“So, where is this trader of yours?”
“Aah, they’re at your front gate.”
I’ll let down the drawbridge, so please let them know.
That’s fine right? Aria.”
“Yes, that’s alright.”

I’d heard the name Aria before.
She was the Margravine’s niece, and the one in-charge of this village.

In other words, she’s the head of this village.

Most likely, the head will handle all correspondences themselves.
I should let Sieg-san know about this.

I ran towards the gate where Sieg-san and the rest were waiting.

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“Welcome back, Racquel-san.
You look like you rushed back, is anything wrong?”
“I met the village-head behind the village.
They’ll let down the drawbridge.”
“Ooh! How fortunate.
If all goes well, we might be able to get into negotiations straight away.”

Sieg-san was elated at my announcement.
Well, I’m sure anyone would hate it if they didn’t get to negotiate after coming all the way here.

Remote villages had a reputation for not letting outsiders inside of them.

“Oh, and Lilifa!”
“Eh? What?”
“You’re forbidden from raising your voice inside the village.”
“Eh~!? But why~!”
“If you start talking, it would hinder business discussions.
We’re fortunate to be able to complete such a request, so bear with it!”

Though dissatisfied, Lilifa quietly nods.
She’s also an adventurer after all.

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She possesses a minimum level of sensibility.

We apologize for making you wait so long.”

While doing this and that, the drawbridge descended.
From behind it came the girl named Aria, and another girl whom I hadn’t seen before.
I don’t see the boy from before, where did he go?

“It’ll get very cold out, so please step inside.”
“Thank you very much.
Please excuse us.”

After bowing deeply, Sieg-san followed after the two girls.

The insides of the village were quite disorderly.
There were a number of hut like shacks erected that if it weren’t for the wall and moat, it would be just another pioneering village.

“This way please.”

Saying so, they guided us to the stone house lying in the center of the village.

It is said that pioneering villages had something like an evacuation house in their center in case of a monster attack, so this must be that.
Despite these villages being small in size, it was said that everyone in the village could live in these houses, so this must be where these girls lived.

We followed the two inside the house.

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