Su Huanyi suspected that Su Chi was connoting him but he had no evidence. He snorted and continued to cast his gaze to the centre of the venue.

The cause and effect of the incident gradually became clear amidst Zheng Qins scolding.

The young mans name was He Jing, and Zheng Qin was his four-or five-month pregnant fiancée. She was worried about He Jings reputation, so she followed him to this party.

The result is that, after going to the toilet, she came back to see a shameless white lotus falling into her fiances arms!

Su Huanyi sighed. Whats the use of following him? Even if this kind of philandering man is tied up with a rope, you cant bind his heart.

Zhe Qing was still crying and cursing, “He Jing, I am pregnant with your He familys child, but you dont deserve me!”

“Whats wrong with you? She just accidentally bumped into me. Can you be reasonable?”

The ladies and gentry stood far away and did not get involved.

A nice party was made to look like a wholesale hardware market. Although the melon was delicious, it was very cheap!

Su Huanyi didnt think it was cheap. After all, he had no price to lose.

He was thinking differently, “Brother, isnt it best for pregnant women not to wear nail polish?”

Su Chi was speechless. “Ive never been pregnant, so I dont know.”

Su Huanyis gaze lingered on his tight abdomen for a moment, and then he was warned, “Where are you looking?”

Su Chi was the best man in the book. He was top-notch in every way, so he must have eight-pack abs for sure. Hes envious. Women liked him and men envied him.

Su Huanyi withdrew his gaze and complimented him, “Big brother has a good waist.”

Su Chi was reminded of the scene when Su Huanyi came downstairs today-his shirt tucked in the belt of his trousers, bunching up around a flexible waist, and the glistening white that was exposed when he was under his bed yesterday. It was so white that it was blinding. He wanted to say, “Youre not bad, either,” but he swallowed it back.

If they were close brothers, he would have been able to say such flirtatious words, but Su Chi felt that they were not.

Su Huanyi is a little white lotus and a white-eyed wolf. He could not be punished, and he could not be beaten. He could only be held by the tail and given a warning to get some peace.

He sneered, “How do you know?”

Su Huanyi was sincere, “Its a feeling in my heart. I can just feel it.”

The two of them were about to move on to the question of idealism and materialism when a sharp voice came rushing toward them, “Ask him if you dont believe me!”

The academic discussion was interrupted, and Su Huanyi raised his eyes to see the plum-red nails pointing straight at their side, and his eyes twitched.

Su Chi preempted the attack by saying, “Brother, shes pointing at you.”

Su Huanyi pursed his lips lightly, “I can see that.”

Zheng Qin was already the centre of attention, and as soon as she pointed, the crowds eyes followed suit and shifted to Su Huanyi.

Oh, its the little train!

Zheng Qin sounded ruthless, “If you dont believe me, then ask him. Was he careless when he slammed into the arms of those gentries!”

Su Huanyi: “???”

Why do you have to drag me in your tearing down of the white lotus, merging me with her?

Zheng Qins mood was already unstable during her pregnancy, and she was attacking the white Lotus in public, so now she didnt care about the party: it was already a big deal, and she lost face, so the white Lotus shouldnt be any better!

She shouted at Su Huanyi, “Tell me, can you just run into someones arms like that? You tell He Jing!”

Su Huanyi frowned. Youre just a bully, drop the attitude.

Su Chi half-closed his eyes and said softly, “Lets go.”

Su Huanyi obediently retreated half a step behind Su Chi, in a state of readiness to depart.

It was best not to get involved in a mess that had nothing to do with him.

When Zheng Qin saw that he was leaving, it was as if she had lost her last witness, so she took two steps forward but was pulled back by He Jing, “Havent you gone crazy?”

Zheng Qin couldnt shake him off, so she scolded Su Huanyi and the white lotus, “People like you, with your cheap tricks and seductive ways! Now that youve been exposed, you want to be left alone. Dream on! ”

Su Chis footsteps stopped sharply, and Su Huanyi almost crashed into his back.

Zhou Qingcheng, who was opposite the crowd and was gloating over Su Huanyis embarrassment, immediately curbed his smile at these words.

Su Huanyi had not been scolded like that, even by those he tried to seduce. What was the point of this woman scolding so harshly?

The white lotus who was scolded huffed thinly, “I didnt mean to….besides, how can the same analogies be used on different people? I only bumped into Mr. He…. and its not like I bumped into people everywhere… ”

Su Chi stopped, and Su Huanyi didnt continue either. He simply wants to applaud these two women at this moment.

Wonderful. Why be a rival in love when you can be a sister? Its tacit to want to step over him for their gains.

The subtext of this is “I only bumped into one and I didnt mean to do it; its not the same as a sultry bitch like him who bumps around.”

Su Huanyi sighed in awe, but Su Chi had a cold look on his face.

–If Su Huanyi has any problems, he can correct him behind the closed doors of their house. What right did these two outsiders have to slander the people of the Su family?

The oppressive feeling from Su Chis body was like a cold current sweeping through the room.

The noisy chatter around him went strangely quiet for a moment, like a pot of boiling water being poured over a spoonful of ice, suddenly calming down.

Su Chi swept his gaze across the room and was about to speak when a fluffy head with some strands sticking up suddenly appeared under his eyes, shifting to the front.

Su Huanyi had both hands in his pockets, his tall posture standing in peoples line of sight. His chin was slightly tilted, his soft eyes now a little harsh, but his tone was polite and gentle.

“This Miss White…”

White Lotuss face stiffened, “Im not called Miss White…”

Su Huanyi was cooperative. “This Ms. White…”

The people around did not hold back their laughter.

