e for the princess so “Duke’s Son’s Confession” would be fitting.

“Disroll Grandheight’s son has spoken his thoughts.
Count Lunan Forseed, let us know yours.”

Asking the Count in this situation is in bad taste, Your Majesty.
As opposed to the Duke’s son who came prepared, the Count is on the deceived side.

There is only so much you could possibly think of in such a short time.

“T-this engagement is an age-old tradition of connecting the royal family with frontier aristocrats by connecting a talented individual of ours to someone from the center.
I do not think it should be broken so lightly.”
“Hm, there is reason in the Count’s words as well.”

The king nods then looks towards me.

“Lain Wallfeed, I have a question to ask of you.”
“Yes Your Majesty, whatever you wish.”

An aristocrat like me has no business talking with king.
In case I’m asked a question, the most I am allowed to reply with is a “yes” or a “no”.

I wonder what he wants to ask me.

“You have been hunting monsters as a frontier aristocrat since the age of 10, yes?”

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The hall is abuzz with my answer.
It seems that hunting monsters at the age of 10 is abnormal.

His Majesty gives a small smile filled with satisfaction.
I did not get what he meant by it.

“Since then you’ve been hunting monsters using the beginner’s magic [Wind Blade], correct?”

Beginner’s magic?
I only use basic magic [Wind Blade] because I like it.

This is said to be the strongest magic coming from one’s origin, and it can be quite powerful depending on how one uses it.

Now that I think about it, modern magic considers [Wind Blade] as beginner’s magic since it can be released very easily.
While that may be true, there is a large margin to adjust magic power and add additional correction so the difference between “usability” and “mastery” becomes large, making it a high level magic.

Well, if I had to pick between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ then…

Then can you use the intermediate level magic [Wind Blade Flurry] or [Wind Mallet]?”

I cannot use what modern magic calls “intermediate magic”.
That’s because intermediate magic today refers to a combination of magic which activate only upon meeting certain conditions.

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Rather than using [Wind Blade Flurry] it is better to use multiple normal wind blades in succession, where you can adjust the track and power of each blade.
Rather than using [Wind Mallet] I’d use a [Wind Blade] on an opponent without cutting them and only blow them away.
I seriously don’t get that one.

I can reproduce the effects of course, but that doesn’t count as performing the actual spell.

So if I had to choose between a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’…


“I see.
I shall have you take part.”

The clouds are headed in a suspicious direction.

In any case, my policy from here on is “Living Comes First”.
If I can return home safely, that’s enough for me.




2nd chapter done.
I know there’s a lot of unneeded information in this novel, but keep in mind that this is this author’s first work (mine as well :P), so you can expect it to improve in slow increments (since this is ‘slow life’ after all).

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