The light from the porch fell on the marble floor, reflecting a cold light and for a moment, Su Huanyi thought he was seen through.

He swallowed, “Whats not clear to you, big brother…why are you looking at me ……”

Su Chis eyes were unfathomable, “Otherwise where should I look?”

Su Huanyi carefully suggested, “You can look at the pot.” There was some remaining fish fillet porridge in the pot. It is good for stimulating the brain.


Su Chi smiled, “You think I should make up for it?”

Su Huanyi blushed in embarrassment and hung his head.

Su Chi stared at him for a moment, then withdrew his eyes, “No need, save it for those who need it most.” For example, you.

Su Huanyi humbly conceded, “Yes, big brother doesnt have to wrong himself either.”

Su Chi said lightly, “Am not wronging you either, you need it to grow up.”

Su Jitong walked over and saw this brotherly scene and didnt feel any of the undercurrents underneath, he only felt relieved: Little Yi was still a good boy, he just said that he wanted to get along with his brothers, and he immediately went to be considerate of them.

“Dont be polite, ask Wu Ma to make some more tonight, and you can all drink together.”

“To drink what?” Su Jianchen walked out of the living room. This was the time the three men in the family were supposed to go to work.

Su Jitong said, “Fish fillet porridge.”

Su Jianchen did not yet know the meaning behind the fish fillet porridge, and he took the initiative to fight for soy, “Then Ill have some too.”

Su Chi, “…”

Su Huanyi, “…”

Su Jianchen frowned, “Big brother, why are you looking at me like that?”

Su Huanyi said, “Nothing,” while Su Chi patted him, “Second brother, you can have even more.”

Su Jitong didnt know what to make of it, but to blend in, he also patted him in the same way, “Your big brother is right Su Jianchen, you should drink more.”

The topic of conversation inexplicably turned to fish fillet porridge, which Su Huanyi was glad for.

He breathed a sigh of relief as the three men left the room. It seemed that his change of attitude had aroused Su Chis suspicions, but for some reason, he was not pursuing the matter for the time being ……

The “love Bentos” that Su Huanyi had been making became two since he and Su Jianchen had reached a settlement.

When Su Jianchen first received the “love bento”, he almost took it as a provocation from Su Huanyi! He was about to glare at him when he caught a glimpse of Su Chi eating his without changing expression.

Su Jianchen was instantly dumbfounded.

Su Huanyi was pitifully looking at him from the edge of the table, “Second brother, why arent you eating? Are you still not forgiving me, I knew it…its okay, you can not forgive…”

Fuck! Su Jianchens eyes closed fiercely and steeled his heart as he opened his mouth and swallowed.

Wu Ma couldnt bear it any longer and dragged Su Huanyi to give him cooking lessons a few days later.

One morning, as Su Huanyis roast pork with battered radish was just coming out of the pot, Sun Heyus call came.

“Im almost at your house, Ill pick you up and we go together.”

Su Huanyi was touched and returned the favour a little grudgingly, “I made carrot roast pork for my brothers, why dont I load some up for you too?”

On the other end of the line, Sun Heyu shivered, “No thanks.” He then asked, “Which brother do you mean?”

Su Huanyi said in one word, “Brother and brother.” Two brothers.

“……” Sun Heyu took a long time to react before he understood, a dream-like look surfaced on his face, “Awesome, double kill!”

It was already 10:30am when Sun Heyu arrived.

Su Huanyi was carrying a small lunchbox in his hand, and the moment he broke into Sun Heyus line of sight, he heard the sound of the car door locking from the inside.

Su Huanyis footsteps were stopped: ……? Isnt this too much?

Sun Heyu only opened a narrow slit in the car window and tilted his head to poke his lips out, “You can come, no need to bring other things.”

Su Huanyi took three or two steps closer, “But this is sushi made by my aunt at home.”

Click! The car door opened in a second. Sun Heyu was hospitable, “Please come in.”

The word “you” was very deliberate as if the target was just sushi.

Su Huanyi got into the car and realised that Sun Yue was also there, “Hello, Miss Sun.”

Sun Yue was a little excited, “You dont have to be so polite little cutie. Just call me by my first name!”

Su Huanyi looked at Sun Heyu sideways: “Little cutie?

Sun Heyu coughed dryly: an extraction from “Cute Waste”.

“If you dont likeLittle Cute, I can also call youLittle Train.” Sun Yue was outgoing, and with her chattering along the way, the car was filled with a lively atmosphere.

