Su Huanyi froze in place.

Then came the sound of the shower clattering and draining after the groan.

The water splashed onto the floor as if it had landed on Su Huanyis head, making his brain buzz. Su Huanyi held his breath for three seconds before slowly backing out of the room.

The door closed gently with a click. He rolled over and pressed himself against the wall of the corridor in disarray – his big brother was…doing “that”!

Su Huanyi was immersed in the shock that Su Chi could do that when a voice suddenly came from the stairs, “What are you doing there?”

Su Huanyis body trembled with fear.

Su Jianchen looked at the person who was attempting to blend in with the wall and said, “Is the door locked? Or are you imitating a Laoshan Taoist priest? ”

Su Huanyi, “….”

He raised his hand and pushed Su Jianchen back, “No, big brother is using the toilet.”

Su Jianchen flipped back like a revolving door, “Does it take so long to go to the toilet?”

Su Huanyi accused him of being inconsiderate, saying, “Who hasnt had a difficult time?”

Su Jianchen instantly understood.

It was unexpected that his elder brother, who looked like a snow-covered pine, could not escape the pains of mortals in private.

Su Chi finally came downstairs when breakfast was almost finished.

He was well dressed and looked normal, no different from his usual self.

Su Jianchen enthusiastically pushed forward a stack of tortillas, “Big brother, you eat this. Its full of fibre. ” Eat this and it will solve the problem.

Su Chi raised an eyebrow and said, “Okay.”

Su Huanyi lowered his head, not daring to make a sound…

On the way to the company, Su Huanyi looked out of the car window, leaving the back of his head toward Su Chi.

“What are you looking at?”

One should not only care about the destination but also look at the scenery along the way.”

Su Chi replied with a soft snort.

Su Huanyi didnt want to do this either, but the morning was so shocking that his mind was full of the muffled groan as soon as he met Su Chis eyes.

To be fair, the sound was so sexy that even a straight man could be stripped of his sense of sexuality.

It turned out that even a cold and arrogant man like Su Chi could have desires!”

Su Huanyi.” Su Chi suddenly spoke, “Are you trying to coat my car windows with glaze?”


The misty moisture on the car window was immediately wiped away.

They arrived at the company, and the two walked into the office one after the other.

Xiao Qin was waiting at the door and said to Su Chi immediately after he walked in, “Theres a financial problem with one of the subsidiary companies. Should I go over there this morning? ”

Su Chi: “Go ahead. I dont have anything to do this morning.”

Su Huanyis alarm bells went off: if there was nothing to do, that meant his big brother would be in the office all morning!

He wasnt mentally prepared; he needed a cushion.

Su Huanyi took a step closer to Xiao Qin and whispered, “Can I come along, can I?”

Light reflected off Xiao Qins lenses.

Su Chi asked, “Why?”

Su Huanyi opened his arms and gestured, “The company is so… big, I want to go and see it.”

Su Chi looked at his ready-to-go attitude and said, “Oh, I forgot youre a free bird. Its my small office thats restricting you from soaring.”

Su Huanyi reconsidered his words, “I dont know how high the sky is and I want to see the rivers and mountains of my dad and my brothers.”

Its good that you can blow so well. You should be invited to blow the trumpet at the branchs entrance when the ribbon is cut. ”

A hand reached for the top of his head, and the strands of hair subconsciously shuddered. The hand stopped halfway down, “Why are you shaking?”

“……am not, it was the wind from your palm that huffed.”

Su Chi had already withdrawn his hand and put it into his trouser pocket. He lowered his eyes to look at Su Huanyi for a few seconds before saying, “You can go.”

This subsidiary was not under Su Jianchens management, but another general manager of the company. The subsidiary was located in the first ring, and it took forty minutes to get there.

Su Huanyi asked Xiao Qin about the financial problems on the way, and the latter said that there was a deficit of more than 100,000 yuan in the subsidiarys financial reimbursement that hadnt been filled, but the total accounts showed it was flat.”

