“Milia said she can use magic right? Can you tell me how one activates it?”

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“Magic? From what I was taught, you’re supposed to pour in the appropriate amount of magical power, and chant a spell.”

Milia’s knowledge was about as much as I’d expected.
Modern magic is taught like this everywhere, so it can’t be helped.

“Well, that’s half-right and half-wrong.
Magic is the process of bringing the ‘magic formula’ from a place called the ‘source’ and pouring magical power into it.
This embodies the phenomenon of magic.”

Aria raises a bewildered voice.
Though I will admit, this isn’t something you get in one go.

“It’s fine if you don’t understand, but I think it’ll be better if you just listen to it with an open mind.”

Ancient magic was made quite logically.

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In the era before ancient magic was created, it seems people materialized their thoughts using magic power.
However, since this created large differences between each caster, the materialization method was systematized into magic formulae, and the method of bringing the completed formula from the ‘source’ was adopted.
The making of this system reminded me of programming languages, so I always wondered if the person who came up with it was reincarnated, like I was.
This method did seem to have sprung up from nowhere.

“First, use magical power to connect to the ‘source’.
The magic you use to connect to it is applied throughout the world, so it’s fine if you just ‘get on it’.”

The ‘source’ has been called “Akashic Records” or “Truth” in books from ancient magician civilizations, and though they haven’t clarified what it really is, it was written to simply use it since you can.
Though it’s not a bad idea to check it out, if I have free time.

“After that, copy the magic formula from the ‘source’ into your body.
At that time, you can only choose from those formulae whose incantation and knowledge you already possess.”

Though I don’t know who cast it, a magic like phenomenon that allows the human spirit to connect to the ‘source’ is constantly activated throughout this world.
It would take a lot of effort to connect to it on your own, so probably someone from the ancient civilizations did it.
I can’t even imagine how one would apply magic to last an eternity.

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This spell is also equipped with a search function which selects an appropriate spell from the magical formulae stored in the ‘source’, limited to the caster’s knowledge and known spells.

It’s the perfect setup.
Truly convenient.

Though there is a saying that “convenience ruins a person”.
Modern magicians have degenerated so much, that they no longer know how magic is activated.
That’s why I’m not sure if the existence of such magic is really for the better.

“After that, you only need to pour magical power into the formula, and your spell will be activated.
Well, even if you don’t know the principle in detail, you can still use magic with a vague understanding like Milia.”

It seems that less than half of what I said registered with Aria and the others, since they all had blank expressions.

All of them except Sui.


Muttering that, she stares at the cup I gave her, and puts her hand on top of it.

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Then after keeping her eyes closed for a while, she raises her hand over its lid.

“[Water Generation].”

As she casts the spell, water springs from Sui’s palm into the cup.
She had succeeded in casting magic.

“Ooh, congratulations Sui.
Only a genius could succeed in using magic on the second day.”
“Lain’s teaching, was good.”
“I don’t think that’s the case; but for now, keep practicing and let your body remember this feeling.”
“Got it.”

Saying that, Sui brings the tub placed in the corner of the room, and uses [Water Generation] over it multiple times.
Aria and the others stared at the situation with astonished expressions.

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“… I can’t believe it.
She used magic within 2 days.”
“Sui is most likely a genius.
There are always a few like her, right?”
“There are, but…”

Knowing the principle doesn’t make the process faster.
That’s because most things related to magic are sensory to begin with.

A bicycle moves forward stably thanks to the force generated by the rotation of the wheels called ‘gyro effect’, but simply knowing that won’t let you ride the bicycle.
It’s the same here.

She would have been able to use magic by the end of the day even without me explaining the principle.

“Well, if you keep chanting spells while trying to use magic, you’ll be able to use magic eventually.
Remember, practice makes one perfect.”
“…You’re right.

Aria regains her composure, and continues training.

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