ly remained in its place.

“Even though, I have memories from my previous life, I still consider myself mom’s son.
These last 10 years were the most fun I’ve ever had.
Training together, cooking together, sleeping together…That’s why I’d like to stay as your son.
Is that okay?”

The hand gripping my own, came up to my shoulder, then clung to my neck.
It then lightly plopped down on my head.

“I don’t really get all that you said, but no matter what you were before, you’re my son, Lain, now.”

Mom kindly patted my head.
I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing.

“What were you doing before you became my son?”
“It might be too late now, but it’s still about my son.
Of course I’d be curious.
Won’t you tell me?”

I talked with her about various things from my previous life.
About school, about friends, about my hobbies, and everything in between.
Mom quietly listened to my story while occasionally nodding.

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By the time I noticed, it was already morning, and the dragon’s body had disappeared leaving a magic stone behind.

I made mother’s grave right above the dragon vein.
That’s because I was convinced, that the final place my mother aspired to reach would also be the most suitable as her resting place.
I didn’t know where my ancestors’ graves were either.
Though I’m pretty sure they were all defeated by this dragon here, so this could be considered as an ancestral grave.

“See you later mom.
I know how much you hated visiting graves, so I’ll try my best not to visit.”

Mom once said, “The living should not bother the dead.”.
That was probably her commitment to “living” as a mother.


As I turned around to leave, I found myself surrounded by ten white wolf-shaped monsters.
They were giving off a fair amount of divine energy, so I’m sure they must have been strong.
Were they monsters from a nearby area?

I’m sure they were here to claim this area, after confirming that the dragon was dead.

“[Wind Blade].”

I defeated all of them with a single [Wind Blade].
It seems that my MP reserves went up by quite a bit since I spent an entire night on top of the dragon vein.
I didn’t feel like I’d lose even if I came across another dragon.

It must have increased by quite a bit, since it wouldn’t go up any further even if I sat on the vein for longer.
I must measure it later.


I intended to defeat them all with a single attack, but apparently one survived.
Among the rolling magic stones on the ground, lay a single white wolf.

“Well, whatever.”

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As I approached the monster without releasing any magic, the monster rolls onto its back and shows its belly.
It seems to be a female.

“Are you obedient to me?”

The white wolf barks vigorously once, while laying on its back.

This was my first time seeing a monster acting subservient to a human.
Could something like taming magic also exist in this world?

As my first order, I want you to protect this place.”

It barked as if agreeing to my command.

In any case, if a monster is bound to eventually rule over this area, then it’s better if it’s this guy.
Even if it decided to rebel later on, I could easily kill it if it’s around as strong as that dragon.

“I’ll leave it to you…”you” feels a little uncomfortable.
A big, white wolf gives off “Fenrir” vibes, so how about I call you Fen?”

Fen stood up and walked over to me to lick my face.
It seemed to have like it.

What is this soft fur.
I want to take it home.

…It felt like something connected the moment I gave it a name, but that’s probably just in my mind.

“I’ll come see you again.
If I use you as a reason, mom won’t get angry at me visiting so much.”

After patting Fen’s coat to my heart’s content, I decided to leave the Demon Forest.

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