Their Luna

Chapter 1

The moon emitted a soft glow as clouds passed by, a few of them trying to hide the moon but only to be blown away by the wind.

The occasional moon light cast on the man is highlighting his sharp features, who is now standing by the ceiling window, with wind brushing past his half-naked body and curtains blowing away by the wind made him look no less than any main character came out of an anime.

Its Alexander.

Though the picture looked complete, the handsome man still felt something amiss. Its his mate. Only God knows how much he wants to snuggle inside her embrace and feel her warmth. Just the thought of his mate is enough to spread a smile on his usual aloof face.

Turning around, his footsteps trailed along the path towards the center of the room, to approach cizzle valentine, his destined mate.

This spacious room is specially built by combining three rooms, and has undergone a vigorous interior design, just to suit their mates liking and to accommodate all four of them.

Climbing onto the extravagant round bed, the mattress took a dip by his weight. Back hugging her, he slowly wrapped his hands tightly around her waist, unwilling to let her go, confessing at every chance he could get, ” I love you cizzle, ” saying that, his lips started being naughty, planting sensual kisses on her shoulder, who felt satisfied when a moan escape her soft lips.

Maybe the alpha present in the room felt competitive, the other man on her left couldn help but be aggressive, grabbing her waist forcefully, trying to pull her away from Christophers grasp, but in vain.

This easy-to-get jealous man is Helios. The alpha of the pack bloodmoon. Unlike his cold demeanor, he is still childish among her other mates.

Squeezing her like a sandwich in between, he tried to get back her attention by snuggling into her nape, his hands doing every possible miracle to her body, well aware of her every weak spot, sending electrifying sparks all the way down to her feet, leaving her gasping, making her want to have more and needy.

Following the alpha, Alexander too started teasing her, using his fingers to tracing all over her body, again sending jolts of sparks wherever his fingers played, all the while, her hands busy running wild through Helios hair, pushing him into her, wanting more, and he complied, his teeth began to leave bite marks, leaving hickies all over her pale smooth skin.

Midst of their passionate making of love, Helios pressed a question to her, ” Cizzle, What do you think is the most important thing for a werewolf? ”

In confusion, Cizzle couldn help but wonder why he is trying to ruin the mood all of a sudden. It took her some time to register his words in her frenzy state.

Why does he even bother to talk instead of putting his mouth to good use? Does she look dumb to him, always testing her at every chance?

Though its only been a few months since she started staying in the clan, she got a great foundation knowledge on werewolves and vampires.

” Offsprings, ” the word slipped her mouth, her mind getting crazy from all their teasing. She needed more and both of them are not doing any good either. A fire that couldn be quenched started to brew inside her, her panties got soaked more, with each passing second, as her sweet honey dripped down her most private part.

Though she gave him an answer, Helios didn respond back nor stopped teasing her, as he seemed too busy devouring her, his hands and body craving for her taste, and body.

Its his werewolf instincts and the full moon isn doing any less good. How he wished to have her himself, but he knew, he couldn get any more greedy than what he already has.

They genuinely love her and she reciprocates it back with the same honesty.

In their mood to satisfy their sexual desires, none of them pursued the matter further, until, Christopher joined them in between, who seemed to appear from the darkness out of nowhere, as the room didn have its lights turned on.

The man who just joined them still felt cold from the shower he just had, water dripping down his body, his robes tied loose as if they could fall off him at any given moment.

Maybe he already anticipated it, so he didn bother himself to use his energy on minute things like tying the robe securely to cover his body, as soon all of them will be bare-assed.

He totally understood what his brother Helios is actually hinting at.

Settling at the head of the round bed, which seemed to appear in the middle of everything, he lifted cizzles head and placed it on his lap as delicately as she seemed. At the touch of his cold fingers, her docile body shuddered for a good second, sending shivers all over her body. She looked as beautiful as always in this long full moon night.

Lifting a few strands of her hair, he inhaled deeply, reminiscing about their shower together earlier. No matter how many times he witnessed it, he could never feel tired of the look she possessed whenever she got needy. This is the girl, who could satisfy them and only them could satisfy her ever.

Appreciating her answer earlier, he spoke, ” Having a litter of cubs is also correct in a way, but- ” before completing his sentence, he claimed her lips, which seemed untouched all this while.

Getting back to the conversation, Helios continued the lines instead of his brother, ” But the most important thing is satisfying our partner. ” He spoke, continuing what he was doing, passing the buck to Alexander, who stayed silent all the while unlike the beginning, as he was the one who started all this.

Alexander, a person with few words, understood his assignment and bore all the burden to ask in everyones stead.

Pausing to kiss her, he watched her fondly, cupped her left cheek using his left hand, and leaned closer to her right ear, ” Now that we are at the topic, how about putting it into action? ” He whispered, his hot breath brushing past her ears, and soon the sensation was mixed with his mouth sucking and biting her earlobe, seducing her to cave in.

He is trying to get her consent, which really was not needed, but they could never forgo it.

Understanding what all her men needed, she showed it with her actions.

By pulling Christopher by his neck with both of her hands, she kissed him back deeply, their tongues clashing and twisting hungrily, while Helios mouth started to move southwards from her nape, as Alexanders hands slipped through her shorts, pleasing their luna.


Hello everyone, welcome to the journey of ” Their Luna ”. As you all can see, its a reverse harem story, filled with passionate love. Hope you all have a great time and witness how the ships of your favourite leads sail.

This is the journey of a girl, whose fate is to become a luna and rule the bloodmoon clan, along with her husbands.

Ps: Age consent is 18+

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