It was agreed that the contract signing was to be done at a clubhouse. When Su Huanyi arrived, Zhou Qingcheng and the head of the winery were already waiting there.

After exchanging greetings, they sat down and began to discuss the matter.

With Sun Heyus connections, they were able to directly buy from the distillery at a low price, which was equivalent to being the distributor of the first batch of kun liquor. If the sales were good, the profits could be foreseen directly.

Su Huanyi participated quite seriously. After all, he had decided to give Su Jitong and his wife a gift, and he wanted it to be the best within his means.

He was not the original owner, he could not accept the kindness of the Su family with such peace of mind, and at least wanted to give something back.

Sun Yue came along this time mainly because of Su Huanyi. After the last time she spent time with him, she felt more and more that this man was different from what was rumoured.

At that moment, the head of the distillery had already handed out the contract to the three people present. Sun Yue thought to herself that Su Huanyi should not be able to read it, and she wanted to talk to him, but then she turned her eyes and saw the latter skillfully flipping open the contract and reading it.

Sun Yue:?

She pulled at Sun Heyu, “Can he read it?” She thought about Su Huanyis posture the last time at the shooting range, “Is he sharpening his mind again…”

Su Huanyi turned his head quietly, “I can hear you.”

Sun Heyu apologized for his sister, “She always accidentally speaks from her heart, but her intentions are not bad.”

Su Huanyi, “…”

Considering that this was a future partner, he slowly exhaled a cloudy breath and continued to check the contract.

Once both parties had reached an agreement, the person in charge left with the contract.

It just so happened that this was the clubhouse, so they asked for a small box, ready to eat and then proceed to play for a while in the afternoon.

Although the club was the main entertainment, the biggest feature attraction was the Southeast Asian cuisine. Many netizens commented that this place was “A Southeast Asian specialities restaurant delayed by entertainment.”

Inside the box, the dishes are served. Sea prawn curry, banana leaf-wrapped fish, rice paper rolls, sweet potato chicken nuggets, and pineapple rice were set up on a table.

It was Su Huanyis first time eating Southeast Asian cuisine, and his pupils instantly lit up! He even took out his mobile phone to take a picture, very much unlike a pushy young master of a luxurious family.

Across the table, Sun Yues chopsticks trembled and a piece of chicken landed on the table, “You really arent abused at home?”

Su Huanyis eyes narrowed a little. He opened WeChat to send a photo, showing the dialogue box to the group, “I just want to share my lunch with my brother.”

[Su Huanyi]: “Big brother! I am eating Southeast Asian food with my friends. I am having a good meal, dont worry about me!” [picture]

The three peoples eyes quaked: is it necessary to be so sticky between foster brothers?

Then in full view of everyone, Su Chis reply arrived.

[Su Chi]: “Were you kidnapped?”

Su Huanyi, “…”

He retrieved his phone with a calm expression amidst the complicated eyes of the rest, “My big brother is always so humorous.”

The rest of the group, “…”

Su Huanyi remembered the principle of friendship and offered to pay the bill after eating.

The club was divided into two sections, east and west, and on the way from the restaurant to the private rooms, Su Huanyi turned to pay the bill and let Zhou Qingcheng and the others go to the private rooms to sit first.

A man was standing at the front desk with his back to the waiter. Su Huanyi initially thought he was a customer paying for the bill and was about to wait in the back of the line when the man turned around and revealed a gentle face.

When he saw Su Huanyi, a glint of amazement flashed in his eyes, then he turned sideways and said, “After you.”

Su Huanyi nodded his thanks and stepped forward to report the room number.

When the receptionist was operating in front of the computer, Su Huanyi felt the mans gaze on him. He couldnt help but turn his head to meet him, “May I ask what you want?”

The corners of the mans mouth hooked. His face was very young, but there were some fine lines at the corners of his eyes when his eyes curved up. It seemed that he smiled a lot, “My name is Hu, I am the manager of this club. Its your first time here, isnt it little friend, how do you rate this place?”

Su Huanyi only wore a simple sweatshirt and jeans today, which was closer to his image and temperament in the old world, so he looked like a college student without any noble aura.

He said, “Its good, the food is good.”

The man laughed, “Then please give us a good review, as a thank you, your bill is on me.”

Su Huanyi: ????

He had some self-knowledge. How come he had never heard that a bill could be waived as easily as this?

