Su Haunyis brain buzzed and crashed directly.

Why did he feel that his big brother was flirting with him?

And it wasnt the kind of flirting that was deliberate. It was very consistent with his big brothers personality. It was flirtatious without being obvious.

Could it be that he was thinking too much again?

After a few seconds of confusion, the chin on top of his head moved away a little. Su Chi came to his side while still covering his ears. “Are you going back?”

Su Huanyi nodded, “Yes.”

He was put under Su Chis arm once again and dragged back to the house. The door was closed and the noise was isolated.

The presence of each other in the small entrance hall became profound.

Su Chi didnt let go of him, still half encircling him, and Su Huanyi remained as quiet as a fragile quail, nestled in his somewhat dangerous harbour.

Su Chi asked him, “Why arent you talking anymore? Did you block me out with your automatic noise cancellation? ”

Su Huanyi: “…”

He now wondered if he had misunderstood.

The construction team outside had probably reached the next stage of work and the rumbling had stopped. There was the sound of tinkling coming in through the courtyard outside the side hall.

“Its not so noisy now, so go up and get some sleep.” Su Chi released him, “Wearing headphones will make it less noisy.”

Su Huanyi whispered, “How loud do the headphones have to be?”

“….” Su Chi directly carried the man upstairs.

The sound of the construction work was still eminent when they reached upstairs. Su Huanyi was carried into the bedroom, and he turned to look at Su Chi.

The latter stood in front of him, holding the door frame. His tall body gave the impression of both safety and danger, “Is there anything else?”

“No.” Su Haunyi looked away, “Ill go to bed then, big brother.”

“Okay, Ill call you for dinner.”

Su Huanyi stepped forward to close the door. Su Chi suddenly raised his hand and rubbed his head as he approached, “Come and tell me if you cant sleep. Then Ill just tell the construction workers to first go back. ”

The door closed with a click.

Inside the solitary room, Su Huanyi remained frozen in front of the closed bedroom door. The sound from outside the window penetrated through the balcony door. Bang! Bang! Bang… it was like a sound in his heart.

Oh, shit. Su Huanyi had a feeling that his big brother was really flirting with him!


Su Huanyi hardly slept well that afternoon.

He lay in bed tossing and turning, thinking,Does big brother flirting with me mean that he likes me?

Its a bit unbelievable that Su could have someone he likes, let alone that it was him. If he said Su Chi liked him, his taunts seemed to be the same as usual; if he said Su Chi didnt like him, there was no reasonable explanation for those looks and gestures.

Su Chis blank relationship history was of no value in this case.

He pondered for over an hour under the blanket, and slowly fell asleep to the rhythmic sound of the outside world.

It was already dark when he woke up again.

He looked at his phone and saw that it was seven oclock. He hurriedly got up and went out the door. He glanced through Su Chis door as he passed by it. The door was half-open, but there was no one inside.

There was light downstairs, and he could smell the faint aroma of food.

He went down to the ground floor, where Su Chi was sitting in the side hall looking at his tablet. He looked up at him when he heard a noise, “Youre awake? Wash your hands and get ready for dinner.”

Su Huanyi came over tentatively, “Big brother, why didnt you call me?”

Su Chi sneered, “I knocked on the door three times. I opened the door and saw your birds nest flowing onto the pillow. How could I wake you?”

Su Huanyi: “…”

No wonder he heard thumps mixed in the bangs halfway through his sleep. It turned out that it was his big brother knocking at the door.

Su Huanyi felt guilty, “Have you already eaten, big brother?

Su Chi put down the tablet and walked to the dining table, “I havent eaten anything at all.”

….. Thump! Su Huanyi hurriedly followed up with a skip in his heartbeat.

Sometimes, once emotions are poked open, they will leak out like the stuffing of a dumpling, and the pockets cannot hold it.

He now felt that Su Chi was flirting with every word he said.

Su Chi called for dinner. Four dishes and one soup that was just enough for the two of them were placed on the table.

They sat face-to-face, and Su Huanyi secretly watched his brother as he ate. After the sixth glance, Su Chi finally put down his chopsticks and looked over, “Su Huanyi.”

The chopsticks hit the rim of the bowl and Su Huanyi lifted his head, “Whats wrong?”

“Where did you learn the habit of watching people eat?”

“…..” Su Huanyi made a faint accusation, “Big brother, dont use words indiscriminately.”

Su Chi brought a cauliflower to his mouth like a microphone and interviewed him humbly, “Now do you understand how I feel whenever you speak nonsense?”

Su Huanyi took the cauliflower into his bowl and hung his head in shame, “I understand.”

The two went to the company the next day.

It was their first time returning to the office after being away for more than half a month. When they got to the top floor and exited the lift, they met Xiao Qin, who was as straight as usual, “Its been a long time, Director Su, Assistant Su.”

Su Chi walked ahead with an “mmm.” Su Huanyi was a little excited to see the place he had not seen for a while. He greeted Xiao Qin through clattering teeth, “Secretary Qin, long time no see!” Secretary Qin returned a standard workplace smile.

Su Chi stopped and turned to ask him, “Why are you talking so excitedly? Are you trying to warm yourself up by boiling your blood?”

Su Huanyi: “….”

Xiao Qin pushed up his glasses and turned around to leave neatly.

Su Chi and Su Huanyi entered the office one after the other, and the warmth came over them. Su Chi pulled up his cuffs and sat down at his desk. “Just sort out the paperwork submitted by the various departments today. Im going out with Xiao Qin this afternoon to talk about something. Wait for me in the office. ”

This was what they had agreed to before, and Su Huanyi had no objection. He sat down and began sorting out the documents.

He had not worked for half a month, so he was still a little awkward when he first started. It took him more than half an hour to get back into shape.

