Their Luna

Chapter 2

ed up Roselia got as she stretched her hand to give both the cards. However,Amelia gonna ask the residence proof later, so she decided to take both the copies to ease the tension out of Roselias head lightly.

Roselia saw a slim, fair hand on hers. Not wasting anymore time, Amelia took both the cards and proceeded to verify.

Amelias hands danced on the keyboard very swiftly, which made Roselia feel like, Amelia could type with same ease even if her eyes were closed. Its like all keys were perfectly inscribed in her brain.

Not even two minutes later, ”You are verified, Miss Roselia Manhattan. You may go ahead ” Amelia instructed Roselia to go to next counter to collect her ID card and room key and handed back her acceptance letter to her.

Roselia felt very excited to visit her room. She rushed to the next counter. She doesn really have to wait for her turn as there is no one in front of her.

It was a man in his late twenties. He swiftly asked for her name and his hand rummaged through a bunch of cards as he searched for hers.

Later, he took a room key for her, gave those requirements to her and then instructed her to move to next counter.

As she went further, Roselia felt a chill gaze behind her back. She didn know why, but she felt it was not correct.

It was another male teacher. He gave a not approachable look with a long face which could send shivers down ones spine.

Roselia couldn find her voice out of her throat because of his odd behavior. He gave a serious glare to her, at least thats what Roselia felt at his intense gaze on her.

”Si… Sir ”, her voice stuttered in tremble and gulped downed the huge lump formed in her throat.

He simply shifted down his gaze and looked intensely at a sheet along with an envelope to her.

She instantly hid her hand away from his predatory gaze and was about to run away when she heard him speak.

” Go straight and turn left for dorms ”, his voice hoarse and deep, his hand showing a direction. His voice was enough for children to wail in fear. Roselia simply nodded and abruptly ran away from his sight.

She felt like her breathing was stopped under his cold gaze, expressionless face and frost voice.

”Oh God! He was scary ”, she uttered out remembering him.

She then immediately began to read what was written on the thin sheet. It was her list of courses for this semester and about clubs see can take part in.

She got engrossed in reading her courses. As she took the left turn…


She opened her mouth slightly in shock when she realized she actually landed on the ground colliding with something.

With her mouth still open, her eyes filled with surprise she looked at the towering figure. He is so handsome. He had srong built. He just stared blankly at her. Roselia felt like his burning gaze was penetrating inside her body. That was too intense, though.

He just stood there, neither leaving nor helping her out to get up. ”What the he*k? Can you see… ”, her tongue was the immediate to react rather than her body.

She immediately looked down to gather the scattered objects.

Collecting her ID card, key and her course sheet, she instantly scrambled to her feet to give him a fine scolding.

” Are you a statue to stand like…. ”

Roselia interrupted mid-sentence, unable to continue. The young lad grabbed her course sheet to take in the details. Nodding his head, seemingly he understood something, he spoke with a deep plain voice, ”Are you sure? ”

Roselia eyed him curiously, her pupils shrunk sharply, she didn really understand what he meant by asking Are you sure.

why is he eyeing me that way, could it be that he know Im not human? Nah!! nah! that couldn be. I never saw him before. Probably some flirt trying to flirt with me. Yes, that is the only possible reason. He sure doesn know Im a wolf. Don worry. You are safe Roselia ”, She assured herself.

Not wanting to be in his presence anymore, she grabbed her course sheet then quickly went her way feeling uncomfortable from his creepy gaze. Of course, that wasn creepy. He just stared at her.

”Creepy pervert… ”, commenting on his back she fled away from him, not knowing he could obviously hear her with his sharp owl like ears.

As one could expect, its not him who had a perverted gaze upon her, however his unusal gaze which felt a little off and creepy made her mark him as a pervert .

”Interested? ”, another boy, similar to his build, dangled his hand lazily on his friends shoulder as he whispered it in his friends ears, following it he gave a wink.

It was Lucas.

The boy who collided with Roselia earlier was Ethan.

”Why are you behaving like a hooligan? Creeping up on people ” Ethan asked eyeing his best friends behavior, yet he answered Lucas question. But instead of words exchange, he simply used his head to answer.

He simply turned his head to his best friend and gave a meaningful gaze which Lucas understood almost immediately. Ethan began to twirl the stone, which was hanging with the chain around his neck and looked at the direction where Roselia was headed.

It was the stone which helps one to conceal their real identity. It helps them to conceal the fact of being a werewolf who can easily mix among humans well and anyone doesn know the person was a werewolf once he/she had the stone on them. Even vampires couldn identify them.

”Better watch out, little lady. You are in for a ride. ”

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