The winter in Korea arrived a little later than other years. The autumn breezes are giving chillness in spines a little bit. The leaves are falling and the weather is shifting gradually…

The birds are chirping and singing in their sweet tones. The sun is shining so happily and warmly, different from other winter mornings. This morning is really enough to make anyone happy…And just in a beautiful winter morning in Seoul, our story starts…

Well, the story started many years ago actually. But the story I wanna tell all of you–is the part where slowly and unknowingly the life of our protagonists, started turning into a warped path. Where they started knowing themselves with a different point of views…with different truths and lies…love and heartbreaks.

Seven brothers, seven different past life, seven different personalities, seven different love life, but still one soul. In one thing they are all same; nothing matters more than the family! They only want each others safety and happiness.

They promised each other that they will be for each other always. But, will it be a strongest pillar of their relationship, even after some twisted games of their fate?

Will they be able to keep the promise after all those things happens? Can they remain together…forever?

Here we are standing just in front of Kim mansion, one of the biggest, largest, coziest and homeliest house in the whole Seoul.

This mansion occupies soccer, golf and basketball court, large garden, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, huge underground garage and portico with uncountable car collections and all the luxury items and places one can ever have in their life. The whole three floored palace like mansion is decorated with imported luxurious usable and unusable things…

But the most beautiful thing this home has is, Love! Love for the family, respect for each other! Thats what makes this giant mansion a lovely HOME!

In this beautiful morning, almost every creature in house is awake and ready for the day! But, the Kim mansion is calm and quiet because the little trouble maker of the mansion is still asleep. The time when the youngest of the house stay asleep or went outside, its the time when it is all peaceful.

And the other times….well you know what I meant, right? So, like every day, the eldest one in the household is currently standing just beside the youngest and naughtiest yet loveliest ones room and trying to break his unbreakable sleep since last half an hour!

~ Sunwoo, wake up!

~ Hmm…


~ Five minutes more, hyung!


~ hmm…

Well, they won be finished in a while I guess! So, when they are busy in their works… why not we have a simple introduction for the characters of our book?

This is the story about seven brothers. They lost their parents at a car accident in their childhood. The eldest one was only 18 back then as he has to take the whole responsibilities on his shoulder and saved his brothers alone. So, this is not a perfect family…but you can see once you got to know them personally, its better than perfect families in some spheres.

Cause, they don give a damn about the world if its about their family….they can burn the world without a second thought!

Actually, Seokjin is the one who literary raised his brothers. He love and care them like his own child. Mainly Sunwoo, he is the child of each one of them as he is the youngest one and never got chance to meet his parents in his life! Sometimes they are overprotective and extra strict to him, sometimes they are super caring and childish. As they love him, Sunwoo also loves them more than anything in this world.

Kim Seokjin is the oldest brother among them. He is 28 years old and a renowned doctor now. He loves all of his dongsaengs equally and takes care of them like a mother. Loving, caring and clam figure of the family; but scary when he is truly angry! Every brothers of him loves and respects him like their own parents and his words is the last thing in the household. Not because only he is eldest, also he really deserves these respects for how he saved them and raised them!

Kim Chan-yeol is the second one. He is 26 years old and the CEO of their family business, Kims multinational company. He is cold and strictest to his brothers. He hates when someone breaks rules or disrespects older. Don show his care easily, but really loves his brothers so much.

Kim Dae-Hyun; the third oldest and the sunshine of the family! He is 25 and called the vitamin to his brothers. He is always energetic and positive. Loves his dongsaengs and loved by them most as he helps them when they are in trouble. But, he is the scariest when he is angry, even towards his elders also!

He is a professor on Seoul School, where Sunwoo is currently studying.

Kim Yi-Joon; he is 24 years old and has the highest IQ among them. He is the principle of the same School where Sunwoo reads and the strictest I should say. Sunwoo fears him the most as he is so strict about the studies which he hates the most! Sunwoo had to study hard because of him, because he doesn want to be punished by him, you know?

Then comes the makhnes (Youngest brothers) of the family. The oldest of the makhnes; Kim Minjun. He is 23 years old and the twin of Yong-Sun. Actually two minutes older than him… He is also loving and caring, especially Sunwoo. He always lets him do whatever he wants, because he can see his sad face. But, sometimes he is strict

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