Trials Of A Shining Star

98th SS - Rise Of The Roaring Moon

Within the peaceful continent of Desolate Elysium, there existed 9 Heavenly realms, 1 Prime Mortal realm, 1 Divine realms and 1 Demonic realm. Besides these 12 important realms serving as the cities of the Desolate Elysium Continent were hundreds of thousands of realms clusters that served as towns with trillions of smaller realms as the towns citizens.

Of the 12 main realms that make up the foundation of the continent, the 9 Heavenly realms actually had another name. Since the inception of the continent, the Divine realm has become the capital city while the 9 Heavenly realms became fortress cities known as the Nine Gates while each city leader was known as a Gate Guardian.

But as time slowly passed within the continent, the roles of these Gates were slowly forgotten by their descendants and the rest of the world. The world only remembered these Heavenly realms as behemoths that rule the mortal realms while their descendants think that being a Gate Guardian was pointless and a waste of time for them since they currently lived in an era of peace.

But of course, not all descendants of the 9 Gates felt the same way. Some Gates still continued the tradition of choosing a Gate Guardian from their disciples or subjects.

It was at this time that the Star Gate, or was currently known as Celestial Skies, was holding a celebration banquet within their realms capital city. As for the reason for this celebration, it was to celebrate the coronation of a new Gate Guardian for their gate.

This new Gate Guardian of theirs hailed from a third rate sect named Orbital Star. Despite his shabby origin, there was no prejudice towards the new Gate Guardian. Since ancient times till now, the people of Celestial Skies have always been united in whatever they do.

Defending the continent from invaders and calamities was their realms job. Failing to do so would cause the entire continent of Desolate Elysium to fall into absolute chaos and potentially be destroyed afterwards. Therefore, the inhabitants of Celestial Skies have all agreed to put aside their greed and pride to do their job to the absolute best.

But amidst all of the festivities that occurred within Celestial Skies for the past 6 days, disaster struck on the 7th day. Just when the outer disciple of Orbital Star was about to be announced as the new Gate Guardian of Star Gate, beastly roars filled primordial auras assaulted the Heavenly realm before millions and millions of primordial beasts including true dragons and divine birds descended from the skies of the realm.

No one in Celestial Skies was prepared for the primordial beasts assault the day it happened. As a result, the entire Heavenly realm was plunged into chaos and destruction as hundreds of billions of mortals and cultivators alike died to the onslaught of primordial beasts. Even super sects like Celestial Court and Sky Dragons fell within days. The primordial beasts rampaged through their ancestral grounds easily, turning it into dead zones within a few sticks of incense.

Thus, the 5th heavenly realm of the Desolate Elysium Continent, Celestial Skies has fallen. The fall of this heavenly realm resulted in a butterfly effect that would soon bring calamities to the continent.

3 years later…

After ambushing and destroying Celestial Skies, the primordial beast herd continued their rampage within the myriad realms. Wherever the primordial beast herd went, death and destruction followed. To these primordial beasts, godly cultivators and sacred monks were their nutritious meals. How could these beasts pass up on such a god given opportunity then?

But while the continent was being besieged by the primordial beast herd, there were 5 safe havens within the continent that currently harbored the survivors of these destroyed realms. These safe havens were the Heavenly realms that continued to carry out their duties as Gates of the Continent. As one of the few survivors of Celestial Skies, the Star Gate Guardian was currently residing within Dragon Gate as a mortal.

Later on, several rumors about the Star Gate started circulating. One of them said it was the Divine realms plan to lead the primordial beasts to attack Celestial Skies and to plunge the continent into chaos. Another said that it was the five current safe havens that started the attack towards one of their own. They had previously already started their own alliance called Brave Time Saviors and wanted to control the entire Desolate Elysium realm for themselves. Thus, getting rid of Celestial Skies was a must.

When these rumors reached the ears of the Star Gate Guardian, he was furious when he pieced the rumors together. He thus started a revenge plan towards the five safe havens as well as the Divine realm called Retribution Of The Stars.

And so the plan commenced.

The Star Gate Guardian currently lives as a mortal named Xing Luo. No one within Dragon Gate knew of his real identity, they just knew him as a rich 2nd generation child from the Celestial Chamber of Commerce. Thus, collecting information was a piece of cake for Xing Luo. Since he was the guardian of an entire heavenly realm, he had deep enough pockets to move anyone within the mortal realm.

After gathering the information he wanted, Xing Luo began to build up his army. The first ones to join his revenge plan were naturally the survivors of Celestial Skies. Then came the mercenaries and people who could be bought with money. Of course, this was still not enough.

After building an army for his revenge plan, he still had to train them in order to not fall in battle easily. He planned to launch several conquests across Dragon Gate first, so his army hardening was a must.

Another 5 years later…

Xing Luo thus began his revenge plan with his trained army called Celestial Legion.

Dragon Gate was the first of the five safe havens that suffered under the Celestial Legions might. Cities collapsed while tens of billions of mortals were killed under Xing Luos banner. Even the young and old were not spared.

Dragon Gate fell within 9 months after the start of Xing Luos conquest. The initial newbie-like Celestial Legion had also become battle hardened warriors with kill counts above one hundred billion each.

It was only after the complete annihilation of Dragon Gate did the other 4 Gates started to take Xing Luo as well as his Celestial Legion seriously. Alas, it was too late. Just like Dragon Gate, cities and sects fell as billions of cultivators and mortals died under the Celestial Legions banner.

Wearing his celestial gold armor, Xing Luo wielded his celestial gold halberd before charging into battle with his legion.

”Thats…thats the Guardian of Star Gate! Hes alive! ” One of the Guardians shouted, fear imminent in his tone.

”Bloody hell! I thought he died along with his Heavenly realm? ” Another Guardian added.

”Stop talking and start defending! His legion was designed to stop our legions! If we kill their Guardian, we can– ” This Guardian hadn finished his words when Xing Luo had appeared behind him and sliced his head off.

”Stop yapping and start dying! Every Guardian here is paying with their lives! ” Xing Luo ferociously roared. He then flashed into nothingness before appearing behind another Guardian, slicing his head off in the process.

”Monster! Hes a mon– ” Another head flew off its neck before it could scream.

The last remaining Guardian of Flower Gate had instead blown herself into a bloody mist to prevent Xing Luo from searching her memories. Some secrets were better to be unknown than to be known. Alas, Xing Luo had already prepared a counter to the Flower Gate Guardians move. With a flick of his hand, time around him was reversed. The guardian who blew herself up had also returned from the gates of hell.

”Once Ive made up my mind, theres nothing to stop me from carrying it out! ” Xing Luo roared as he thrusted his halberd into the guardians head, stealing her memories before killing her outright.

After slaying the last of the Gate Guardians, the Celestial Legion waited at the foot of a mountain as Xing Luo glared at the horizon and coldly uttered, ”Be wary of my rage, Divine Realm. Theres no stopping me when I become angry. ”

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