jiao sad, well no buddy can make Jiao un happy if Shen mo doesn wantto marry so what he find best man in this world for her, Then he remembered that there is a third one here too, ” You are 2nd young master Ye ,,, am I right ”

Yeru got very excited seeing that the famous Lawyer knows from him. ” Wow uncle, how did you know? you can predict outcome of today meeting … am I right uncle and you know me too… you have must be magical power ” he just look like little fan.

Wasting no time, he started walking towards the drivers seat and said ” No, I don have any … I know you because you are only stupide in Ye family ”

After sitting in the car, he looked at Jiao and said, gesturing at Yeru, ” Baby devilina , say bye to second young master Ye ”

Jiao gives Yeru a sweet smile, obeying Fujin like a child ” good bye brother Ye, see you again ”.

Fujins car drives out of the gate but Yeru stands like a statue as if the soul has left his body ” Shen mo really an idiot hahaha Now I have a chance ”

Thinking that there is a chance for him wooing Yun Jiao , he is unable to control his happiness, he just wants to tell this to his brother.

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