ight as I begin my explanation, I get interrupted by a voice from outside.
Apparently, someone had come visiting this village.
This had never happened before, so I was honestly a bit surprised.

“Someone’s come to visit.”
“That’s strange.
There shouldn’t be anyone travelers in this season.”

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Aria stood up, and went outside.
We all followed after her.

We could hear a voice coming from the other side of the moat, but we didn’t see who it was because of the drawbridge.

“We have no choice but to let down the drawbridge, I guess.”
“Seems so.”

As we lowered the drawbridge, we noticed a lightly armored man standing there.

“I inform thee.
The Margravine of Floria shall arrive in half a day to inspect these lands.
Make the appropriate preparations.”
“Lady Margravine? Understood.
We’ll begin our preparations immediately.”

It seems that a really important person was visiting us.
The Herald said what he had to say, before taking his leave.

“We’ll postpone magic training to another day I guess.
What should we do now?”
“Let’s see, I guess you could stay in the workshop.
Milia, sorry but could I ask you to do the serving?”
“Yes, of course.”

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Well, it was an important person after all.
People like us can’t do much even by being there.

“That reminds me, you hadn’t informed anyone about me, right? Shouldn’t we do something about that?”
“No, that’s fine.
We can say that you stayed with us to help with defenses.
The real problem is the current state of the village.”

The village now had a deep moat and a high wall, which it didn’t have before I came.
The living quarters had also changed to a sturdy stone house.

Admittedly, these changes should have been reported beforehand.

“In that case, should I revert the walls and moat to before? I can manage that much in an instant.”
“We can’t.
The Herald has already seen everything, so making new changes would just make us seem suspicious.”

I offered to restore everything to before, but get shot down by Milia.
Certainly, causing such large changes would be enough to rouse suspicions.

“Well, the Margravine is a good person, so I don’t think it’s going to be that bad.
You can leave the rest to me, so you four should hide in the workshop.”
“I guess, I can believe it if Aria says that.”

With that, I go with Kili and the others to the workshop.

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