This time the deficit was too large. It is a reasonable guess that the decimal point was misplaced when the accounts were made. ”

Su Huanyi sighed. That didnt seem very reasonable. He asked, “Will disciplinary action be taken when it is found out?”

Xiao Qin was straightforward: “They will be swept out.”

Su Huanyi: “Big…Director Su is iron-faced and merciless.”

Xiao Qin seemed to glance at him through the frame of the mirror, giving a meaningful, “Maybe.”

The conversation came to an end, and the navigation showed that there were still more than ten minutes to go before reaching the subsidiary.

As soon as the atmosphere quieted down, the scene from the morning came back to Su Huanyis mind.

He followed Xiao Qin out to avoid Su Chi, otherwise, the latters keen observation skills would pick up on it.

But Su Chi behaved so naturally, which meant he didnt know that he had heard him, right? Then he would pretend not to know, so as not to embarrass his elder brother.

He was regulating his mind when Xiao Qin broke the silence, “Assistant Su, did you pay attention to Director Sus expression when we left together?”

Su Huanyi was very self-aware, “The expression of sending away the god of plague?”

Xiao Qin, “….”

Xiao Qin: “Heh, no.”

Su Huanyi was stunned. When did Xiao Qin learn to sneer so cynically?

Xiao Qin stated, “I mean, Director Su had ” huh? ” written on his face.”

Su Huanyi: “…”

His big brother must have thought he was a little white wolf. He had turned his head and ran off with Secretary Qin after a good meal. But he was a sweetheart, running out just to adjust to his psychological problems.

Su Huanyi said, “Secretary Qin, I have a friend who wants to ask a question.”

“Okay, Assistant Su, whats your friends question?”

“He wants to ask if he would feel uncomfortable bumping into the more intimate side of his same-sex friend.”

“That question varies from person to person.” Xiao Qin drove smoothly and analysed sensibly, “Some people dont care, but some are ashamed to talk about it. Its a normal reaction either way.”

Su Huanyi asked for advice, “Then is there any way to adjust quickly?”

“There is.”

An index finger poked open the car stereo.

In that instant, “The Light of the Righteous Path” resounded throughout the car.

Su Huanyi:”…!”

It was not yet noon after Xiao Qin had finished the affairs of the subsidiary.

He finished reporting his work to Su Chi over the phone and said, “Lets go back, Assistant Su.”

After being washed by “The Light of the Righteous Path,” Su Huanyis heart was now much holier, where color was emptiness and emptiness was color.

He even became Buddha-like in his smile, “We can only drink cold water when we go back at this hour, Secretary Qin.”

Xiao Qin pushed against his glasses, “Director Su has ordered a meal. He specifically said that Assistant Su had worked hard soaring in the wide world and it was time to go back to his narrow little world to eat something.”


It was just past half-past twelve when they got back to the head office.

There were four dishes and one soup on Su Chis desk. Su Huanyi had returned to his normal self and he took in the aroma of rice as he padded over, “Big brother, how can your distinguished desk be used for dishes?”

“Then should they be set on the plain floor?”

“Isnt there a normal coffee table?”

Su Chi had no desire to discuss the class of furniture with him, and he unpacked the chopsticks.

The dishes on the table were all Su Huanyis favourites. He ate and drank enough before giving only a soft burp since Xiao Qin was still present.

Su Chi: “….”

The lunch break after the meal was mostly over. Xiao Qin went back to his office, and Su Huanyi walked to the lounge. He turned his head to see Su Chi sitting on the sofa with some documents.

“What are you reading, big brother? Arent you coming to sleep? ”

“You sleep on your own. Im looking at the itinerary for the day after tomorrow. ”

“What itinerary?”

“I have a business trip the day after tomorrow.” Su Chi looked up at him and said, “Youre going too.”


The business trip was to Ning City, and it only took an hour to get there by plane.

Su Huanyi and Su Chi were still sitting side by side, with Xiao Qin across the aisle. The plane vibrated and roared as it took off. Su Huanyi tried to grab Su Chis hand, but his wrist was held just when he was about to touch him.

Su Huanyi closed his eyes in dizziness with a thought in his mind,Big Brother did care a little.

