The books and documents on the desk were put in the bookcase behind the desk, leaving only a beautiful globe with a blue sphere and golden stand, resting beautifully on the mahogany table.

Although Su Huanyi didnt know why his big brother changed his mind, it was a good thing. Whether it was following Xiao Qin or his big brother, it was all advantageous.

He asked, “Director Su, should this globe remain here?”

Su Chi didnt even look up: “Put it in the bookcase.”

“Okay.” Su Huanyi sighed while picking it up. He was squeezing out his big brothers style.

The desk was tidied up again. Before Su Huanyi had time to sit down, Su Chi handed over a stack of documents. “Take it to the project department and let them make changes.”

Su Huanyi took them, “Where is the project department?”

Su Chi, behind the computer, raised a pair of eyes and asked, “Are you the assistant or am I?”

Su Huanyi went silent. He found that Su Chi was particularly domineering when at work. He was much more serious than he usually was and did not show any favouritism.

He hurried out to ask Secretary Qin for advice.

Su Huanyis internship will last two months, and he will probably stay at the headquarters for some time in the future. Xiao Qin then led Su Huanyi from the first floor to the twelfth to familiarize him with the working environment.

“The project department is on the eighth floor. The first floor is the lobby, the second is a conference and reception room; and the third floor has a restaurant and tea room. From the fourth floor to the eighth are the various departments of the company, ranging from administration, human resources, finance, and supervision, among others. On the ninth floor upwards are the offices of corporate executives, and on the twelfth floor is just the chairmans office and the secretarys office. ”

Xiao Qin pressed the floor button in the elevator to go to the twelfth. The doors opened and a man in his fifties entered.

The man saw Xiao Qin and nodded, “Secretary Qin.” Then he turned his gaze to Su Huanyi on the side.

Xiao Qin introduced him, “This is the chairmans assistant who just took office today. This is Minister Chen of Human Resources. ”

Su Huanyi nodded, “Hello, Minister Chen.”

Minister Chen gave a curt “mm” back, but his eyes were scrutinizing. Only when the elevator stopped at the eleventh floor did he withdraw his gaze and leave.

The door closed and Su Huanyi asked Xiao Qin, “Do I have “nepotism” written on my face?”

Xiao Qin replied, “No. It is written all over the body. ”

Su Huanyi:”… wow.”

After spending more than an hour learning about the companys various departments, the two returned to the top floor and went together to Su Chis office.

Xiao Qin knocked on the door and entered. Su Chi looked at the two people coming in together and said nothing. He only explained some work arrangements to Xiao Qin and asked Su Huanyi to go back to his desk to deal with the documents.

In the large office, two people diagonally across from each focused on their computers. There was usually only one keyboard sound, but there was one more today, but it was not noisy.

The two people did their work; no one interfered with the other.

Su Huanyi sorted the documents uploaded by each department one by one, and after that, he arranged them in order of urgency and compiled the names of the documents before sending them to Su Chi.

A “ding” came from the computer diagonally across, and Su Haha looked over. Su Chi did not look at him as he continued working as usual.

As expected of big brother the talisman. His concentration is really good and he is not affected by external forces at all.

It was his first day of work and not many things fell into his hands. Su Huanyi quickly finished his tasks and sat at his desk, not knowing what to do.

Su Chi was working seriously, a slight frown on his brow. Su Huanyi did not dare to go up to ask what was wrong. He got up a few minutes later and poured Su Chi a glass of water.

The sound of tapping on the keyboard stopped. “Is the work done?”

Su Huanyi didnt forget to get credit, “I already sent it all to you!”

“Then you can arrange the rest of the time yourself.” Su Chi said and looked at the glass of water, “You dont have to do such things like pouring water in the future.”

“Why?” He cant be coddling him. His elder brother does not look like that kind of person.

Su Chi said lightly, “My post-trauma is not yet cured.”

Su Huanyi didnt react for a full five or six minutes before recalling the mistake he made in the bathroom.


At the end of the morning working hours, Su Huanyi followed Su Chi to the restaurant. There was no one in when he passed by the secretarys office. Su Huanyi asked, “Is Secretary Qin not going to eat with us?”

Su Chi asked, “Why are you always thinking about what Xiao Qin does?”

Su Huanyi, “I just asked casually.”

The topic ended there, and they went down the elevator to the third floor. The door opened, and Su Huanyi felt a chill at that moment.

