It was a small room inside the castle that Count Lunan Forseed and I, who were kicked out of the engagement party, were guided to.

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The furniture and upkeep were considerably inferior in this room as compared to the previous one.

There were no windows, and it gave the impression of being cramped.
There are a few candles lit so it isn’t dark, but the previous room had been brightened up so gorgeously that it seemed dark in comparison.
Safe to say, this room is a level below the previous one.

I wonder if the Count and I were taken to the same room because I had just become his son?
Well, I guess that doesn’t matter right now.

The problem right now is the Count.
Since coming into this room, the Count has been sitting on a sofa and keeps whispering to himself while keeping his head down.

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Truthfully, I only met the Count 2 months ago, so there aren’t any feelings of parent-child between us.
On the contrary, even though I really don’t like him, the Count’s treatment before was too pitiful.
He was made a clown in front of so many people, all of whom had more personage than him.
If this were Japan, it would be a case of power harassment.
Though such a thing would never be recognized in a feudal society like this.

Truthfully, even someone like me, who doesn’t care who he gets engaged to, thought today was supposed to be lucky.
So the Count who had been anticipating this day from his heart, must be truly shocked.

“Ummm, Lord Count?”

Truthfully, I have no idea what to talk to him about, but if he stays in a dark room like this he’ll only get more depressed.

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If that’s the case then we should quickly return home.

As soon as I call out to him to suggest that, he looks towards me with hate filled eyes.

“It’s your fault!”

He slowly gets up, and swings his fist to hit me.

(Yeesh, his punch is so slow)

I could see the Count’s punch leisurely approaching me.
Since I have been fighting on the frontier, I can easily dodge a punch like this.
It might not need dodging in the first place.

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If I dodge it here though, or show no pain after receiving it, the Count might become more aggravated.


Sure enough, it turned out to be a crappy delivery.
I tried to fall for the time being, but I wonder how was it?

“It’s you! It’s you!!”

As I was lying down, the Count walked over and started kicking me like a ball.
It seems that the Count isn’t used to beating people up, and thought I was sunk by his punch.

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“It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault! It’s all your faaaauuuult!!!!!”

I didn’t want sand to enter my mouth so I rolled onto my stomach, and locked my hands behind my head.

The Count doesn’t mind my doing so and continues kicking my back a few more times.
Probably kicking it.
It doesn’t hurt at all though.
My defense had risen up all at once, unexpectedly.

(I think it’s better to stay like this till he calms down)

If you include my previous life, I have been alive for quite some time now.
I can understand there are times when you just want to hit something.
Now is one of those times for the Count.

I continue getting kicked by him, and start to recount the events of these few months while waiting for him to calm down.

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