Su Huanyi was stunned by this inexplicable aura. How come he didnt know what these two had done?

But these two looked like they had complete proof of each others crimes!

Su Chi frowned, “What do you mean?”

Su Jianchen was a little embarrassed but still stuck out his neck. His eyes swept over the red mark, “Did you… bully him?”

“What did I bully him about?”

Su Jianchen didnt say anything. Su Chis gaze fell on their hands, “First let go.”

Su Jianchen noticed that he had left a red mark on Su Huanyis wrist, and he hurriedly let go of it.

Su Chi then said in a cold voice, “Second, you can speak now.”

Su Jianchen hesitated for a rare moment, his lips mumbling for a long time before he suddenly reached out to shoo Su Huanyi out, “…… you first go out. I have something to say to Big Brother. ”

Su Huanyi fluttered and struggled, “Why should I go out, second brother?”

He had a feeling that he was at the centre of the incident, but he couldnt understand a word of what Su Chi and Su Jianchen said.

How could this be? Could it be that he was a waste snack?!

Su Jianchen pushed him out without a word, “Adults are going to talk, children should not listen!”

Bang! The bedroom door slammed shut.

Su Huanyi was thrown into the corridor:”…”

The door was slammed shut, and nothing could be heard from outside. Su Huanyis shoulders itched, so he turned around to first go take a bath. Su Jianchens room door was already open by the time he came back from the bath.

Su Huanyi stood in the doorway and looked in, but Su Jianchen was the only one there.

He poked his head in, “Have you finished talking, second brother?”

Su Jianchen was startled. He suddenly stood up and seemed to have nowhere to put his hands and feet. “Mmm..”

“What did you guys talk about?”

Su Jianchens gaze was nailed to the ground. “It has nothing to do with you.”

Su Huanyi probed, “Second brother means that you and big brother looked at each other and then quarrelled?”

Su Jianchen: “…”

Su Jianchen said, “I just saw a bruise on you and thought that big brother had hit you. Big brother explained that he accidentally pinched it out. There is nothing wrong anymore.”

Su Huanyi was suspicious, “Really?”

“Ask big brother if you dont believe me!”

Su Huanyi accepted this for the time being, saying, “Dont worry, second brother. Big brother wouldnt hit me, he would at most mock me lightly.”

“I know.” Su Jianchens neck was all red, and he didnt know what was going on with his mind.

Su Huanyi caught a glimpse of his slippers bulging slightly. It appeared that he was grabbing at the ground with his toes, so he thoughtfully said goodbye, “Ill go back first, good night second brother.”


After leaving Su Jianchens room, Su Huanyi slipped away to Su Chis room.

After two knocks on the door, Su Chis voice rang out from inside, “Enter.”

“Big brother…” he slid in through the crack in the doorway.

The two peoples eyes met, and Su Chi looked away first.

The suspicion Su Huanyi had just pressed down instantly came up again: “Big brother, why arent you looking at me?”

Su Chi turned back and looked at him in a leisurely manner. “Why should I look at you? Are you going to perform another fun show?”

“…” Su Huanyi choked for a moment. He changed the question to, “Did you talk to second brother about anything?”

Su Chis statement was the same, “I thought second brother was going to hit you. The misunderstanding was cleared up. Theres nothing wrong. ”

Both sides confessed the same thing, so Su Huanyi was finally convinced. He lectured in the same tone as Yi Xinyan, “Its good that the misunderstanding is cleared up. Brothers should trust each other and not be suspicious of each other. ”

The words coming out of his mouth did not have any credibility at all.

The corners of Su Chis mouth twitched, “Ive been educated.”

A short silence fell in the room. Seeing that the red marks on his wrist still remained, Su Chi got up and took out a bottle of safflower oil from the cabinet behind him. “Come here, let me apply it on you.”

“Oh.” Su Huanyi rubbed his wrist as he came over, “Okay.”

He was about to get close to Su Chi when the latter suddenly paused. He put the safflower oil into Su Huanyis hand.

“You can apply it yourself.”

Su Huanyi marvelled at his fickleness, “Why!”

“You cant apply it yourself?”

Su Huanyi retracted his hand in defeat. There was no need to stay in Su Chis room since he was applying it by himself, lest it would be full of the smell.

“Then Ill go back, big brother.” He slipped back to his room with the safflower oil in his hand.

Click! The door was gently closed.

Su Chi leaned back on the bed. He closed his eyes and tilted his head to rub his brow.

Ever since he had learned of Su Huanyis sexual orientation, he had supervised his younger brother not to cross the line, not realizing that he had been the closest to doing that.

Second brothers misunderstanding was certainly not groundless, and he should be careful in the future.

They left for work the next day.

The two got into the car and Su Huanyi pulled his collar open, “Are you going to meet with the other groups director? I put medicine on last night and only wiped it with a towel this morning. Will it still smell? ”

Su Chi drove the car out of the mansion, “You cant smell it?”

“I got used to the smell after a long time.” Su Huanyi leaned over and craned his neck toward Su Chi, “Can you smell it for me?”

A hand patted him away, “Im driving, sit still.”

Su Huanyi sat back down, “Then when we get to the office later, will you smell it for me?”

“Well go straight to Xinrui Group.”

“Then when we get to Xinrui Group, will you…”

Su Chi sneered, “Do you think its appropriate?”

“……” Su Huanyi pondered for a moment, “If you think its inappropriate for you, Ill get Xiao Qin to help me smell it. Its not a big deal, so he shouldnt mind.”

“Su Huanyi!” The temperature inside the car dropped abruptly.

“Whats wrong?”

“If you interfere with my driving again, Ill throw you out.”

