Boom! Su Huanyis brain exploded into a blank.

Su Chi didnt explicitly say “I like you,” but his heartbeat was not fake. He used a more direct and honest way to express it: even a  tree as straight as him was now shaken.

Su Huanyi stood frozen in Su Chis arms.

The hand on his waist was aware of his daze and gently rubbed him, trying to soften him up. “I can answer anything else that you have to ask.”

Su Huanyi shuddered at the rubbing and said, “No, theres nothing more. Its all clear. ”

Su Chi said, “Thats good.”

Whats good? Su Haunyi wanted to yell at his big brother-what kind of person plays straight ball like that? Now his brain is a mess.

The breathing above his head had gradually taken on a restrained enthusiasm, and Su Haunyi quickly reached out to touch his head as he regained his senses.

The arm around him tightened reflexively and then released him after a couple of seconds.

Su Huanyi felt calmer as the distance between them widened. He began deliberating, “Brother, what are you… what are you thinking?”

How could Su Chi have fallen for him?

Su Chi replied, “I want to hold you again.”


Thats not what I am asking! Su Huanyi pressed down on his little heart, “I mean, how… how could you be interested in me, big brother?”

“Why not?” Su Chi said, “Dont belittle yourself, Su Huanyi.”

His tone was so serious that Su Huanyi was stunned and suddenly moved, “Im not so….”

Su Chi praised him, “For example, youre not bad at comic relief.”


Su Huanyis gaze instantly sharpened. It turns out that it was only because of his talent!

Maybe even the darkness could not hide his scorching gaze, so Su Chi added in the next second, “Other aspects are also good, except that you always make me angry.”

Su Huanyi began to suspect that Su Chi was roasting him under the guise of a confession.

He shot back, “Its because you are like a puffer fish; you are always getting angry.”

Su Chi didnt care about his analogy, “Im not a puffer fish, I get angry because I care about you.”

Boom! Su Huanyi was caught off guard by another explosion.

He couldnt refute Su Chis words and he searched his mind for the words, “But, I…”

“You dont have to respond to me right away.” Su Chi seemed to guess what he was going to say, “I wont take whatever decision you make right now serious. Let me know after thinking about it.”

Su Huanyi breathed a sigh of relief at his words. He hadnt thought about how to respond to his big brother, and he was in a mess at the moment.

He was quite cautious about his feelings, and he wouldnt nod easily without careful consideration. But he couldnt say no to his big brother straight away either.

“So… lets cool down for a while.”


Su Huanyi was puzzled, “What?”

Su Chi said, “Let me first chase you.”


Su Huanyi immediately took a shower and climbed into bed when he went back to his room, but he failed to sleep until early in the morning.

He was woken up by Su Chis knock on the door the next day.

He washed up and went downstairs to have breakfast. He did not look at Su Chis face the whole time but drank milk with his head buried in the bowl.

Su Chi, who was sitting across, glanced at him, “Do you think its faster to drink milk with three holes?”

“….” Su Huanyi hastily lifted his face out of the bowl of milk.

Su Chis tone was the same as usual, and the awkwardness between them faded a little. Su Huanyi secretly glanced at his big brother, and he found Su Chi still looking at him.

Su Chi: “Why are you looking at me?”

Su Huanyi put down his bowl and responded, “Then why is big brother still looking at me?”

Su Chi: “I like it.”


Su Huanyi admitted defeat; he couldnt fight like this.

They had to leave the house after breakfast. He was changing his shoes at the entrance when Su Chi opened his arm for him and said, “Come here.”

Su Huanyi paused for a second and shook his head, “No, big brother.”

He didnt know what Su Chi thought of him before. He couldnt be so casual and intimate anymore now that he knew.

Respecting his wishes, Su Chi turned around and took a scarf out of the foyer, wrapping him up in a potted plant, “Lets go.”

The cold air poured in from the outside as soon as the door opened, and Su Huanyis teeth chattered as he ran to the car.

After getting into the car, Su Chi turned on the hot air conditioner, “I now cant even hold you?”

Su Huanyi shrank, “I havent responded to big brother, yet. It would be wrong. ”

Su Chi glanced at him, “I should have known better than to explain to you. It was better to slowly boil you in warm water. ”

Su Huanyi was instantly alert. It was possible with his big brothers ability! He said cautiously, “Then why didnt you slowly boil me in warm water?”

“Because I dont have enough self-control.” Su Chi pulled the gearshift lever and the car turned out the gate, leaving a trail of exhaust behind.

Su Huanyi thought it was like his brothers fart.


When they arrived at the office, Xiao Qin was already waiting at the door of the office, and he greeted Su Huanyi, “Good morning, Assistant Su.”

“Good morning, Secretary Qin.” Su Huanyi took off his scarf and saw that Su Chi was about to go downstairs for a meeting. He asked, “Do you want me to go with you?”

“No, you can stay in the office.”

The door closed and silence returned to the room. Su Huanyi looked at the closed door and suddenly remembered the time he said that his big brother was “locking a woman in a gold house”.

He took a deep breath before taking down the Chinese Dictionary and beginning to work on his idioms.

He was about ten pages into the dictionary when his mobile phone suddenly lit up with a message from Liu Qinling.

They had sent each other a few WeChat messages only when they had appointments in Yunnan. He didnt know why Liu Qinling was looking for him now that he was back at home.

