soldiers get infected, they can get healed with healing magic so it’s quite a profitable business.
I’m an anti-demon aristocrat, so I have to pay to apply healing magic for myself though…

Well, I use magic for my work all the time, and since I’m self-sufficient, I have no need for food shops or weapon shops.
Of course, I have no intention of visiting a brothel either.

I’m here for a different reason.
I visit a certain store.


“Old man Gil, it’s been about a month.
You still alive-?”
Lain you brat, here again?”

I came to this town to visit only a single store.

“Any interesting books that came in today?”
“I knew you were coming, so I purchased books about magic especially.”

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I always buy books related to magic here.
This is another world, you know?
I finally became able to use magic.
Naturally I’d want to try things out.

That being said, I always blow my whole salary on buying books related to magic at this shop.

“Wow check this out, ‘Get it Like This, Space Magic’, ‘A Guide to Crafting With Magic’, ‘Complete Colection of Magic Tools 55’.”
“Hmm, so it was that sort of book.”
“…Old man Gil, who buys books without knowing what they’re about is pretty strange.”

There are fakes which pretend to be magic books from ancient civilizations, and some of the older sorcerer’s books could be cursed.
Magic books from ancient magician civilizations are also pretty dangerous.

I too had a painful experience with a sorcerer’s book.
That’s why I refuse to keep sorcerer’s books and dangerous books from early periods of ancient magician civilizations.

Their latter periods began selling books in E-book like data, so I don’t possess those either.

“I think you who studies ancient magic in a world like this where modern magic is mainstream, is pretty strange as well.”

Books on magic are all written in a language of the now destroyed ancient magician civilization.
That’s why old man Gil couldn’t read the words on them.

Most magicians today read magic books written by modern magicians.

Although it’s called modern magic, we have only extracted the ones which can be used from ancient magic.
I rarely read modern books on magic since their range of topics isn’t that wide, and they have a number of mistakes.

I finally got my hands on a book from a more advanced civilization than now, it only makes sense I prefer it.

Besides, magic from ancient magician civilizations has a part which is similar to programming.
The terminology is also similar so it’s perfect for someone like me.

Most likely a reincarnator like me must have been involved at some point.

“Then, just as always, I’ll buy it all.
How much will it be?”
“3 silver coins for it all.”

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My salary is 10 silver coins so I always buy with that as my upper limit.
Old man Gil also knows that and charges me 8-9 silver coins every time.

Beside these books are really expensive.
Even if you don’t get their content, they’re easily worth 5 silver each.

Which is why 3 books for 3 silver coins is simply too cheap.

When I look at old man Gil in a humorous manner, he scratches his cheeks embarrassingly.

“Actually, the royal granddaughter and her husband from the neighboring country have invited me to live with them.
Business seems to be better over there, and since I can do calculations, they want me to become the head clerk.
I’m thinking of shutting shop here and going there.”

“I see…”

“… I’m getting up there in age.
It’s getting harder for me to go to the capital each time for my business.
I know it’s unfortunate for young Lain, but I think the tide is right for me.”

Old man Gil’s is the only book shop in this town.
I’d be pretty depressed if this shop were to shut down.

Besides, ever since my mother passed away 5 years ago, old man Gil is the only one whom I could talk to properly.
After her death, it was old man Gil who protected me from all the adults who thought they could squeeze things out of me since I was a child.
Truthfully, if it were not for him, I would have moved to a different country long ago.
I’m not proud of it, but that’s all I could do given my age.

Seeing my darkened face, old man Gil calls out to me.

“Hey, it’s not like I’m dying here.
Whenever you want to see me, feel free to come over.”
“… You’re right.
If it’s the capital of our neighboring country, it’ll be pretty easy to reach as well.”

It takes about two months by horse carriage to reach the neighboring country’s capital.
To be honest, it’s impossible for me to go see him since I have to work everyday.

However, I can’t stop here and wallow in pity.
All I can do is to try my best and see where things go from there.

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