“The people have started to forget about you.” He sighed softly.

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This was something I cared about even less.

“I saved people originally because I wanted to, and not because I wanted to be remembered as a hero or hold wealth and statuses in this world.” I pointed at my primitive seclusion hut and motioned for him to take a look.

“However, I believed that…” The emperor lowered his eyes slightly, “Many people truly regretted that they had not fought for you back then.”

I finally finished the last sip of the mead brought by the emperor, and I left the wine bottle on the table casually.

The burnt smell from the kitchen was getting stronger, and I had to save the kitchen urgently.
I did not have time to waste here.

I lived in a no-man’s land, and I had never been the kind of intelligent person who could craft a robot or an artificial intelligence out of component parts from a garbage heap.
Hence, with my capabilities, if the kitchen exploded, it would be a very troublesome issue for me.

So, I politely thanked the emperor a second time for bringing such an enjoyable bottle of mead before asking him bluntly, “So, what do you want?”

“…” The emperor hesitated as if he had been finally forced to speak the truth, “The fifth wave is approaching.” 

The first thing that came to my mind was actually a mentally retarded game, “The fifth wave of zombies is approaching?”

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As expected of the emperor, who was dignified enough to not laugh after listening to my joke.
Instead, he shook his head with a heavy and sympathetic expression, “Do you remember the ‘catastrophic impact’ that you barely managed to stop three years ago? It was named the ‘fourth wave’, and the scientists had predicted that it was the final wave and that there will never be a fifth wave.
However, recent observations showed that a fifth wave will soon hit this planet, but our technology has not yet been developed to the point that we can collectively escape from this interstellar space.”

What he said left me a little puzzled.

Could ‘not yet possible to escape collectively’ meant that they had discovered another time and space, but they were not developed enough to achieve a huge number of space-time transitions?

I was curious about it, hence I voiced my thoughts.

And because the emperor needed my help, he answered my questions patiently, “No, this is just a possibility, but the Academy of Science had promised us that it will take at least five years to make a scientific breakthrough, however, we do not have five years to spare.”

“Then, how long do you have?” I asked once more, my heart, which had been stagnant like dead water for three years, finally seemed to be beating once again.

I tried my best to restrain my emotions from showing, and I was not entirely sure if the man on the other side of the table noticed it.

Perhaps he did, as his brows furrowed up into a knot.

“Ten days.” He said, “We only have ten days until the fifth wave arrives.”

Unable to contain it any longer, I finally burst out in laughter.
In fact, this was probably my first smile of the day.

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“You are here to beg me to save you.” I said with certainty the conclusion that I had reached in my mind ever since the young emperor arrived.

“I’m here to beg you to save humanity.” He gently repeated my affirmation, “After this, I promise to rehabilitate and restore your former identity, this will allow you to regain your past glories…”

But I grabbed him and was already running towards the door when his words merely reached ‘after this’.

The emperor of the empire was dragged behind me without dignity, but he continued on with a victorious but helpless tone, “I know, I know, no need to be in such a hurry.
I will inform my royal escorts to bring in the spaceship to pick us up.”

By the time he finished speaking, we were already at the door.

At the same time, I paused in my tracks, as if I had slammed on the brakes, before opening my door and tossing him out of my house.

It seemed that after His Majesty ascended the throne, he had been slacking on his daily workouts, as he almost fell face down to the ground.

He was a little embarrassed by this, but he quickly steadied his body and positioned it into a handsome posture, before glancing up at me in confusion.

“What were the last few questions that your people had asked me on the day I left three years ago?” I asked.

My heart was pounding wildly within my chest, and I could feel my blood boiling in my veins.
I could barely hear my own trembling voice!

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The emperor stayed silent, before getting up into a standing position.

“Can you prove that you are not the scourge of all the interstellar crises?” I repeated the first question word for word, pausing momentarily before answering myself after a while, “No.”

The emperor kept his silence, just like how he did three years ago.

“Do you accept the decision to be deported and exiled?” I asked myself, before answering my own question once more, “Yes.”

I paused for a few seconds, but still, the emperor did not speak.
“Go on, there’s a third question.” I could not help but urge him.

“…… Can you promise and swear upon your life that you will never again set foot on the territory of the Empire and the Federation?” The emperor said it in a somewhat embarrassed tone, after all, this sentence was spoken by his own father, the former emperor, at that time.

I believe that at this moment, no person’s orgasmic pleasure could compare to this mental stimulation I felt within my mind, and I forced myself to take a deep breath to calm my emotions slightly before speaking.

“Yes.” I spat out the exact same answer I had three years ago, “I will never come back.”

And before the handsome emperor could say anything else, I interrupted him quickly, “Get lost.”

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And I slammed my door shut with a bang, right on his face.

I took two steps back from the door, before noticing my own reflections on the window panes, which were accurately reflecting the malicious smile on my face.

It was the standard villainess look.

Awesome! I will never again be a saint1!

A small explosion sounded from the kitchen.

…… Shit, is it too late to claim that housekeeping robot he offered just now?


“圣母” Virgin Mary / Madonna / Saint.
It refers to people who love life and giving help to others, but at the cost of the vital interests of other people around them.
Such people who are dedicated to performing good deeds and sacrificing themselves for others are usually called saints.


Sub-categories for saints:

“白莲花圣母” White lotus saints – white lotus generally refers to people who look pure on the outside, but are actually dark and rotten inside, always pretending to be pure and lofty, which was similar to green tea bitches.
However, though they are ‘kind’, white lotus saints would know when to resist when the situation threatens her wellbeing. “伪圣母” Pseudo saint – when something/someone threatens their self-interest, pseudo saints will usually use the great principles of morality and law to fight for their own interests.

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