e ruin today didn’t have any direct hints related to breaking curses, there’s always a chance that future ruins might have one.

“That’s also the reason why I’m again trying to learn the ancient language.
Every book inside the ruin was written in the same language, and if there’s even one more person who knows it, our chances of solving this curse increase greatly…”

It’s true.
There were letters hidden between patterns today at the ruins.
Even on the shelf where that spell book was placed, the words “To the wisdom of wizards…” were engraved.

If we were able to read it, we might have guessed that it was dangerous to touch.

I take a seat next to Milia.

“I’m going try and learn the ancient civilization language as well.
It’ll be more efficient if we did it together.”

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“You’re right.
let’s challenge it together.”

We once again started deciphering the ancient language together.


I don’t get any of it.”
“I had finally deciphered a part of it with Lain’s help, so I knew it would be difficult with the two of us.
However, to think it was this bad…”

I had completely lost track of time.
But I was completely sure that today’s progress was zero.

We couldn’t make any progress by reviewing what we had so far.

“What are, you two, doing?”
“Ah, Sui.”

While we twisted our heads, a voice could be heard from the cafeteria door.
It was Sui.

I thought it had become morning for a second, but it was still dark outside.

“We’re studying like always, but what are you doing Sui?”
“I’m, hungry.”

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“Aah, you must be hungry since you slept without eating anything, right? Let me heat up some leftovers.”

Apparently, she got hungry and had woken up.

“Need, help?”
“You still seem like you’re half-asleep.
Come, sit.”

Sui sat next to me while rubbing her eyes drowsily.

“What’s, this?”
“A book from the ancient magician civilization.
These are all the works Lain had translations for, so we’re using them to learn the ancient language.”

As I said that, Sui started staring at the books with such intensity, it could burn holes into them.

She then became completely still.

“All heated up…Ara? Sui, what’s wrong?”
“Don’t know.
When I said we were learning the ancient language, she suddenly stopped moving.”
“Ara ara….
Sui, your food will get cold, so could you eat first?”

As Milia placed a simple meal of bread and soup in front of her, Sui ate it slowly.

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