d Milia were both inside as well.

Sui is a silent, but curious child, with pale blue hair and blue eyes that give a quiet impression.
Despite that, she is quite proactive about what she’s interested in.
She has disappeared occasionally because of that, and during summers, the villagers had to search for her all day long (We found her observing some plants growing nearby).

Milia is a blonde, blue-eyed woman.

Blonde hair is a characteristic of many aristocrats.
She has a gentle personality and doesn’t talk much, but she seems to have a heavy past.

With this, all the people in the village are in this house.

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At first, there were 20 people, but that number has now decreased.

…No, we also have a newcomer.

“What happened to you all? I thought you would be working during this time of the day.”
“About that…”

When I heard Kili’s story, it seems that a roaring sound was heard from the Demon Forest at around noon.
Therefore, everyone had gathered here.

“It’s been a long time since we heard the sound, so I think it’s alright now, but everyone is still scared of the Demon Forest.”

Saying that, Kili’s hand which was gripping Reno’s, trembled slightly.

It can’t be helped.
It’s been only a month and a half since our village was attacked by a monster from the Demon Forest.

Frankly, I’m scared too.
I didn’t know when monsters would come out of that forest, and tear our bodies apart.

I stared at the ground with a dark face, along with everyone else.

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“…The person you were with, is he a new inhabitant?”

Sui suddenly brings that up.
She may have just wanted to change the topic that much.

“Y-yeah, that’s right.”
“I’m glad.
It was difficult to maintain the village with just five people, especially since there aren’t men.
Is the new inhabitant a man?”

Only aristocrats or men can own land in this country.
Women, who can’t become soldiers who protect the country, neither have the right to own land, nor inherit their house.

“It’s a man.”
what’s his name?”
“…Forgot to ask.
I’ll ask him and come.”
“Should we go with you?”
“…No, I’ll call him here.
I should introduce him to everyone.”

Kili also seemed interested in him, so I went out to call him.

(I can’t lose to the negativity, I’m the village head after all!)

At this time, I had no idea of ​​the major changes he would bring to our lives.

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