[Liu Qinling]: I didnt see you at the lunch appointment today, and I found out you had gone back with Brother Su.

[Liu Qinling]: Why did you go back? You could have eaten whatever you wanted without your brothers supervision!

Su Huanyi wondered what brand of bucket he was to Liu Qinling.

[Su Huanyi]: I had a temporary job, so I came back with my big brother.

[Liu Qinling]: I heard from Uncle Su that you didnt need to go there at all. Youre so clingy to your big brother. He must love you a lot to be so accommodating.

Shit! Su Huanyi put his phone on the table.

How could even Liu Qinling see that his big brother loved him?

Su Chi came back from the meeting and found Su Huanyi staring at his desk. He put his jacket on the back of his chair, rolled up his sleeves, and turned his head to look at him. “What are you doing?”

Su Huanyi continued to space out.

Su Chi frowned and walked to his desk, “Su Huanyi, is there a picture of Qingming Shanghe Tu on my desk? Youre almost cross-eyed from staring at it. ”

The familiar voice successfully woke up Su Huanyi, who was lost in thought. He looked up, “Big brother is back?”

Su Chi sneered, “I could have spacewalked around the office for a week without you noticing if I hadnt called you.”

Su Huanyi: “…”

Su Chi then asked what he was thinking.

“Sister Qinling ……” Noticing that the look on the other partys face wasnt good, Su Huanyi instantly sped up his speech, “She didnt see us at lunch today, so she contacted me to ask a few questions.”

“What did she ask you?”

Su Huanyi answered honestly, “She asked me why I came back with you.”

“What did you say?”

“I said I had work.”

The long fingers tapped twice on the empty mahogany table, “Work?”

Su Huanyi felt that his big brother was digging a hole and burying him-he couldnt just say, “My big brother likes me, and he coaxed me to go home.”

He asked for advice, “What should I have said then?”

Su Chi had no embarrassment, “You could say that I couldnt bear to be away from you, so I brought you back with me.”

Su Huanyi: “….”

Su Huanyi leaned against the window of the car as they returned home, feeling that he had suffered a lot.

After his big brother confessed, he didnt hide anything anymore. How could one withstand this?

As Su Chi drove on, he looked to the side and saw the formers hair piled up in several rounds on the clean car window. “Are you doing performance art?”

Su Huanyi lifted his head.

Su Chi said, “Ill buy you a U-shaped pillow if you want to lean on it.”

“No, big brother, Ill just lean on it.”

Su Chi didnt say anything else. The car drove out for some distance, and at the red light, he said, “Well find when the construction team has not yet finished work if we go back at this time. If you think it will be noisy, lets first eat before going back. ”

Every construction team has a schedule, and delays will affect the credibility of the company. So, Su Chi would not ask them to stop if there were no special circumstances.

Su Huanyi also understood this. He thought about it and said, “Lets eat out. We always order in these days anyway, so theres no difference. ”

Su Chi said okay. He turned the wheel and went to another place when the light turned green.

Ten minutes later, the car stopped in front of a beef restaurant.

This beef restaurant was booming, and there was no private room in the bright lobby. The steamer at the door was steaming hot, and a dozen wooden signs were hanging in the window to the right of the entrance.

Su Chi led Su Huanyi inside and found a seat by the window.

The waiter brought over the menu in a few minutes, “What would you like to order?”

Su Chi gestured, “Just ask him.”

Su Huanyi saw the waiter turn to him, and he looked at Su Chi, “Ive never been here before, so Ill ask big brother to order.”

“All the dishes are quite good; you wont step on mines. Order what you like. ”

Su Huanyi then ordered the signature steamed beef with noodles, pepper beef with chillies, beef spinal cord and tofu, and finally, a tomato beef soup according to their taste.

The waiters hand paused, “Are all the guests not here yet?”

Su Huanyi was a bit embarrassed, “Its just the two of us.”

The waiter kindly reminded him, “Our dishes are quite large.”

Su Huanyi was relieved, “Thats great!”


The waiter left, and he raised his eyes to find Su Chi smiling.

Su Huanyi had rarely seen his elder brother smile like this without mockery. He temporarily put aside his small concerns and moved forward, “Brother, what are you smiling at?”

“Im happy for you.”

“Because I get to eat a lot?”

“Because its a blessing to eat, you should be Hongfu Qitian.”

“…”***Hongfu Qitian is a talisman to protect and enhance wealth and success***

Su Huanyi was surprised to find that his big brother had ranked up and it was hard to tell if he was being sarcastic or not just by looking at the surface!

There werent many dishes made here, and business was good. The kitchen made the five dishes in a row, and they were soon placed on the table.

Su Huanyi looked around with a bowl in his hand, and he scanned the dishes from left to right. He looked stunned. “It all looks delicious, big brother!”

Su Chi held a bowl but didnt eat, “Which one do you like the most?”

“The steamed beef.”


Su Huanyi was eating when a pair of chopsticks put a piece of meat into his bowl. He was a bit embarrassed. “Big brother, I can get it. You should eat it yourself. ”

Su Chi said, “Thats not the same.”

Su Huanyi put down the bowl and looked at him. “Why is it different? Its all on the same plate. ”

“I wont tell you.” Su Chi also looked at him too, and said, “You dont like me now, so you wont know whats different.”

He added, “Su Huanyi, if you want to know, then just quickly like me.”

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