They carried the shopping bags back to the car, and Su Chi started the car to drive back home.

Su Huanyi went back wearing the white down jacket. He balled himself into the grey and black fleece and felt the warmth of his body being trapped.

He looked at the reflection in the car window. He looked good, but his face looked good in anything, so he didnt get what Su Chi meant by “appropriate”.

“Big brother, what made you think Id look appropriate in this?”

The private car pulled out of the parking lot and jolted on the speed bump, “Dont you think youve been exposed?”

Su Huanyis heart skipped a beat!

“Like a poked dumpling.”


The heartbeat slowly returned to normal, Su Huanyi shrank back into the fleece. That scared him. It turned out that he was saying he was dressed like a dumpling. He thought that Su Chi had seen through him.

But when he thought about it, he had exposed himself quite a lot in the past, but people wouldnt think of something as outrageous as “transmigration”.

He should be more careful in future and not expose himself.

He returned home and met Su Jitong coming down from upstairs.

He saw Su Huanyi and his eyes lit up, “Yo, Little Yi is so tightly wrapped up! Did you go to the mall to buy clothes? Not bad, I think you are more suited to wear down jackets rather than overcoats.”

The elegant and mature coat had a lot of flavor, but the lightweight down jacket better complemented his teenage sense.

“Big brother also said I was appropriate in this.” Su Huanyi showed Su Jitong, “This is the one big brother picked out for me.”

Su Jitong looked at Su Chi with slight surprise. His eldest son would pick out clothes for people? However he said, “The eldest has a good eye, this is a good looking outfit.”

Su Chi carried the shopping bags upstairs, “Stop wandering around, change your clothes for dinner.”

Su Huanyi immediately followed him.

Su Chi paid for these sets of clothes were so, Su Huanyi wanted to transfer the money to him after eating.

“No need to transfer it. It will be deducted directly from your salary.”

Su Huanyi had a feeling that Su Chi was fooling him. How could he get a salary during his probationary period?

He didnt poke holes in it, but raised his hand to promise, “Then Ill give Big Brother a gift when I earn money.”

Su Chi interviewed him, “Dont you feel like this scene is familiar?”


“You made me an empty promise after I cleared the bill at the bar last time.”


In order to prove as quickly as possible that what he had not made an empty promise, Su Huanyi contacted Zhou Qingcheng that night to ask him how far his friends had progressed.

“The new Kun Wine series has recently been developed.” Zhou Qingcheng said, “It will be piloted in Huadu first, and then launched on a large scale after collecting feedback.”

Su Huangyi sighed, “Your terminology is very professional, people really do keep improving.”

Zhou Qingcheng also lamented, “I read it word by word according to the WeChat my friends sent me.”

Su Huanyi appreciated his honesty. The two chatted for about forty minutes, and when they were about to hang up, Zhou Qingcheng suddenly asked, “Are you free this Saturday?”

“Yes, why?”

“Oh, I have two tickets for a movie premiere in my hand. Its on Saturday night but I have something else to do, do you want to go?”

The movie Zhou Qingcheng was talking about was the sci-fi film “Market City”, whose trailer had been preheat all over the internet some time ago. It was popular because of the fine graphics, explosive special effects and a strong cast.

Su Huanyi was excited, “I want to go, I want to go!”

“Thats fine, Ill have someone send you the tickets tomorrow.”

The tickets were delivered the next day after dinner. He went out to get the tickets and bumped into Su Jianchen at the entrance to the living room as he came back.

A gaze fell on the tickets in his hand, “Whats this?”

Su Huanyi was instantly embarrassed. He had originally wanted to ask Su Chi to go with him in private, but Su Jianchen had seen him first. He couldnt just say, “My friend gave me two tickets and Im going to go with big brother”, could he?

He chose to leave it blank, “Its a ticket for the premiere.”

“Oh.” Su Jianchens eyes withdrew for a second and then turned back, “Have you asked a friend to join you?”

“Not yet.”


“…” A subtle silence fell between the two. The book said that Su Jianchen liked sci-fi movies, and Su Huanyi suspected that he was waiting for an invitation.

He didnt hold back, “Second brother, do you want to watch it?”

Su Jianchen said, “Its okay, I can watch it.”

He reluctantly phrased it, but the answer was as swift as it could be.

Su Huanyi, “….”

Su Huanyi pulled one out and gave it to him, “Its on Saturday night.”

Su Jianchen took it and said, “Okay,” and after a couple of seconds added, “Thanks.”

The two walked back together and Su Jitong and Su Chi were both sitting in the living room. Su Huanyi glanced at Su Chi, who was looking down at his tablet, seemingly not noticing them.

Su Jitong suddenly spoke up, “Second, whats that in your hands?”

Su Huanyis heart trembled. Su Jianchen answered honestly, “Its a ticket to the premiere of Market City.”

Su Chi looked up.

Su Jitong became interested, “Where did you get it from?”

Su Jianchen answered correctly, “Little brother gave it to me.”

Su Huanyi wanted to take a pool cue and poke the man back into his bedroom – it wasnt unreasonable that he didnt fit in with the crowd. He had spilled all the water he had managed to level!

He glanced at Su Chi and met the latters deep eyes. He was in a cold sweat: two peaches can kill three…..!

Su Huanyi scratched at his ticket, and hurried to make up for it, “Do you want to go, big brother, I have another ticket here. If you want, you can talk to second brother ……”

“No, I have something to do then.” Su Chi lowered his gaze m and continued to look at the tablet.

Su Huanyi sighed in relief and went upstairs with the ticket in his hand.

