When I finally arrived at the kitchen, Ella was busy putting out the fire.

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I reached out my fingers and squeezed out the source of the fire, extinguishing it instantly before sighing at the drooping little robot.
“Go outside and play.” I sighed as I patted its head.

To be honest, Ella is more of a pet to me than a housekeeping robot.

Part of its artificial denseness… Ah no, artificial intelligence program was salvaged from the wreckage of the old brain of ‘Ella’.

On the day before they expelled me, they told me they needed to do a system upgrade for Ella and took it away from me, but instead of the promised ‘system upgrade’, they forcibly destroyed Ella.

Only a small part of Ella’s program survived, and risking permanent extermination, it escaped through the star net and hid within my necklace in order to leave the empire together with me.

If I were some kind of high-end algorithm scientist, I might’ve been able to reconstruct Ella based on the survived program, but alas, this was not my field of specialization, and so all I have is this slow-witted but adorable little robot Ella.

As I resigned to my fate and tried to rescue the appliances in the kitchen, a black cat jumped up silently onto the cooking table and sat down gracefully, avoiding the danger zone.

“Are you sure you won’t return? That man was your ex-boyfriend.” The cat spoke.

I did not bother to even look at Him1, because, knowing the cat’s true identity, he was probably just asking an unnecessary question while completely knowing the answer.

“That’s good.” The black cat had long since gotten accustomed to my ignoring.
The tip of his tail twitched slightly as he wrapped his tail around himself like an actual cat.
“If you get softhearted again, I’ll get a headache.”

By the time I was finished with the appliances in the kitchen, the black cat had already disappeared.

… But now, the real question arises.
How can she rescue the wall, which was already stained with a black explosion pattern?

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After an hour that felt like it lasted forever, I walked out of the kitchen feeling weakly after almost exhausting all scientific and non-scientific means I could think of.

Hence, when I sensed an unpleasant prying presence in the hut, my raging anger got ignited instantly.

I would never lay my hands on the simple-minded Ella, but I can definitely beat up these ignorant people out there!

So two seconds later, when another vast pit showed up not too far from my hut and was filled with distorted and metamorphic instrument fragments, it was entirely understandable, right?

And perhaps my warnings were too violent because the people from the Empire finally went as quiet as chickens.

After all, if they were not careful, chances were that they would experience an untimely death along with their emperor before the world had the chance to be destroyed by the fifth wave.

Hence, I was able to go to bed in peace at night.

However, before I could fall asleep, the black cat appeared once again and jumped onto the head of my bed.

“Have you ever thought that though he was the first one to come, he would not be the only one and that there would be others?” He asked.

Me: “…” 

“Get off my bed, you didn’t wash your paws,” I warned him coldly.

Black cat: “…”

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He sighed humanely as he walked to my bedside table on all four legs, before asking me politely, “Is this okay?”

I expressed my satisfaction grudgingly before answering his previous question.
“I suppose this no-man’s-land will soon be overcrowded in the coming days, huh?”

After all, considering that I was the only person who had successfully saved the planet multiple times over the course of nearly fifty years.

Besides, this time, they only have ten days.

“Are you really sure you won’t go soft-hearted this time?” The black cat patiently asked me the repeated question again, even though he already knew the answer.

“Do you know you’re annoying?” I answered impatiently, rolling my eyes in response.

However, the black cat continued on quietly, “I thought the greatest power of humanity was love, and the hymn of humankind was always that of courage.
Wasn’t it rumored that as long as there was love and courage, all obstacles can be broken through? I’m really afraid that you will go back on your word and save them once again.”

It was a waste of time to communicate with this foolish cat, so I kept my eyes shut and went to sleep.

But in the end, it was not a peaceful sleep.
Perhaps it was because I have met an old friend whom I haven’t seen for three years, so my dreams were all about the long-forgotten past.

To put it simply, the emperor… the former prince and I were not from the same world.

And I don’t mean it theoretically, even though it’s also true, but literally, because I was from another world.

The world I used to live in was quite peaceful, and growing up in such a peaceful environment, once I found out that I was capable of helping others, I just could not stand by idly and watch innocent people in this world suffer.

So, I chose to save them.

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Some people might call me a Saint, but I was also someone who had the ability to carry out my ‘saintly’ deeds.

The former crown prince was kind of… a typical movie protagonist who hid his true identity to attend the academy.
He was talented and had outstanding abilities, virtues, and looks.
No one in the Imperial Academy could refuse his charms.

Except for me, of course.

For some reason, we got into a fight, and because I wasn’t familiar with my newfound abilities, I ended up sending him into the infirmary.

I’m not trying to brag, but there was a huge unbreakable wall between being ‘talented’ and ‘saving the world’ after all.

Back then, perhaps it was out of love for talented citizens or something else, but after he recovered from his injuries, the crown prince chose to take initiative to form a good relationship with me, which in turn, succeed in preventing many future campuses violence from happening.

Later on, we grouped up with three or give other members and ran around the world, saving people who were in danger.

Eh? Come to think of it, were they dead yet? Or did they get promoted and rich, and lived a fulfilled life with their partners and children? And sometimes, when they were drunk and lonely at night, they would think of me, the former savior of the world, who had been expelled from almost all the planets within in interstellar galaxy.

Forget it, it doesn’t matter anymore, hell; I don’t even remember their names.

Furthermore, I didn’t start out with the intention of saving the world.
After all, I’m not that bald man with the cape.

In the beginning, I saved a couple of children, and they were grateful;

Then, I saved a street of citizens, and they praised me for it;

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Next up, I saved an entire city, and the citizens grouped up and sang me a song;

After that, I saved a planet, and they told me: “We survived because of you.”;

Finally, when the entire interstellar galaxy was in danger, they said: “No one can do this except you, so can you hurry up and go?”;

Until three years ago, it became a: “Can you prove that you are not the scourge of all interstellar crises?”

Never in my life have I heard such ridiculous words, and so, after the other party finished asking, I burst out in laughter in front of hundreds of federal imperial dignitaries, thousands of elite soldiers, and hundreds of millions of people on the live broadcast.

All because the devastating ‘shock wave’ came from another time and space, and since I have openly admitted that I came from another time and space, they have come to the conclusion that the disasters must have been brought about by me.

I could not help but give them quack applauses for their logical thinking.

Oh, I suppose I did applaud in admiration right on the spot.

It was never a peaceful ‘breakup’, as both sides fell apart in the ugliest way possible.

However, under the mortal crisis of the entire humanity, no matter how ugly the breakup seemed, they would still swallow their pride and come back begging with a shy smile.

How ridiculously hilarious.


The ‘Him’ used here is in reference to a higher being.

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