He followed Su Chi into the restaurant, and sighed with lingering fear, “I also seem to have post-trauma. I thought that second brother would be standing at the door when the elevator doors opened.”

“…” Su Chi asked him, “You seem to be very afraid of the second?”

Su Huanyi was honest, “I used to be afraid, but not anymore.”


“I offended second brother before, but he forgave me.” He even attempted to integrate into the Love Gioro family. He is very gregarious.

Su Chi was speechless. The two finished getting their meals and found seats near the door where they sat down.

Su Chi is the director of the group, and there are usually a lot of eyes on him. There was suddenly a new person with outstanding looks around him and the surrounding eyes became eager.

Su Huanyi buried his head in his bowl as usual and heard the small talk coming into his ears.

“Who is that? He is also very handsome, ah, but a bit young…”

“I feel like Ive ever seen him. Has he come to our company before?”

“He is eating with Director Su, so he must be a friend or family member, right?”

“He must be a new employee. I saw Secretary Qin showing him around the company today…”

Su Huanyi looked up at Su Chi. The latters face did not change colour, so he seems to not have heard.

He also pretended not to hear and continued to bury his head in the bowl.

The phone rang when Su Chi was halfway through the meal. Su Huanyi saw him pick up his phone and leave the restaurant, presumably for work.

As soon as Su Chi left, the surrounding eyes instantly lost their restraint and all fell on Su Huanyi.

He had a chicken leg in his mouth and was stroking the bones when the corner of his eyes saw a person and he raised his eyes. It was Minister Chen, who happened to be passing by the restaurant door.

Their eyes met, and the other party looked at him for two seconds before he turned and left in the direction of the tea room.

Su Huanyi keenly perceived that the other party did not like him.

After six or seven minutes, Su Chi was back. He pulled out his chair and sat down, “Have you finished eating?”

Su Huanyi sat upright, “No, I was waiting for big brother.”

Su Chis gaze fell on the only remaining broccoli on his plate, “You seem to be waiting a little reluctantly.”

Su Huanyi took the tip of his chopsticks and poked the broccoli, saying, “This is the last of my will.”

There was a two-hour lunch break after the meal.

Although the Su Group had a large system and a tight work schedule, it never treated its employees harshly. When its time to take a break, everyone takes a break, and overtime pay is paid when the working hours are exceeded.

Su Huanyi went back to the office with Su Chi. The door closed and Su Chi loosened his collar, “If you are sleepy, go to the lounge and take a nap.”

The lounge on the side of the chairmans office was simply furnished with a bed, a closet, and a bathroom. If he sometimes worked too late or needed to change clothes, he would just go to the lounge.

“Isnt big brother sleeping?”

“You go sleep.”

Before Su Huanyi Yi had time to be touched, he heard Su Chi chuckling, “If you get sleepy and make a mistake in your work, Id have to spend the night correcting it.”


That was indeed his big brothers style.

The bed in the lounge was very comfortable to lie on, and he did feel a little sleepy. So, he took off his coat and shrank into the quilt and quickly fell asleep.


Su Huanyi woke up feeling that he had slept for a long time. He took a look at the time and realized that it had only been half an hour. It was probably because the dove occupied the magpies nest, so he did not sleep well.

He got up and gingerly went out the door. Su Chi was leaning back on the sofa, his head tilted and his eyes closed.

He went back to the lounge to find a blanket from the closet and quietly went over to put it on his big brother.

As soon as the blanket touched him, Su Chi opened his eyes. The two had a momentary pause as their eyes met.

Finally, it was Su Chi who took the lead and spoke, his voice a little hoarse after waking up, “Didnt you sleep?”

“I slept well.” Su Huanyi saw that he was awake, so he boldly tucked the blanket in for him. “Why dont you go lie down for a while, and Ill wake you up at two?”

The blanket was a little thin, and it was tucked under Su Chis neck like a huge bib.

Su Chi: “…”

“No.” He put his hand on his forehead and pressed his temple. He then got up, pulled off the blanket and folded it before sitting back at his desk to prepare for work.

Su Huanyi felt that it was not good to go on like that. There was a lot of time for the break, and he couldnt let his big brother always spend it on the sofa.

“Big brother, how about we sleep in the bed together next time?” He knew Su Chi was conservative, so he added, “I will not undress. Well sleep together in full armor. ”

Su Chi marveled at his choice of words, “Then shall we wake up and work together in full armor?”

