t most increase by 1 per year.
But if you fight monsters in the Demon Forest by using your magic, then adding a point every few days isn’t difficult.

The anti-demon aristocrats who knew this, entered the Demon Forest to increased their magical power and maintain their strength.
I was made to do the same after I was born, by my mother.

Since I was reincarnated, I managed to grow up sane while doing it, but most people would usually end up with brain damage.
My mom was also a bit off the high end.

“I, it can’t be…”

Aria seemed to have realized what I was tip-toeing at.
Her face goes pale.

“Go to the Demon Forest to train.
That’s the fastest way you’ll get strong.”
“That’s reckless! What if monsters jump out at us!?”
“The strength of a monster is proportional to the concentration of magical power.
However, you can still get plenty of experience by defeating weak monsters.”

The concentration of magic in the Demon Forest is insanely high.

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The trees in the forest seem to suppress the scattering of magical power, and the concentration in overgrown areas could be tens to hundreds of times higher than that the parts without trees.

As a result, monsters are more likely to spawn in those areas, so each country actively cuts the forest down to make farmlands.

Despite that, the areas with trees are more suitable for practice.
Training a few months inside the forest would make one much stronger than training outside.
Despite the risk, I think training inside would be more beneficial.

“Aria! Don’t worry, we’ll be fine!”
“Lain is, with us.
No problem.”
“Sui, you too.”

Aria seemed reluctant, but the other two were raring to go.

“Well, it’s like they said.
I’ll accompany you all for the time being, so there’s virtually no danger.”

Aria was still not convinced.
She must be anxious about letting the kids enter the forest.

I might be in the wrong, when it comes to that.


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Sui pulls on the astringent Aria’s clothes.
As she looks at her, Aria’s eyes match Sui’s who had a serious face.

“I couldn’t do anything, when we were attacked yesterday.
If I’d learnt, more magic, learnt more, offensive magic; is all I thought of, regretfully.
I don’t want to, regret again.”

Sui must have thought a lot about the attack yesterday.

Aria returned to the village with me, so she couldn’t have felt the danger.
Unlike her, Sui would have been fearing death for quite a long time.
Her will to get stronger must be many times higher than Aria’s.

Had I came a little later, she might have actually died, so there’s that.

Aria turns her face down, thinks about something, then raises her face as if she had decided.

Let’s train with everyone.”
“Yeah! Let’s do our best!”
“Work hard.”

Things had somehow sorted themselves here.
As expected, we can’t go to the forest without the representative, Aria’s, permission.

I looked on at the excited three, while thinking of the training we’ll be doing from now.

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