There was no meeting the next day, and Su Chi stayed in the office.

Su Huanyi was still feeling a little guilty. He flipped through the documents and one hand unconsciously pressed the side of the phone, making the screen suddenly light up.

Su Chis voice rang out, “Are you checking the time?”

Su Huanyi was caught touching his phone and was so worried that he had no excuse, “Uh-huh!”

Su Chi: “Are you checking on how many minutes and seconds until Saturday?”


The rest of the work was done with great concentration.

The two went downstairs for lunch and entered the restaurant just in time to bump into Xiao Qin. Xiao Qin and Su Chi had their meals at separate times in order to ensure that the top floor office was occupied at all times.

Su Haunyi saw that the table in front of him had some spilled soup, so he must have accidentally overturned his plate and was cleaning it up.

Xiao Qin was just finishing up and he greeted the two of them, “Director Su, Assistant Su.”

Su Chi asked, “Did your clothes get dirty?”

“No, Director Su, dont worry.”

“Thats good.”

Xiao Qin left and Su Huanyi followed Su Chi to get some food, “Big brother is really a good boss. He even cares if Secretary Qins clothes are dirty.”

Su Chi replied in a businesslike manner, “The chairmans secretary embodies the companys image.”

“What about me? What does the assistant to the chairman reflect about the company?”

“It reflects that the companys power has not yet fallen.”

Su Huanyi of the related household, “….”

It had rained during the day, and the air had become cold and wet. At the end of the day, Su Huanyi pulled his hood straight up, revealing only half his face from inside.

The thick fleece was his eyes and he almost nibbled on the door frame when he went out.

Su Chi grabbed him by the hood and brought him forward, ” What are you going to do on Saturday if youre that afraid of the cold?”

Su Huanyi was carried and he could glide freely and carefree. “Its OK. Ive checked the temperature. It will be about the same as today.”

Su Chi sneer, “You think you can wear a down jacket to a premiere?”

Click! Su Huanyi froze. He had only been thinking about going to see the movie and had completely forgotten that the premiere was considered a formal occasion!

He thought carefully, “Why dont I put on my down jacket inside first and then put one of your formal suits on the outside ……”

“Why, you want to compete for the hot search with the crew?”


The initial preconceptions were mercilessly knocked down. On Friday night, Su Huanyi begun to stock up on baby warmers and found the jumper and sweater trousers that he could wear under his formal wear the next day.

His bedroom door was half open when there was a knock on it.

Su Huanyi turned around from his wardrobe and saw Su Chi leaning against the doorway, lazily looking at him, “Youre going to the movies with second brother tomorrow. Are you so excited?”

Su Huanyi felt that his words were not right, “I was afraid I wouldnt be able to resist the cold tomorrow.”

“You dont have to go if youre afraid of the cold, second brother can understand. He wont mind.”

“Id better go.” Zhou Qingcheng gave him the tickets and it was not good to waste them.

Su Chi looked at him for awhile, and turned to leave. Su Huanyi called out to him, “Big brother, are you really doing something tomorrow night?”

“Why are you asking?”

“Nothing, Im just concerned about big brother.”

There was silence between the two for a few seconds. “There is.”

The premiere was at six oclock on Saturday night. Reaching half an hour early was not too early or too late for Su Huanyi and Su Jianchen.

It was an hour from the Su residence, and if they were to eat at home, they would have to eat at 4:00 and leave at 4:30. They would be back at around eight or nine oclock in the evening if one considers the time for the premiere to end.

Su Jianchen looked at his phone map, “Theres a Cantonese restaurant near there. Well set off at 4:00, and well arrive there at 5:00 just in time for a meal, and well go in after eating.”

Su Huanyi was still tugging at the baby warmer under his clothes, “Okay.”

It was already close to four oclock, so they finished their preparations and got ready to leave. Su Huanyi was changing his shoes in the hall when he turned his head and saw Su Chi looking at his phone at the entrance of the corridor, “Big brother, didnt you have something to do tonight? When are you going out?”

The phone swiping motion paused, “Later.”

“Oh.” The baby warmer on his back seemed to be hanging unsteadily and slid down his back. He slapped it down with the back of his hand, “This piece is not sticking well.”

Su Jianchen was standing next to him, and he reached over to press it for him, “Is it done?”

“Thank you, second brother.”

Su Jianchen pushed open the door and a cold air came in. Su Huanyi shrank and turned his head to say goodbye to Su Chi, but found that the corridor was empty.

Su Jianchen, “Shall we go then?”

Su Huanyi follow him out.

It was the first time he had ever ridden in Su Jianchens car. The brawny mountain cross-country had a high chassis and a good view when sitting in it, very much in the line with the owners style.

Su Jianchen and Su Chi drove smoothly, while Su Yu drove like he was racing with the traffic police.

Su Huanyi had experienced all of them now, and still liked riding in Su Chis car the most.

About ten minutes into the drive, Su Jianchens mobile phone rang. His phone was connected to the Bluetooth device in the car, and Su Huanyi saw that the caller ID was Su Chi.

Su Jianchen couldnt spare his hands, “Help me answer it for me.”

Su Huanyi reached out and poked with a finger.

There was a beep and the call was answered. After a two-second pause, Su Chis voice rang out in the car, “Second.”

Su Jianchen looked at the road seriously, “Big brother, whats wrong?”

Su Huanyi listened to the conversation between the two and did not make a sound.

“The place where Im working is very close to you.” Su Chis voice interspersed with electricity and appeared to fluctuate slightly, “Ill have dinner with you.”

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