Su Huanyi was instantly silenced. How was he interfering with the driving?

Xinrui Group was in the west of the city, more than ten kilometres away from the Su residence.

The appointment was at 9.30 am. They left home at 8 am and arrived at exactly 9.20 am.

Xiao Qin was already waiting in the side hall on the ground floor. When he saw Su Chi and Su Huanyi, he got up to greet them, “Director Su, Assistant Su.”

Su Chi nodded, “Have you brought all the documents needed?”

Xiao Qin: “I have all of them.”

The chairmans secretary came to meet them at the elevator, and the four of them got on the lift and stood together.

The chairmans secretary was talking to Su Chi in front, so Su Huanyi took the opportunity to approach Xiao Qin and whispered, “Secretary Qin, do I smell like safflower oil?”

Xiao Qin had just tilted his head, when Su Chi suddenly turned around and said, “Give me the documents.”

“Okay.” Xiao Qin then withdrew and stepped forward to pass the documents over.

Su Huanyi: “….”

The elevator doors opened at that moment. The three of them followed the secretary out and headed directly towards the meeting room.

For the time being, Su Huanyi could only put aside his concerns about safflower oil and follow behind Su Chi.

Unlike the Su Group, the Xinrui Group was a joint venture founded by three major shareholders, and Li Xingzhong was the shareholder with the largest stake in it.

They were discussing a bid for the suburbs of Banyan City this time, and Su Huanyi listened the whole time, taking notes of the meeting. He had studied finance and law before, so it wasnt too difficult for him to listen.

In the middle of the meeting, Li Xingzhongs phone rang, and the discussion was suspended. Su Chi turned his head and glanced at Su Huanyi. His eyes fell on the neatly organized notebook before he withdrew them.

One and a half hours later, the discussion was over.

Su Huanyi handed the minutes of the meeting to Xiao Qin. Several people were about to leave when Li Xingzhong suddenly called out to Su Chi, “Oh, Director Su, I still have some personal matters I want to consult with you. Do you have time?”

“Sure.” Su Chis eyes swept over someone and said, “After all, everyone is here.”

Su Huanyi: “….”

The two directors went to the upstairs office, and Li Xingzhongs secretary, Xiao Qiu, led Su Huanyi and Xiao Qin to wait in the tea room.

The tea room of Xinrui Group was exquisitely decorated. It was bright and spacious, with large glass windows. It was very suitable for afternoon tea.

Xiao Qiu prepared a pot of tea and several stacks of pastries for them before sitting down to talk with them, “Is Assistant Su the new recruit? I havent seen you around Director Su before. ”

“Yes, I joined a few days ago.”

Xiao Qiu was surprised, “Youve just joined and youre working with Director Su? You seem to be highly valued! Ive heard that the people Director Su appreciates have certain similarities with him. I wonder if you have… ”

Su Huanyi was coy. “Yes, we have the same father.”

Xiao Qiu, “…”

The air was quiet for a few minutes before Xiao Qiu came back from the violent shock!

He looked at Su Huanyi, who was taking small bites of dessert in front of him, and Secretary Qin, who was calmly drinking tea next to him, and falteringly begged for confirmation. “Is it true? The name Su is not a coincidence?”

Su Huanyi, “Its true.”

Xiao Qiu drew a cold breath, “I thought it was just a coincidence when I first heard the surname, only because you dont look… sorry, I didnt mean that! Even brothers have those that follow their mothers looks and those that follow their fathers. ”

“Its okay.” Su Huanyi took the last cupcake without any thought, “Mediocre souls will look the same. The members of the Su family are all beautiful in their own way. ”

The two secretaries. “…”

Xiao Qin pushed his glasses up and said, “This was my mistake. I should have recorded it and played it for Director Su. ”

Su Huanyi inquired, “Would he be elated after hearing it?”

“No. I just want to hear Director Sus exclusive commentary on that wonderful speech.”


They sat and chatted for a while. It was nearing eleven-thirty when Xiao Qiu looked at the time and asked, “Why hasnt Director Li finished yet?”

“You guys have plans later?”

“Yes, Director Li has a lunch appointment at twelve. Excuse me, I have to go remind him.”

Xiao Qiu was getting up when Li Xingzhong and Su Chi walked in through the door.

The corners of Su Chis mouth seemed to twitch as his gaze fell on the stack of empty plates in front of Su Huanyi.

Xiao Qiu stepped forward, ” Director Li….”

“Its okay, I remember.” Li Xingzhong raised his hand to stop his words and turned to Su Chi, “I didnt expect it to get this late. If Director Su doesnt have any plans for lunch, how about having a meal together?”

He added, “But Ive also got an appointment with a friend whos in the same circle. I dont know if Director Su would mind.”

Su Chi was still good at speaking on formal occasions, “Its Director Lis friend, how could I mind?”

Li Xingzhong smiled broadly, “Then lets go!”

As they rode down the elevator, Su Chi leaned to the side and asked Su Huanyi in a low voice, “Can you still eat in a while?”

Su Huanyi didnt understand, “Why cant I eat?”

The expression on his face was so natural that Su Chi felt it was reasonable.

The atmosphere in the elevator was quiet. Su Huanyi wanted to come closer to talk again, but his intention was suppressed by Su Chis eyes – keep your distance.

Su Huanyi: “…”

When the elevator doors opened on the ground floor, Li Xingzhong took the lead and walked towards the side lobby, “This friend of mine is good, and he would be willing to make friends with Director Su.”

“Is that so.”

As several people approached, the situation in the side hall gradually came into view.

The man standing on the side was tall and well-dressed, and he turned his head at the sound of movement to reveal a refined face.

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