White Lotus: “…”

Su Huanyis tone was lazy, “As the ancestor of the porcelain king industry, I can say that this kind of behaviour is intentional. Touching porcelain is a technical job, just like shooting a basketball is about timing, angle, and speed; not just anyone can hit it. ”

Zheng Qin didnt go crazy. She proudly held her stomach and looked down at the white lotus. He Jing quietly stood aside. The white lotuss face was ugly. “I said that people are not the same…”

“Of course, they are not the same. I would never touch a married man.”

Intruding on a couple is more controversial than touching porcelain, and since the original owner was only mocked for touching porcelain, that means he hadnt lost his mind enough to go for a married man. Although it might be because he was afraid of getting himself into trouble.

With teardrops hanging down, the white lotus was indignant. “Who knows if you…”

Su Huanyi swept his eyes Zhou Qingcheng, who was watching on the sidelines. He thought about the latters demeanour during the beginning of this sham and decided to take a gamble.

“Young Master Zhou, you dont have a girlfriend, do you?”

Zhou Qingcheng froze as he was suddenly cued, “Theres no such thing as a girlfriend!” He snorted after coming back to his senses, “Youve touched it quite accurately, I am single.”

It seems his bet was right. Zhou Qingcheng was a decent and uptight man.

Su Huanyi mentally stuck a little red flower on him and turned to the white lotus, “You hear that?”

White Lotus delicate face was instantly pale, and she clutched her arms in embarrassment as she swayed amidst the contemptuous looks and thinly veiled taunts of the people around her.

The gentry and ladies in the room were people who could tell right from wrong. Although the little train bumper was despised, he at least had a bottom line. Compared to that, homewreckers are a bit more hateful!

Zhou Qingchengs eyes blinked, and he suddenly laughed.

Su Huanyi finished crushing the white lotus, and he turned back to Su Chi and called out, “Brother.”

He raised his eyes:Ive finished pretending. Lets run.

The corners of Su Chis mouth twitched as he read the meaning in the others eyes.

His gaze swept around the venue, containing some warning, and then he lowered his eyes, “Lets go.”

Su Huanyi obediently followed behind Su Chi.

The two left the venue one after the other in the sight of the crowd. One was calm and sharp, the other casual and relaxed. Their styles were very different, yet they had a vague sense of being on par with each other.

It was only when the two figures had completely disappeared that the crowd slowly returned to their senses.

What the hell? It must have been an illusion due to the many situations that had arisen tonight!

But the Su familys little train was nothing like the rumours…… Could it be that he was pretending to be stupid before?

After leaving the venue, Su Chi and Su Huanyi got into a private car and drove home.

The driver was diligently steering the wheel, and the two people in the back seat were sitting side by side next to each other.

Su Huanyi took off his jacket when he got into the car and slung it over the side, his leisurely posture fading away, “I was scared…I was almost scared to death. ”

It was the first time he had ever acted in front of so many people!

Su Chi shot an oblique glance at him and said, “You were quite a sight. You slayed the whole scene. ”

Su Huanyi touched the tip of his nose in guilt. He thought Su Chi was blaming him for getting into the mess, “Forget about Zheng Qin. Shes a victim and a pregnant woman, so, understandably, shes emotional. Im a big man who doesnt bother with pregnant women. But Ms White had gone too far. If youre pretentious, youre pretentious, so why attack me? I also have a temper.”

Su Chi wanted to laugh when he heard him say “Ms. White,” but he held it back.

Su Huanyi was still searching for excuses for himself, “Besides, I drank wine today and Im a little bit high. Men are impulsive when they touch alcohol. You know that, right?”

He finished with a sigh, “Forget it, you wont understand.”

Su Chi is a sensible and restrained person. Even if he drinks alcohol, he will not be impulsive.

When Su Huanyi first read the novel, he thought that Su Chi was an emotionally charged character, but his emotions were all suppressed to an appropriate level, and there were degrees of love, hate, and anger.

Can someone control their emotions that well? Su Huanyi couldnt help but imagine how Su Chi would break through his restraints for something or someone and lose all reason.

Su Chi asked, “How do you know I wont understand?”

Su Huanyi said, “Of course, I know from Gods perspective. I was impulsive in a situation like today, but you certainly wouldnt be. ”

Su Chi had no comment.

Su Huanyi propped himself up on the leather cushion in the back seat and leaned over, and his breath blew into Su Chis ear, “Brother, was I handsome? Did I look good? ”

Su Chi hooked at the corners of his mouth, ” One can not win the ancestor of the porcelain touching industry.”

Su Huanyi, “…”

The sky was dark at this time, and outside the car window was dark.

Only when they drove past a store would neon lights fall through the window of the car occasionally, pulling out an irregular grid of light on the leather cushion.

In the moment of silence, Su Chi suddenly spoke lightly, “Next time you meet someone like Zheng Qin, you dont have to put up with it.”

Su Huanyi looked at him sideways.

The light from the street lamps was split into a strip of light on Su Chis cold face. The line of light and shadow slashed from his left eyelid to the high bridge of his nose.

The colour of his dark eyes shifted between light and shadows.

“Victims dont deserve sympathy if they become perpetrators. Especially when innocent people are involved, no matter what the hardship is, it cannot be an excuse. ”

There was silence, and Su Huanyi heard his breathing slow and lengthen in the dimly lit car, an instinctive reaction when one is tense and on guard.

He felt that Su Chis words were directed at him.

Su Chi turned his head and met Su Huanyis beautiful eyes, “Do you understand?”

Su Huanyi gave a soft “mmm.” In the faint light, his eyes were so clean that they looked like an illusion. In such a closed and quiet environment, Su Chi suddenly felt a trace of fatigue and hope at the bottom of his heart.

If only it were true.

If his words were honest, he would have loved this brother as much as Su Jitong did.

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