Su Huanyi moved his feet away a little, wary, “No need Mr. Hu, thank you for your kindness.”

A slightly long, slender hand was put on the black marble countertop, the fingertips gently lap, “Do not misunderstand, I see you are not too old, this single consumption is not cheap, you cant afford…”

Su Huanyi took out his card and swiped it, “No, Ill put it on my old man.”


Su Huanyis back disappeared around the corner of the corridor. The man smiled and then also turned to leave. The waiter at the front desk was on thin ice, lowering her head the whole time and not daring to glance around.

Damn, why did boss call himself the club manager?

But that little brother just now was really good looking!

Su Huanyi hang out with Sun Heyu and the others until 5 pm and then went home.

Dinner was a time for the Su family to get together and talk after a long day at work, and he couldnt miss it!

When Su Huanyi returned home, the three men had not yet returned. Only Yu Xinyan and Wu Ma were sitting in the living room chattering.

When Yu Xinyan saw Su Huanyi, she said, “Ehhh”, “Xiao Yi, didnt you move that pot of Lohan pine to your second brothers room? His balcony doesnt get much son. Remember to occasionally take it to the courtyard.”

Su Huanyi and Su Jianchens bedrooms face opposite directions, so when the pine was on his balcony, it could get some sun from time to time, but now that its in a different place and Su Jianchen is busy with work, he probably doesnt care much.

Su Huanyi turned and looked at the sun outside. Although it wasnt very bright, the sun hadnt set completely, “Ill go and move it now.”

The Lohan pine was moved from upstairs to downstairs and fingertips suddenly had a few more red marks. It didnt hurt, but his special physique made him look like he had been abused.

Su Huanyi stood in the courtyard rubbing his fingertips, speechless.

Just when he had got a good place to settle, there was a commotion in the living room, which was not obvious through the sliding door. It wasnt until Su Chi held the door open and stepped into the corridor that Su Huanyi noticed his big brother had returned.

“Big brother?”

“Yeah.” Su Chi answered lazily, his eyes falling on the scarlet fingertips. He guessed the reason but didnt ask anything, only saying, “Did you go drinking with your friends again at noon?”

Sun Heyu and Zhou Qingcheng didnt know that they were becoming the equivalent of “friends who get Su Huanyi drunk” in Su Chis mind.

“Yeah.” Su Huanyi replied vaguely. Afraid that Su Chi would ask further, he changed the subject, “Brother, look at me.”

Su Chi folded his arms to his chest and looked at him calmly.

Su Huanyi then took two steps closer, and the standing strands of hair almost poked into Su Chiss eyes.

Su Chi leaned back and frowned, “Are you a cow?”

Su Huanyi sarcastically pressed down the standing wisps of hair and returned to the point, “Brother, look at me, do I look poor?”

Su Chi was about to make his usual mockery when he met that face and stalled again. He was silent for two seconds and attributed it to an external cause, “People depend on their clothes and horses depend on their saddles.”

Su Huanyi paused and pondered over it. So it was because I was dressed too plainly?

He shared with Su Chi, “I went to the checkout today and the manager made an excuse to waive the bill for me.”

Su Chis eyebrows twitched imperceptibly, “What kind of restaurant did you go to that was so immodest?”

Su Huanyi said, “Its a club, I dont remember the name.”

Su Chi pressed, “Then did you get the bill waived?”

Su Huanyi shook his head, “Of course not!”

Su Chi started his lecture, “Thats right, its not like your family doesnt have money. People who give you a waiver for no reason usually have other intentions.”

The boy in front of him had a long, well-proportioned body, even in his ordinary sweatshirt and jeans, he could not hide the figure underneath.

Su Huanyi thought that Su Chi was mocking his IQ again. He was not an idiot, so how could he not understand what he was aying, “I know, brother, dont look down on me.”

Su Chi thought that his brain had been muddled by the love bento rice balls. When it comes to hidden intentions, his adopted brother must be well versed in this field.

Su Huanyi sensibly analyzed, “The first time you are given a free bill is to lure you to spend again. When you become a loyal customer, it becomes time to harvest.”

Su Chi: ……?

“Heh, just a clumsy consumer trap.” Su Huanyi finished mocking contemptuously, and then turned his head to Su Chi for confirmation, “Am I right brother?”

Su Chi helplessly inhaled a breath of fresh air, “Good point, I suggest you expose his tricks on the spot next time.”

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