wife, “These are a New Year gift for mum and dad!”

“Ohh!” The couple took them in surprise, “Why did you buy gifts?”

They put it on the table and unwrapped it. The exquisite jade artefacts glistened and were translucent in the light. Su Huanyi explained, “I bought it with my own money. Its a small token of my appreciation. ”

“You made your own money?”

Su Huanyi coyly hung his head, “From a small business with friends……”

Su Chi, who was standing on one side of the room, looked toward Su Huanyi.

Su Jitong and Yu Xinyan were touched, “Wow! Little Yi is so thoughtful.”

Su Huanyi felt Su Chis gaze and gave half the credit to him, “Big brother helped me to pick them out!”

Su Jitong and Yu Xinyan marvelled, “Wow, the eldest has worked hard too.”

The atmosphere in the living room was happy and full of laughter, and the bright lights reflected the warmth of the room. In this warm and sunny atmosphere, Su Huanyi suddenly noticed a line of sight.

He turned his head to the line of sight and was confronted by Su Jianchen at the foot of the staircase.

Su Jianchen was like an orange cat, half-hidden behind the stairs, clearly observing in the dark, but his gaze was substantial.

Su Huanyi: “….”

Once Christmas was done, New Years Day approached, and the Su family started preparing to leave for the south.

They were going to a prefecture-level city in southern Yunnan where the sunshine was abundant and the climate pleasant. It is very suitable for vacations and retirement. The Su family purchased a mansion and went there every winter.

Su Yu had the day off before New Years Day and would go straight there from school. Most of his luggage was at home, so he made a video call to Su Huanyi to help him sort it out.

It was the first time Su Huanyi had been in Su Yus room, and it was very different from what he had expected – Su Yi looked playful, but there was a special bookshelf in his room with all kinds of books.

Su Yu saw that his eyes were pinned to it, and he said in a leisurely tone, “If you like it, I will take you to have one made when Im on vacation.”

“Okay…” Su Huanyis tone trailed off as he moved his eyes away.

Su Yu had a lot of things to get from the wardrobe to the bookcase. Su Huanyi had not finished collecting them even after twenty minutes. Halfway through, Su Chi came in and leaned to the side with his arms crossed.

Su Yu was guiding Su Yu through the video when the latter turned around and revealed Su Chi behind him.

Su Yu saw that Su Chis gaze was fixed on Su Huanyi, and his eyes narrowed.

Su Huanyi had collected most of the things and was about to turn around when Su Yu suddenly said, “There is a small box under my bed. Please help me get one of the medicine boxes inside. ”

Su Huanyi then bent down to get it. The neckline of the pyjamas he had changed into was a bit big, so the front part fell forward as he bent over.

Su Huanyi got up after getting the stuff, but Su Yu smiled and said, “Get another one.”

He bent down and took another one.

Su Yu, “Get another one.”

Su Huanyi got suspicious, “…… third brother, are you stuck?” He was bending over again when his arm was suddenly pulled.

Su Chi tugged him up from behind and put him to the side as the other hand took the phone. He looked at Su Yu in the video, his tone unhurried, “Third brother, what else do you want to get. You can tell me.”

Su Yu: “….”

With Su Chi as a replacement, the luggage was quickly collected within five minutes. They had a flight to catch tomorrow, so the video call was ended, and they went to their rooms for an early nights rest.

The next morning, the plane rose high into the cool, crisp air.

Su Huanyi was seated next to Su Chi. The moment the plane took off, a pair of warm calloused hands reached out and clasped his hands.

Su Huanyi turned his head amidst the roar and vibrations, but Su Chi had leaned back in his seat and had his eyes closed.

The questioning words reached Su Huanyis lips, but he closed his eyes and leaned back.

His big brother must be tired…

Their last destination was not far from where they landed. They took a car and soon arrived at the mansion just before noon.

Su Jitong opened the door and called everyone in, “Put your luggage away. Well first go out to eat. ”

They had brought driver Lin, Wu Ma, and two maids with them on this visit. Driver Lin carried Su Yus luggage, and the whole Su family walked towards the courtyard.

The local temperature was above ten degrees, and a bit of greenery could be seen in the courtyard.

The structure of the mansion was similar to that of their main residence, with three floors and bedroom balconies opening up to the left and right.

Su Huanyi soon noticed two doors that shared a large balcony.

He didnt know which room was his, so he had to wait for the others to go in first and then look for it among the remaining rooms.

Su Jitong walked ahead, “Little Lin, you remember Su Yus room, right? Dont get it wrong. ”

Su Huanyi secretly pricked up his ears.

Driver Lin said, “I remember, its in the same location as the main residence; the one on the first floor to the left.”

Since it was like the main residence, his room had to be the room on the right-hand side.

Several people went into the rooms with their luggage.

The dusty smell hit Su Huanyi the moment he pushed the door in. He leaned his luggage against the door and walked to the balcony to push the glass door open.

Almost simultaneously, the same sound of the door opening came from the other end of the balcony.

Su Huanyi poked his head out just in time to see Su Chi walking to the balcony. He called out, “Big brother!”

Su Chi turned to look at him and then walked toward him. He stood in front of his door in three or two steps.

Su Huanyi found this connected structure refreshing, and he turned to the side to make an invitation, “Big brother, please enter.”

Su Chi: “….”

Su Chi stepped in and reached out to pinch the skin on the back of the mans neck.

Su Huanyi craned his neck, “Big brother, what are you doing?”

Su Chi replied, “Catching a turtle in a jar.”


The two exchanged idioms for a while before they remembered that they had to go out for lunch. The temperature here was so high that the down jacket and scarf Su Huanyi had on when he arrived were useless. He pulled at the zipper of the down jacket and tried to twist the scarf off.

He didnt dare remove them carelessly; the clothes he was wearing were not cheap. “Brother, this is twisted together. Can you help me with it?”

Su Chi stepped forward to work on the zip as his thin fingers gently tugged at the scarf as he tried to sort it out bit by bit, “I should pay you tuition.”

The two were so close that Su Chis breath puffed on Su Huanyis bangs, blowing the soft hair slightly.

Su Huanyis intuition told him that this was another road to mockery, but he couldnt help himself, “Why?”

“Otherwise, Im sorry for all the problems youve given me.”


The scarf was pulled off and the zip smoothly pulled open. Su Huanyi immediately put aside the battle of words they just had and spoke out in praise, “You are good at undressing, big brother.”

Su Chi was still tugging on the zipper when he heard this, and he raised his eyes, “Go back to using idioms indiscriminately.”

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