Su Huanyi, “…”

In the afternoon, Su Chi had to hold a small meeting with the planning department.

Xiao Qin went down to prepare the meeting room. Su Chi watched Su Huanyi pack up his files in the office. “Brother…Director Su, do I need to go with you?”

He made a clear distinction very early. During rest time, Su Chi is “brother”, and during work time, Su Chi is “Director Su”. Su Chi was such a strict person at work, and Su Huanyi dared not make a mistake.

“What are you going to do there? To be a mascot? ” Su Chi held the things ready to go out. He turned his head to arrange something for him, “You stay here and study the first book on the second row of the bookshelf.”


The office door closed.

Su Huanyi turned his head to the bookcase. He found the book according to Su Chis guidance and took a breath of silence.

It was rare for the sun to come out during autumn. The afternoon sun was just right, the spacious office was floating with fine dust, and time was quiet. Su Chi sat at the desk, reading the Chinese Dictionary.

He had just turned the dictionary to the page starting with the letter B when there was a knock on the office door.

Su Huanyi looked up and said, “Please come in.” The door was pushed open, and Minister Chen came in from outside.

They both stared at each other in surprise. Su Huanyi said, “President Su is in a meeting. What does Minister Chen want?”

Minister Chens eyes swept over the “Chinese Dictionary” on his desk and his face twitched. He looked contemptuous. “I have something to discuss with Director Su. Its okay if hes not here.”

He finished and left.

Su Huanyi looked at the closed door in confusion: Why was Minister Chen looking down on the Chinese Dictionary?


The meeting ended two hours later. Su Chi came back with his jacket in one hand and his laptop in the other. He gave Su Huanyi a new job when he entered the door, “Go help Xiao Qin organize the minutes of the meeting.”

“Okay.” Su Huanyi put down the dictionary and went out.

Xiao Qin was sorting the information in the secretarys office, and two other employees were standing inside.

Xiao Qin instructed the other two to leave first, “Just leave the rest to me.”

After the two people left, Su Huanyi asked, “Are those subordinates of Secretary Qin?”

“They are not subordinate but part of the secretarys team.”

“Oh.” Su Huanyi took the minutes, “Minister Chen came in the afternoon. Do I need to say something to Director Su?”

“He knows that the meeting with the board of directors of the Soviet Union is now over. So he will probably come back.”

“Okay – by the way, Secretary Qin, I think Minister Chen doesnt like me too much. Is it because Im a connected person? ”

Xiao Qin paused and raised his hand to push his glasses up, “Is that so? That might be part of the reason.”

“Whats the other part of the reason?”

“Last month, Minister Chen nominated his nephew for the position of assistant to the chairman, but Director Su rejected him.”

Su Huanyi didnt know that there was such a story! He was dumbfounded, “Why?”

“This is what Director Su said,” Xiao Qin imitated Su Chis tone, “You want to put so many idle people around me to do what? To have a tea party in the afternoon sun?”


Although the tone of voice was flat, Su Huanyi inexplicably felt it was similar, “Now I am this idle person.”

Xiao Qin said, “The family members are not considered idle people.”

Su Huanyi sighed emotionally, “Are you not considering jumping ship? I can steal my brothers card to pay your salary, ah.”

“No.” Xiao Qin was very rational: “I only accept proper wages, not stolen money.”

Su Huanyi: “…”

Xiao Qins computer dinged when the meeting minutes had been organized by half. He turned to Su Huanyi, “Assistant Su, please print this document and then give it to Director Su. Ill finish the rest of the minutes. ”

Su Huanyi responded, typed the information, and then went out to the chairmans office.

The two offices were only about ten meters away, and he heard the sound of talking from inside when he reached the door.

Minister Chen had just finished reporting on his work, and Su Chi said, “Got it,” and then Su Huanyi heard someone say, “Oh, congratulations to Director Su for recruiting a new talent.”

Su Huanyi outside the door:Huh?

Minister Chen seemed unintentional, saying, “I just came looking for Director Su and saw the assistant was reading the dictionary. He must be an overseas returnee. I wonder what his major is. He doesnt look familiar with the native language. ”

Su Huanyi was shocked. This Minister Chen couldnt be a high-level villain?

He was about to pull out the myriad of tools and rush in to plug Minister Chens mouth when a voice suddenly said.

“Well, he is a student of many fields.” Su Chi had a leisurely tone, “a contemporary physiology giant, plus a researcher in the field of energy.”


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