The bones in Su Chis wrist were prominent, the muscles tight, and the temperature on the high side. He let him hold on to it, not moving a muscle.

It was only when the plane was flying smoothly that Su Huanyi opened his eyes and let go of his hand, “Thank you, big brother.”

Su Chi took back his hand and didnt say anything.

After getting off the plane, they went straight to the hotel where they would be staying.

Su Chis schedule was very tight, so they barely rested before they had to leave after dropping off their luggage.

Su Huanyi was feeling a bit airsick, but he followed Su Chi to the meeting with his partner and managed not to show his discomfort the whole time. The two sides talked all afternoon and had a meal in the evening.

At the table, the other party, Director Ji, said he would like a bottle of red wine. Su Huanyi was using a pie chart in his head to calculate the likelihood of throwing up when he saw Su Chi turn to the waiter and say, “Add a glass of lemonade.”

Director Ji smiled in surprise, “Director Su drinks lemon water? Are you so health-conscious? ”

“I just got off the plane, so Im a little uncomfortable. Ill drink some lemonade before I can have a drink of Director Jis wine. ”

“Oh, you should have told me earlier. Its fine! ”

Su Huanyis pie chart was aborted, and he looked at Su Chi: Big brother wasnt feeling well either?

The meal ended after more than three hours, and Su Huanyi followed Su Chi back to the hotel. Su Chi had booked a double suite and the two stayed together. Xiao Qins room was separate and not far from theirs.

Su Chi loosened his collar after entering the room. “Ill also take a bath tonight. Do you want to go first? ”

The room was heated and air-conditioned, so Su Chi took off his jacket and put it on the sofa, revealing the lean and toned body under his shirt.

He looked tired and his face was tinged with red, so Su Huanyi asked tentatively, “Brother, how are you doing?”

“What do you think?” Su Chi chuckled, “Do you think Ive had too much to drink and should put my hands behind my back and give you a tap dance?”

Su Huanyi was relieved, “It seems youre fine.”


Su Huanyi takes slow baths, so he let Su Chi shower first.

The sound of splashing water came from the bathroom. Su Huanyi covered his ears and sang in his heart.

It is an unstoppable psychological phenomenon that peoples memories are awakened by the same sounds and similar scenes.

After singing for more than ten minutes, the sound of running water stopped and the bathroom door was opened. Su Chi came out wrapped in a bathrobe. His tall figure reflected the corridor light, and the shadow fell in front of him.

“Come here.”

“Come over for what?” Su Huanyi was still exorcising the memory.

“Its the kind of shower you dont know how to use. Come over here and Ill teach you.”

The question of raising fish was still fresh in his mind, and Su Huanyi dutifully walked over.

The heat in the bathroom had not yet dissipated, and he followed Su Chi to the bathtub next to the shower.

Su Chi reached over and pointed to the buttons on the wall, explaining their functions one by one. They were standing so close to each other that the heat from Su Chis body seemed to come through his open neckline.

Su Huanyi Yi began to sing in his heart again…

“Are you listening to me?” Su Chi asked coldly.

Su Huanyi was startled and jerked his head up – bang! The top of his head hit a chin, and both of them were in severe pain.

“Mmm,” there was a short muffled groan.

Shit! Su Huanyi was dizzy from the impact and was caught off guard by the muffled groan, so he reflexively pulled back to the side.

In the confusion, his elbow hit the switch behind him, and he was pulled back by a strong force. Before he could react.

Splash! Water from the shower behind him came down on his head.

“Su Huanyi! What are you doing?” Su Chis voice rang out from above his head, with a touch of irritation after the initial shock. The dense sound of water was still echoing behind him, splashing onto him.

Su Huanyi shivered and trembled in Su Chis hands like a little chick fished out of the water. He was ashamed to admit his mistake, “I was so focused on washing my mind before washing my body…”

“How long do you plan to hide from me?”

Su Huanyis words stopped abruptly, and his heart thumped.

The shower was still clattering, and he lifted his head to meet Su Chis deep eyes. “You heard me that morning, didnt you?”

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