Tutankh Mummies

Tutankh Mummies - Chapter Four (1)

”Actually, when I was 7, I wrapped the whole body of my classmate using white toilet paper, ”

”Oh? ”

”But I swear God and Anubis, I didn flush his brain out from his nostril, didn cut his belly and drew out his organs from his body at all, ”

”What a relief, good for him, ”

”Then since the day, every classmate was afraid of me, ”

”Why? ”

”Cause as soon as I finished wrapping him, with his belongings, I put him into his locker and pasted many golden chocolate foils all over the lid, ”

”Oh! ”

”Besides, soon when the school bell signaled the end of the break time, directly knocking on the inside of the lockers lid, he said,
ow the break time is over, so let me out., and before I opened the lid, I raised my both hands towards the ceiling and shouted, after the long break, pharaoh awoke from his long sleep, he returned to life from the death! and I directly opened the lid, then as soon as he walked out of the locker still wrapped with the white toilet paper bandage, every classmate screamed with scared looks and ran away from me, ”

”Thats great! you
e really natural born! so lets toast, for the new project Tutankhamun! ”

He raised his glass with the half filled sweet wine smiling brightly like a golden chocolate foil, so she also raised her sweet own smiling sweetly like a piece of cake, they posolutely clinked those glasses together.

*lingon berry wine : is one of the common, popular wines in Finland.

– sourced by https://luxeadventuretraveler.com/wine-wednesday-finnish-wine/


”I heard that Dr. Cox studied Tutankhamuns mummy roughly and only focused on his treasure, so I really understand the rage of your former team, Im very sorry about that, Tun, ”

”And Im pretty sure that crazy sod will roughly look around the important things and only focus on the expensive gold and jewels on every next project, ”

”Oh, no, ”

”So I have no regrets about that Ive quitted, ”

”Of course, no one can judge you, ”

”Thank you very much for your understanding, ”

”And you know, it says on his tomb, he person who finds out the secret of kings death, will be blessed, ”

”Yup, ”

”And Im pretty sure that we can find out the exact cause of his death, from his three coffins, ”

”Really? ”

”Ah-huh, somethings are in his coffins, or, on their outer parts, ”

”Come on, I and my former team already examined every part, ”

”Then, what about the backs of those coffins, the most isolated parts, ”

”Oh? ”

”No one examined those parts in detail, as detailed as you all examined those other parts, so we need to examine those parts more in minute detail, there
e somethings that we can find out the hidden fact of Tutankhamun, ”

”Detailed great idea! ok, lets find out! ”

Then at that instant, Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley And His Comets played on the record player, many of those party guests directly started dancing to the music, and at the same time still sitting in the chair, Mun moved her feet to the rhythm,

”One of my favorite songs, Mun, maybe you also like this song, right? ”

”Who doesn , ”

”Wanna dance? ”

Instantly rising from the chair, she danced to the music in front of tun skillfully,

”! Wow! great, what a dance, what a dancer, ok, lets dance! ”

He held her hand and took her to the center of the hall where many people already danced with excitement, directly releasing his hand from her hand, he danced deftly smiling at her broadly, and at the same time dancing to the flaming rhythm and burning mood merrily, she smiled at him brightly,

”Ok, you beautiful dancing girl, let me be your partner, ”

Directly holding her tiny cute hand, he danced with her with excitement, and at the same time holding his strong trustable hand, she also moved and shook her entire body in excitement, soon as soon as the song was over, they also finally could stop their kicking dance,

”Nice dance,Tun, ”

”You too, Mun, what a nice dancer you are! did you learn? ”

”I have an aptitude for dance, and whenever I watch rockabilly dance, belly dance, and other various dance on TV, I often dance along, ”

”All right, great, ”

”These days many TV programs show diverse dance, so its really good to dance along, how about you? ”

”Actually, I also have some bent for dance, besides, although my dad was horrible to name me, he was a natural born dancer, and hes still a great dancer, actually my mom fell in love with his nice dancing skills, my dad told me that at the year end party 1914, he danced really hard to win her heart, and when I was a little kid, sometimes he used to teach me a few nice dance movements, ”

”Cool! ”

Soon they approached the nearby window,

”Then, I have a dim recollection, Ive heard that a new female member of ability and English, Welsh, Hong Konger, and Egyptian descent from Hong Kong majoring in cell biology at the university of Hong Kong, has newly appeared in archaeology field, so maybe shes… ” said he looking at her meaningfully,

”Well, its my honor, Im truly grateful for your generous words, actually, after graduation, I worked as a medical botanist until 1951, then cause archaeology, especially, all those interesting history & relics of ancient Egypt were always in my heart, so eventually in 1953, I started studying archaeology at Oxford, and after graduation and the long time struggle, tadah! here I am, ” said she smiling at him meaningfully,

”Aha! ” said he smiling at her brightly,

”And till November 10th 1958, I had lived in Hong Kong, and since 11th, Ive lived in London, cause I want to find the better chance for success, I hope Ill make good as an archaeologist, ”

”All right, and what a nice surprise, cause I live in London, too, besides, Im of English, Scottish, Turkish, and Egyptian descent, ”

”Wow, really? nice! nice to meet you, my English Egyptian gentleman, ”

”Hehe! same here, my English Egyptian lady, ”

Then at that instant, the party manager began to countdown,

”Ten, nine, ”

Tun looked at him in surprise,

”Oh, already? ”

She also turned her head to the party manager with surprise,

”Wow, finally! ”

And everyone in the banquet hall including Tun and Mun also joined to count,

”Five, four, three, two, one, happy new year! ”

”Happy 1959! ”

”Happy 1959, everybody! ”

”Happy new year, everyone! ”

”Happy new year! ”

While everyone cheered loudly, soon the fireworks started decorating the not only starry but also pitch-dark night sky fulgently,

”Happy new year, Tun, ”

”Happy new year, Mun, ”

Surrounded by the refulgent excitement, they smiled at each other with fulgent hearts, and at the same time, they couldn take their effulgent eyes off each other.

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