The scheming CEO’s innocent wife

Did he just say \"I am a fake?\"

after joe left hall…

Levi couldn stop hearing that Ethan wanted to know about a girl. He spoke annoyingly.

”Is this new girl being your new toy? ” Levi knows his words are bad, but he can bear to see his friend become a scum man. Till now all the relationships that Ethan had with girls were without feelings and because compulsion. According to Levi, this cycle should end now.

”No, this girl is your future sister-in-law, in future behave with respect in front of her ” Ethan warned Levi in ​​a very dignified manner.

”By the way bigg Boss, what is sister-in-laws name, from which family does she belong? ” Levi happily started asking questions like a child.

Ethan took a cold breath and said, ”Don know, after an hour everything will be known. ”

”How come you don know anything like this, by the way, last evening you were telling me that you didn find any girl of who suit you test and now suddenly from where she come? ” How can you hide the secret?

”I don know because I saw her at the beach today for the first time ” Well Ethan doesn like to explain himself to people but today his mood is very good, as soon as he thinks about Adina his body starts getting hot, now it seems to him that the poison that was present in his body has not lost its effect. all his treatment is gone fail.

”Lets see how you chase after your first love, Ethan. ” Levi really wants to see how his heartless, cold-blooded, Ice block friend will be after falling in love with a girl, whether he rules over his future wife, or his future wife rules over him.

” ” You can see it ”

After that Ethan and Levi started having their breakfast. Because after an hour they have to see details.


After coming from the beach, Adina wanted to go to the mall after taking a bath, she also does not know how to cook breakfast, so she got ready at 8 oclock and left for the biggest mall in the city. want to have Italian breakfast at mall high class restaurant.

Adina is wearing blue jogger jeans and a black shirt, the shirt is transparent, due to which the half T-shirt worn inside is also visible, she has kept her hair open, which is coming out of the black helmet, she is driving a blue Royal Enfield and to out Lookers she like a queen on her blue horse. by connecting mobile with the bike features Adina plays her favourite song

Life is a wonderful journey

No one knows what will happen in the future

Arey o leiyo leiyo, oleiyo leiyo

Oleiyo leiyo, oleiyo leiyo

Oleiyo leiyo, oleiyo leiyo

We have to go ahead of the moon and the stars

We have to reach beyond the skies

This world will be left behind

Who knows what the future is

Life is a wonderful journey

No one knows what the future is

Tread life joyfully

Don wory about the rest of the world

Pass the day smilingly

No one knows what the future will be

Yes, life is a beauful journey

No one knows what the future will be

Death will befall us one day

The soul will depart one day

Why worry about such things

Who knows what the future will be

Life is a wonderful journey

No one knows what the future will be

Di di di, du du du

Oleyo leyo ha haa haa

On the way, people do not understand the language of this song, but Adina knows, she has learned 12 languages. Her life is not less than a painful dream, Adina is a stupid girl for the world, but the reality is that the one whom they consider stupid has completed her masters degree at the age of 18. The only shortcoming in her is that she does not understand the complex emotions of humans. There are only two emotions for her, to be happy and to be sad.

When her bike reached the mall, after parking the bike, Adina took the basement lift and went to the last floor, because all the private restaurants are present on the last floor of the mall. when she reached the last floor and saw a lot of people, she thought to herself, I am not the only one who does not know how to cook breakfast.

She went to an Italian restaurant, seeing the new customer coming in, the waiter stepped forward to show her the table. His eyes remained wide open, he stood in his place like a statue, because of standing in the middle of two table, when a man sitting at a table started getting up, his chair collided with the waiter, and suddenly The waiter lost his balance due to being hit and he fell on the waiter carrying the juice in front of him.

”Where is your attention? Don pounce on people like a monkey ”

At first waiter regained consciousness and apologized, ”Linda, Im sorry, I was in a bit of shock, because of which I lost my attention and bumped into you. ”

Linda likes Pucsh so she doesn want to embarrass him in front of others.

”Its okay, well have to clean it all up before the manager comes, but what were you so shocked about? ”

When asked by Linda, the Pusch remembered the customer at a distance, but when he looked there, it was not there. He quickly looked around and pointed to Linda at that place.

”I saw that one girl, she was more beautiful than any celebrity. After seeing her, I was in a little shock, thats why I lost my mind ”

After listening to Pucsh, Linda quickly looked at that place but she could not see that girl.

”But theres nobody ”

”Yes, but a while ago that girl like look like fairy was there ”


When Adina was standing near the hall of the restaurant thinking Should I have breakfast in the hall or book a private room?, suddenly someone took her by the hand and walk to a corner.

Adina frees her hand and reaches out to attack to that stranger, when stranger said playfully,

”When your face is so beautiful, then cover it in the public place and go, don you know how many people would have accidents after seeing you, miss ”

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