After asking me a few more questions, the King lowers his head as if in deep thought.
Even though his decision had been made since the beginning.

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Guess he loves overacting.

“It is true, that we have to keep important historic ties.”
“! Then-!”

His Highness make a positive remark to count Lunan Forseed’s remarks, and the count lets out a joyful voice.
However, count.
Since there was an “It is true”, you can be sure something bad is going to follow.

My theory hit the mark right afterwards.

“However, I think it is necessary to intervene in special cases like these.”

The count seemed to be left with no words.

“To begin with, isn’t the Anti-Demon Aristocracy system wrong to begin with? Only ours is the country which employs it.”

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“Th-then, how will we manage protection against the Demon Forest?”

As the count asks in fear, the king smiles as if expecting his question.

“It should be fine to let the army do it.
Our central army is filled with elites.
If a 10 year old child can manage to defeat the monsters with beginner magic, then they never posed much of a problem to begin with.”

It seems that the army which had been floating in air since the end of war, will be used to subdue the demons in the forest.
Will this be alright? I couldn’t help but worry, but it probably doesn’t matter at this point.

“I abolish the Anti-Demon Aristocracy.
Your prodigal son can be raised as the child of Count Lunan Forseed.
Yes, for your great contributions as former Anti-Demon Aristocrat, I gift the count rights to pioneer the lands of the demon forest we have expanded into till now.”

The army gains new work, the frontier aristocrats become children of full-fledged aristocrats, and the house of Count Lunan Forseed inherits the right to pioneer a large area of land.
At first glance everyone seems to have gained, but in reality the Count hasn’t actually gained at all.

That land had been cut open and left without being developed as there were better locations where that could be done.
There is an expanding breadbasket* in the southern part of the country.
In fact, there is so much safe arable land that it can be thrown away.

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If you had a choice, you would pick the land close to the Royal Capital.
There is still plenty of land like that remaining.

To top it off, there is still that land which was annexed from the neighboring country.
Being between borders, you would surely pick that land from which both countries’ royal capitals are easily accessible.

In other words, this country is at a land surplus.

So even if you get land at the frontier to pioneer, it would only be profitable to do so after a few generations.

“…I thank you for the generosity you show me…”

Despite so, you can’t just complain to the top of this country after being rewarded by him.
For example, even if you’re made a clown of at a public event like this, the Count has no choice but to be grateful.


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His Majesty nods in satisfaction at the Count.

…You can’t sense maliciousness from the King’s body.
Apparently, he really thinks that pioneering rights of that land make for a good reward.

Among the guests there were surely those who felt the count deserved what he got, so I wonder if there are those who despise him for trying to get ahead by becoming related to the royal family.
Politics is such a pain.

His Majesty then looks at the Duke’s son.

“Now, eldest son of Duke Disroll Grandheight, because of your brave actions my daughter was able to avoid an unwanted engagement, and the Anti-Demon Aristocrats were able to escape their dangerous occupation.
I shall bestow you with a gift as well.”

It seems that this farce was still continuing.
The Count already became an overkill, so are they not done yet?

“If that’s the case, then please give Princess Armilicia to me.
I promise to make her happy!”

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“Hm, I also think it would be fortunate if a brave man like you could become a part of royalty.
I approve.
What of the rest of you? You have finally arrived at my daughter’s engagement announcement party, so how about celebrating Duke Disroll Grangheight’s son’s and my daughter Armilicia’s engagement?”

The next moment, the hall was filled with sounds of applause.
It seems they’d planned this place to be where the announce these two’s engagement as well.
Most of the preparation cost for this venue was paid by the Count, so is that alright?

Well, I suppose my wallet isn’t scratched, so it should be fine…
No, I did just become part of Lunan Forseed County.

“I thank you all.
I will call my father and we can begin this party as soon he arrives.
Before that…”

The Duke’s son looks at me while smiling ear to ear.

“Although it was cancelled, it must be hard to attend the engagement announcement party of the one you were supposed to be engaged with.
A count is not high enough anyways, so I allow the house of Count Lunan Forseed to leave.”

It seems that we aren’t invited so we’re being asked to leave.
Well, it sounds great to me.
The Count is also in overkill mode, so let’s take our leave here.

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