s mouth, which was about to let out a shriek.
We can’t afford to do that now.

“Is that really true?”
“There’s no mistaking it.”
“But, shouldn’t we be fine because of the moat?”
“I’m not sure.
Something of that size might be able to jump over it.
Though I don’t think it’s noticed our–“


The sound of something colliding with the door could be heard while Kili was talking.
It seems that it could jump over the moat after all.
That’s the direction facing the Demon Forest.

Moreover, it was aware of our presence here.

“…Let’s go to the girls room.
That place is the furthest from the forest.”
“You’re right.”

We decide quickly and head to our bedroom.

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*DON*! *DON*!

How long has it been since we came here?
This house alone was built by a carpenter from the royal capital, so I want to believe it can handle attacks from monsters.

However, I can’t help but feel the squeaking and creaking from the house getting louder and louder.

“K-, Kili-nee, are we going to be okay?”
“It’s fine.
We’re going to be fine.”


However, our limit came soon.
The door wasn’t completely broken, but its window became distorted.

And from the part which now became see through due to being distorted, a monster began peaking inside.


The monster looked at us, and laughed.
It had confirmed our existence.

“This room is useless now.
Let’s move.”

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We changed rooms at my suggestion.

But how long will we last, just by changing rooms?
Lain, who was the only one we could count on, had left for the town and would be back in 5 days at the earliest.

(…That reminds me, I heard somewhere that monsters eat less compared to how they look)

I remember hearing something like that long ago.
In fact, the greywolf brought by the young men the other day only killed five other men and left after eating out their innards.

Most of the other corpses were left just as they were.

(Since it’s alone, it might eat just one of us and leave satisfied.)

I push the other three into the room Lain was using.

“M-Milia? What’s wrong?”
It’s nothing.
I left something in the room before, so could you hide first?”
“Eh? left something…?”
“Listen to me.
Go and hide properly.”

Saying that I close the door, and head to the doorway of the house.

If I leave from this door, there is almost no chance of me surviving.

(But if the chances of Kili, Reno, and Sui surviving increase even a little…)

I accept my fate and head out of the house.

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