Trials Of A Shining Star

80th SS - Retribution Of The Stars

”Heugk! ” Upon being stabbed in the back by a black heavenly sword made from stygian iron, Yue Xingyun vomited a mouthful of blood before his knees buckled and his lifeless body dropped to the floor.

Just after the war started, Xingyun and his sect members were mercilessly slaughtered by his enemies. He, who was confident about his own strength as a peak Heavenly God and did not make ample preparations, has led his disciples and elders to die in such a humiliating and regretful manner.

The men were slaughtered while the women were enslaved. The cries of anguish and roars of pain were the last thing Xingyun heard before the light in his eyes went out.

After the last of True Star Islands disciples were killed, the enemy alliance proceeded to scatter black powder onto the corpses of their enemies before they flew away.

10 thousand years later…

Yue Xingyun opened his eyes to find that the wound caused by a heavenly sword had long ceased to exist. In place of the gaping hole in his chest was instead a black gooey substance. Although Xingyun could see the substance wriggling around as if it was alive, he couldn feel it. It was as if the substance and himself had become one.

Setting that aside, Xingyun noticed that he was the only one left in the ancient battlefield. The corpses of his fellow island disciples and his enemies were nowhere to be found. Albeit finding this a little strange, Xingyun shrugged it off, thinking that their corpses had long been grinded by time and turned to ash.

Seeing that there was only sand and collapsed buildings as far as the eyes can see, Xingyun patted the dust off his clothes before picking a random direction and walked forward.

Since this was Xingyuns first time using his islands Heavenly God grade Secret Art, Immortal Universe Creation Art, he could deduce that this secret art he had been cultivating for three thousand years was not a sham and that he indeed had 99 star souls left. Each time he died and reincarnated, his original soul would fuse together with a star soul so that Xingyun would gain an increase of 5% in his soul strength.

If one day, Xingyun were to use up all 100 star souls in his spiritual sea, it was said to be that Xingyuns soul strength would be restored to his original soul strength and that his cultivation speed would be 5000x faster than normal. Of course, Xingyun doesn believe he will need all 100 star souls to defeat his enemy the next time they meet.

It took Xingyun 5 months to journey across the ancient battlefield and reach the nearest town. Along the way, he met plenty of cultivators that flew past him without batting an eye towards his pitiful state. Despite looking quite pitiful with his haggard appearance, the cultivators that flew past him noticed that Xingyun in fact had some form of inner energy and deduced that he was a secluded master experiencing mortal life in hopes of gaining enlightenment.

In reality, Xingyun had only just reincarnated with a hundredth of his original soul strength and had zero cultivation to speak of. He was actually close to death when he made it out of the ancient battlefield. Thank god there was a stream where he spent a whole 3 days fishing.

After consuming the fish and regaining his strength, Xingyun decided to sit cross legged under a tree before circulating his islands most basic cultivation art, True Star Origination Art. ”1 star to form a solar system; 10 stars to form a galaxy; 100 stars to form the universe; 1000 stars to form the Heavens! ”

”Boom! ” The inner energy within Xingyuns body started to circulate slowly before picking up speed. With every circulation while chanting his cultivation arts first sentence, the inner energy within Xingyun was destroying his meridians before reconstructing and refining them.

After his meditation, Xingyun would then go down to the stream to catch fish to eat before meditating again. This went on for about a month or two before Xingyun finally felt uncomfortable in his stomach. Finding a nice spot in the clearing, Xingyun proceeded to sit cross legged and chant out the first and second sentences in his cultivation art.

”1 star to form a solar system; 10 stars to form a galaxy; 100 stars to form the universe; 1000 stars to form the Heavens! With the appearance of Heaven, Hell will come forth; with the appearance of Hell, the Heavenly Dao is born; with the birth of the Heavenly Dao, stars will be given life! ”

Upon finishing the second sentence, Xingyuns soul started to glow white before shining brightly while he felt his body heat up as though he was on fire. With the appearance of a newborn star, the inner energy within Xingyuns body became restless as it collided with his meridians continuously, thus inflicting massive pain to Xingyun.

But despite all of the torture he was going through right now, Xingyun gritted his teeth as he continued to endure the agony on his body and soul since he knew this was merely the first blockade of his cultivation journey. If he couldn even endure this little torture, he should just quit cultivating while he still can! Fuck revenge! Fuck his enemies! They can all go to hell! Alas, his righteous heart and great pride would never let him do so.

”Boom! ” After his inner energy collided with his meridians on the 10 thousandth time, a great shockwave burst out of Xingyuns body as the immense pain he was feeling for a while now subsided like a tide. He passed out a bit later.

When he woke up, Xingyun noticed that skin had a shinier complexion while his physical abilities had increased. After cultivating and breaking through, Xingyun was now a full fledged cultivator at the body tempering realm. Although his realm was still considered to be incredibly weak and useless, he was still stronger than the average mortal men.

”This is it! This is my time to get revenge on my enemies! ” Clenching his right hand into a fist, Yue Xingyun smiled deviously as he looked towards the rising sun.

Despite reincarnating without going through the samsara cycle, the Heavens apparently closed one eye and did not bar him from walking the path of a cultivator again. Upon knowing this fact, Xingyun hoped that his enemies were prepared to face his wrath the next time they met.

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