The noise in the distance continued. Su  Huanyi was stunned for a moment and he raised his head. Su Chi had his head down and was looking at him. The two were less than a foot apart.

“Happy New Year, big brother.”

Su Huanyi finished his blessing and touched the top of his head, “Did I bump into you?”

One side of Su Chis face reflected the light of the fireworks above his head, and his eyes were dark, “Almost.”

Su Huanyi smiled at him in embarrassment and said, “No wonder my scalp felt hot.”

A hand ruffled his hair, “It might be that youre going bald.”


Su Chi told him to go back to bed as it was already past midnight and they had to go out tomorrow. “Be up by eight tomorrow; dont oversleep.”

Su Huanyi responded, “Good night, big brother.”

“Good night.”


It was close to eight oclock when he woke up the next day. Su Huanyi had just opened his eyes when he heard two thuds from the balcony door. He turned to see Su Chi standing outside the door, fully dressed.

“Get up.” Su Chi called out to him through the glass door.

Su Huanyi took a hand out from under the covers and waved it. His sleeve slipped into his armpit, and he retracted it with a giggle.

Su Chi stood for a few seconds and then turned to leave.

By the time Su Huanyi had finished changing and washing up, the others were already at the table. As he sat next to Su Chi, he said good morning. Milk and breakfast were pushed to him.

“Thank you, big brother.”

Yu Xinyan smiled at this, “The eldest can also take care of people now.”

Su Chi lowered his eyes and ate his breakfast. “One should do atleast one good deed every day.”


The family went out in the car after breakfast. The car went through half of the city, and then slowly drove onto a mountain road in the countryside.

After ten minutes or so, they stopped in front of a mansion halfway up the mountain. They had just gotten out of the car when a middle-aged couple came at the door. The man was slightly broad, and the woman was tall with long hair.

“Old Su, sister-in-law, Im glad youre here. Old Su, have you recovered yet? ”

“Hecheng, sister-in-law.” Su Jitong and Liu Hecheng patted each others backs, “Im fine now. Im taking my time to recover. ”

Liu Hecheng looked at the four brothers at the back and said, “Thats good. You are lucky; your sons are all outstanding. ”

Su Jitong laughed loudly, and the group followed Liu Hecheng into the courtyard.

Su Huanyi was at the end of the line, whispering, “Brother, how long are we going to stay here?”

“Until the afternoon.”

“Then well have lunch until the afternoon?”

“….” Su Chi glanced at him, no longer in the mood to judge his phrasing.

They followed the couple into the house. Before they reached the living room, they saw a tall, capable girl greet them, “Uncle Su, Auntie Yu!”

Yu Xinyan smiled and responded, “Qinling is getting prettier and prettier.”

Liu Qinling smiled graciously and greeted the four brothers at the back. She reached Su Huanyi and greeted, “Brother Huanyi.”

Su Huanyi deliberated for a moment, “Sister Qinling.”

Liu Qinlings raised a fine eyebrow, “Yo, you wont call me Sister Ling Ling anymore?”

The “Ling Ling” had a very standard back nasal sound. Su Huanyi took a deep breath: Is that what the original owner called her?

He paused for two embarrassing seconds, then said, “Im now a mature adult.”

Liu Qinling: “….”

Liu Hecheng led the group into the living room, and they took their seats. The maids brought tea and pastries, and they started exchanging pleasantries.

The living room had elegant soft music playing, and Su Huanyi was huddled on the far side, drinking tea and eating pastries. He looked so comfortable as if he had sneaked into a tea party.

Liu Qinling across the coffee table raised her eyes to look at him several times.

When Su Huanyi had finished one plate and was about to get the next, Su Chis voice came from beside him, “Are you going to eat lunch or not?”

Su Huanyi was then inspired to switch his goal to one sour corner cake.

Su Chi: “….”

The two families sat in the living room for a while, then Liu Hecheng waved his hand and told Liu Qinling to take the others to the back garden. “Well talk amongst ourselves, you kids go hang out by yourselves.”

“Okay.” Liu Qinling got up and led Su Huanyi and the others around the side hall to the back garden. A sunny flower room had been built in the garden, with a long table big enough to seat six people.

Su Huanyi took his seat, and a maid brought back tea and cakes. Liu Qinling pushed them towards him, “Here, brother Huanyi. It seems that you like them. ”

“Thank you, Sister Qinling.” Su Huanyi was about to take another cake when a hand reached out next to him and pressed it down.

Su Chis brow was furrowed, “You know youre brittle and still dare to eat so much?”

Su Huanyi: “….”

Su Yu humbly took a piece and ate it, “Thats okay, Ill help my brother eat them.”

Su Jianchen was not willing to lag behind in sending comfort, “Drink more hot water.”

Su Huanyi was aggrieved.

Liu Qinlings eyes circled back and forth between them with a slight surprise: she remembered that these four brothers were not this close when they last met.

The Su and Liu families get together once a year, and Liu Qinling was no stranger to the brothers. She was chatty and now turned to ask about Su Yus studies; “Youve just come back from the capital, right? How many more years do you have to study? ”

“It depends on my mood.”

“I envy your casual mindset.”

Liu Qinling chatted with Su Yu and Su Jianchen for a while, during which she saw the eldest Su brother and the youngest come together to say a few words to each other every now and then.