Su Chi looked up from behind his computer during this time and saw that he was concentrating on the task at hand. His eyes lingered on the small, half-buried face for a moment before he withdrew his eyes and went back to work.

The morning was soon over, and Su Huanyi was a little sleepy when they returned from their lunch at the restaurant.

“I want to take a nap, big brother.”

Su Chi sat back down at his desk, “You can sleep. When did I ever stop you from sleeping?”

Su Huanyi hesitated for a moment, “What about you?”

Su Chis movements stopped and he raised his eyes to look at him, “Do you want me to sleep?”

Ba-dum! Su Huanyis heart jumped, “You can sleep if you want, big brother.”

Su Chi turned on his computer, “Go to sleep. I have to prepare for my afternoon trip. ”



The office was empty when Su Huanyi woke up from his nap.

He took out his phone and looked at WeChat. Su Chi had left him a message.

[Su Chi]: Im going out. Work hard and take a break when youre tired.

[Su Chi]: Dont run around blindly.

Su Huanyi felt that the most frequent words Su Chi said to him were “dont run around”, as if he could disappear at any time.

He replied obediently.

[Su Huanyi]: I know, big brother. Ill be waiting for you in the office.

He sent the message, and the other side replied in seconds.

[Su Chi]: You can also study idioms when you are tired.

Su Huanyi: “…”

The afternoon went by very quickly. The work Su Chi gave him was not much, and he finished it at 3 or 4. He then ordered a cup of milk tea from his seat.

He was having fun swiping his phone and sipping the milk tea when WeChat popped up.

[Su Chi]: Didnt you say you were afraid of the cold? How dare you order an iced milk tea?

Su Huanyi almost spat out the milk in his mouth! Damn, how did big brother know?

He looked around suspiciously, trying to find a hidden camera. After searching in vain, he confronted his brother with a question!

[Su Chi]: Did you think the delivery man could go to the top floor without my permission?

Su Huanyi gripped his mobile phone, looking like a schoolboy who had been caught eating food in class.

At six oclock in the evening, the door of the office was finally pushed open. Su Chi stood at the door and didnt come in. He called out to Su Huanyi, who had a red face, “Lets go home.”

Su Huanyi put the takeaways in the trash and wrapped his jacket around him, “Big brother, you could have just sent me a message from the parking lot. Its troublesome to come up here. ”

Su Chi stretched out his hand and pinned him back under his arm. ” It would be dark by the time you come down alone.”

Su Huanyi stayed in the harbour and didnt move.

The two sat in the car all the way home, Su Chi concentrated on driving and didnt talk.

Su Huanyi secretly peeked at his brother through the reflection in the car window.

The window reflected the blurred outline of his aloof face, and his every move was flawless. Su Chi was so excellent that Su Huanyi was still not sure what he meant to him.

He couldnt just ask, “Do you like me?” Wouldnt their relationship become awkward if he was wrong?

But he couldnt pretend to be unaware. He couldnt enjoy Su Chis kindness to him with peace of mind.

Su Huanyi glanced at his elder brother again, secretly wondering whether he could find a chance to confirm it.

The journey home was silent.

They arrived home and found that the construction team had not yet left the backyard. The days work was probably delayed.

The two went back to their rooms to rest after eating. It was already dark and the sound of large machinery moving could be heard from the backyard.

Su Huanyi got a change of clothes and was about to take a shower when the house suddenly went dark.

The sound of construction stopped and all that could be heard was several workers talking loudly.

Su Huanyi put the clothes away and pushed the door open. A few metres away, the door to Su Chis room opened and a beam of light fell into the corridor, followed by the sound of footsteps approaching.

“The powers out. The line outside was probably cut off during construction.”

Su Huanyi leaned closer to Su Chi, “Could the other house have been affected by the construction work in our backyard?”

“Almost every house in this area has its line, and the installations were made individually, so the wiring is not connected uniformly.”

Su Huanyi looked through the balcony beyond the bedroom and saw that the lights from the other houses were still bright.

A maid walked up the stairs with an emergency while they were talking, “The line outside has been cut, but its being repaired. I dont know how long it will take, but it will be done by midnight. ”

“I see,” Su Chi said. The servant then went back downstairs and walked out to the courtyard to supervise the work.

Once the electricity was cut off, the air conditioning and the floor heating in the house were also cut off. The cold gradually rose at this moment.

Su Huanyi was only wearing pyjamas, and he clearly felt it. “Big brother, Im a bit cold.”

Su Chi led him back to his bedroom, “Put on your down jacket first.”

Su Huanyi put on his jacket and asked as he zipped it, “Are you cold, big brother?”

“Not so much.”

In the darkness, only a beam of light from the torch fell at their feet. Su Chi stood in front of Su Huanyi and didnt move. ” I can go down and turn on the floor heating if youre still cold.”

“I can just go by myself.”

“You stay here.”

Su Chis tone was flat, as if it was his duty to do so; his kindness was always so silent.

It was probably because the darkness hid their faces and all the palpitating emotions of the day were hidden in the night. Su Huanyi suddenly had the courage to make a confirmation at this moment.

“Big brother.” He called out to Su Chi. Embarrassment is embarrassing, but it is better than being unclear. “Big brother, are you……?”

The beam of light suddenly went out. The next thing he knew, his arm was being pulled and he crashed into an embrace.

He was pressed against Su Chis heart, and all the possible embarrassments he might have faced were put to rest.

He didnt feel a crisis; there were no stars suddenly falling to earth, but he could hear Su Chis chaotic and rapid heartbeat.

At this moment when they were alone, the reason for this chaotic heartbeat could only be him.

Su Chis arms were gently wrapped around him, allowing him to break free whenever he wanted, but the words that came from above his head made him unable to move. “Youve heard it; what else do you want to confirm?”

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