After dropping Adina to her friends home. Adam drives the car in old city direction. Adam stopped the car near a bungalow as soon as he came to Deep part of the old city.

The bungalow was in a very quiet place, as soon as Adam set foot in the courtyard, suddenly a black shadow appeared in front of him. He bowed like an ancient loyal slave and spoke ”All those who were on duty to Protect young miss today are all inside ”.

Listening to his servant, he went inside the room. 10 people were sitting in the hall in injured condition, Adam picked up the most injured man.

”I kept you guys for Adinas protection, but today First time she drove the car ”, he said with a punch, ”where were you all lying dead at that time ”.

”Master this first is like this, ” he said fearfully.

”We don know when and how she disappeared from our sight ”

Aadam also knows that Adina has some secrets which she does not want to tell anyone, thats why she also cannot force the servants.

”This first and should be the last time ”

Throwing him to the ground, he walks out with his other servant, Adam as protective of Adina as he is ruthless of others.


After Adam dropped Adina outside the house, she immediately went inside.

When she came in, both of her friends hadn returned from work, so she called from her phone.

”Hello Adi, whats happen, have you reached home ”

”I used to reach the hospital because of your future husbands car, ” she replied sulking.

”You should have booked the driver online ”

”I thought but regarding online driver I read a lot of bad news on google, so I cancel it ” Adi said as if she wanted her friend to praise her intelligence.

”You fool then how did you go there? ” the friend said angrily while worrying.

”I drove myself, ” she replied proudly, puffing up her chest.

”And in how many minutes did you reach there? ”

”Minute? Are you kidding me? It took me three whole hours to reach there. ”

she said angrily.

”You completed the journey of 20 minutes in 3 hours, salute to your speed ” Her friend could not stop laughing.

”Stop laughing, I saw Ronnies bike in your peters garage. ”

her friend said hesitantly

”It is not Ronnies bike, but Ronnie has gifted Peter a new bike ”

”Ok ok you tell your peter now till I am here I will ride the bike; bike is not as difficult to handle as car is ” she casually requested her friend

”You are very strange, it is easy to drive a car, but you do not know? and how to balance a bike, but it is easy for you ”

”Just don lecture me now, tell me where is the bike key ”

”Its in the corner of the table in the hall. ”

”Thank you, By the way, when are you both going to come home, it will be very late ”.

”Well, today we are busy in some work, so maybe tomorrow afternoon we will come back, you can sleep after eating. ”

”I have come after having dinner with uncle, going to sleep now, good night ”

” Good night, sweet dreams ”


At Levi house.

Ethan wakes up from his slumber at 1:00 a.m., which is his daily routine, no matter how busy he is or how late hes slept. after getting fresh and changing his clothes, he goes out to the beach for the morning session.

While running on the beach, Ethans mind began to remember a lot of old things. As he remembered those things and memories, his anger increased, his speed became so fast that he sighed towards the other part of the beach.

When he looked around after regaining consciousness, he had come too far, he thought it better to go to a park on the shore, he was sitting on the grass in the park cleaning his sweat, after that a girls voice came from across bushes

”Doggy, where is your master? ”

the voice was so sweet that he could not help but cringe. He looked from behind the bushes and saw a girl in a sports dress. the clothes of that girl were full body fit, some white waist was clearly visible, when that girl was coming back after reaching the other side, Ethan could see her completely.

He had never seen such a beautiful face, that girls body was also no less than any model. his body, heart and mind being not in his control, there was a desperation in his eyes. Ethan eyes were watching Adinas body like a wolf watching its prey.

I will make her mine

Adina exercised in that place for 20 minutes, then she started going out of that garden, Ethan followed her.


Adina stopped the bike outside her friends house and went into the house

Ethan stopped the taxi a short distance away from the house and watched her enter the house.

After Adina left, Ethan gave the driver the address of Levis house.

When Ethan reached Levis home after 20 minutes, Levi was awake by the time when he came in the hall.

”Athan your guard and the assistant are in the other room ” then he said annoyingly ”next time don stay at my house, in my small house even the court ministers of a king like you came its look so congested, this poor man does not have much space in the house ”

Ethan has to leave for office, so he goes to the guest room to take a shower, ignoring Levi in ​​the hall. when Ethan returned to the hall, Levi, sitting at the dining table, called to him.

”Hey Bigg Boss, come here, see what a nice breakfast your guards have prepared for you. ” Levi was happily eating French bread in one hand and apple juice in the other hand.

” Joe ”

Aithan called his assistant as soon as he sat on the chair.

”Boss ” Joe stood by Aithans side like a loyal dog.

”I want full details about this girl, as soon as I reach office ”

Ethan shows Adinas photo in his mobile said.

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