She even saw Su Huanyis strands of hair poke Su Chi in the face, but the latter not only didnt get angry but also skillfully reached out and turned the direction of the hair.

Liu Qinling, “….” I may be hallucinating.

Su Chi then turned and made a faint threat, “Poke me again and Ill pluck you.”

Su Huanyi protested, “Its you who plucked the seedlings so that they grow tall. How can you commit a crime and enforce the law?”

Su Chi corrected him, “Success is Xiao He, failure is also Xiao He.”

Liu Qinling: “….” This is not an illusion, its a comic.

It was close to noon when the maid came to call them to eat, and they all went to wash their hands together. Su Chi stood by and waited for his three brothers to finish washing before saying to Liu Qinling, “You go first.”

Su Yu had already abducted Su Huanyi, who was moved by the aroma, and Su Jianchen followed closely behind.

Liu Qinling didnt hesitate to turn on the tap and sighed as she washed, “I feel that brother Huanyi has changed a lot from the last time I saw him. Hes also more cheerful, and your relationship has improved. ”

Su Chi lowered his eyes and said, after a few seconds of thinking, “He was under a lot of pressure from school before. Hes changed now that hes graduated and come home. ”

Liu Qinling moved away from the sink and pondered, “That makes sense. Many kids have conflicts with their parents and families when they are in school, but they get closer after they graduate.”

Su Chi finished washing his hands and wiped them, “Lets go.”


A long-awaited lunch between the two families didnt end until two oclock in the afternoon.

Su Huanyis affection for Liu Qinling increased significantly as she kept serving him vegetables. He also added her to his WeChat before they left and said, “Thank you for your care today.”

Liu Qinling was very forthright, ” I will take you to eat delicious food next time!”

Su Chi interjected, “You should not give him so many dishes next time; he can eat as much as you can.”

“…” Liu Qinling felt that Su Chi had changed quite a lot. He had always been polite and considerate when talking to her before.

After seeing the Su familys car drive away, Liu Qinling couldnt help but give a soft “fuck”.

Was Brother Su Chi a Brother-con?!

On returning, the Su family didnt go out again, and they stayed at home to rest.

Su Huanyi followed Su Yu to his room to play with some models. Halfway through, Su Chi knocked on the door and asked what they were doing. Su Huanyi held up the unfinished boat in his hand and said, “Were making a racing boat!”

Su Yu met his brothers gaze and felt that he was the one making the boat.

After Su Chi left, he grabbed the ignorant and fearless strands of hair, “Brother, if you keep screwing third brother up, third brother wont be able to save you.”

Su Huanyi felt that his brothers ability to reverse things might be the same. “It would be even better if third brother didnt tease me.”

Su Yu readily accepted this, “Thats also true.”


The two worked on the model until dinner time.

It was New Years Day, so Wu Ma cooked rice cake dumplings. The Su family ate them hot, and Su Jitong suggested going out for a walk. Su Huanyi and Su Yu shook their heads, “We havent finished putting our rowers together yet.”

Su Jitong, “What about the eldest and second?”

Su Chi also said he wouldnt go, and Su Jianchen copied.

The four brothers piled up in Su Yus room and worked together until eight oclock before they each went back to their rooms.

Su Huanyi lay down on the bed after taking a shower and tidying up. He tossed and turned a few times, feeling his stomach was a bit full. He had eaten a lot during the day and added the rice cakes at night. He had not gone out to exercise and was now facing the consequences.

He looked around the house for a digestive aid. After failing to find any, he went out to Su Chis door on the balcony. The light from the bedroom was coming through the curtains, and the person inside was still awake.

Su Huanyi called out tentatively, “Big brother.”

The door opened with a slam after a few seconds and Su Chi stood in the doorway, “Whats wrong?!”

Su Huanyi rubbed his stomach, “I ate too much.”

Su Chi pulled him in with an expressionless face, “I told you this fact early in the day.”

Su Huanyi reflected, “I was wrong, it was my lack of self-control.”

Su Chi sneered, “Knowing your mistake, wont you still do it again?”

Su Huanyi raised his hand to promise, “I will cut off the roots of my mistakes and pluck the feathers from a flying goose….”

Su Chi felt his temples throb, not wishing to dwell on his superficial understanding of idioms. He pulled the person over to the bed and said, “Lay back, Ill give you a massage.”

Su Huanyi immediately leaned up against the pillow and spread out his belly.

A hand covered it, and after a few clockwise presses, Su Chi leaned over to ask, “This isnt uncomfortable, is it?”

“No, its not uncomfortable.” Su Huanyi complimented him, “Its warm and sweet.”

“Am I 999 Ganmao Ling?”

The pressure on his stomach came not too gently, easing the discomfort from within. Only the bedside lamp was on in the bedroom, and Su Chis body blocked out half of the light. In the dim light, Su Huanyi felt sleepy.

“Big brother, you might be really be Ganmaoling. Im even sleepy.”

The hand on his stomach paused, and Su Chus breathing slowed. “Youll go back and sleep in your room later on.”

Su Huanyi also felt that it wasnt a good idea to occupy the magpies nest so leisurely, so he forced his eyes open, “Okay.”

In the silence of the room, the two did not speak again.

Su Huanyi looked up at Su Chi. The latters handsome face was blurred in the dim light and shadows; his thin lips were pursed and his expression focused.

At that moment, he really felt how perfect Su Chi was.

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