Tutankh Mummies

Tutankh Mummies - Chapter Two (1)


”But your highness, your new stallions still refuse to follow the order of you and your horse managers, therefore its too dangerous to you, itll threaten your safety, I hope youll change to these domesticated stallions to protect your chosen body, please, ” said the head butler of Tutankhamun,

While other two butlers and servants of Tutankhamun hesitated, soon head butler tried to stop the still immature, stubborn, young blood boy king,

”No, Im the pharaoh, Im the god of every existence, therefore no one must refuse my order, so today, these worthless, lowly horses will be my servants, ” said Tutankhamun coldly,

He directly rose from the chair made of brilliant gold, grasping the handle of a gilded walking stick with a sun-shaped carnelian on its top in his right hand and the handle of an Egyptian Baladi cattle whip in his left hand, he obstinately walked out of the tent that those servants built on the field next to those several quarries all located in the hills and cliffs bordering the Nile Valley between Cairo in the north and Isna in the south11, and directly approached his chariot made of gilded wood, soon Smenkhkare and Tutankhopesh who both sat in those gilded chairs on both sides of Tutankhamuns chair, also rose from their chairs and walked out of the tent, and at the same time, their servants carried those chairs of Smenkhkare and Tutankhopesh, as soon as Smenkhkare and Tutankhopesh stopped at the spot next to the chartiot, those servants put those chairs right behind of them, both of them sat in each ones chair, Smenkhkare looked at Tutankhamun with worry, and at the same time Tutankhopesh glared at Tutankhamun with a cold heart, soon as soon as Tutankhamun got into the chariot, he raised the whip, then before he whipped the backs of those two stallions, suddenly both of them stumped their feet with the eyes of repulsion, soon they glared at the spoiled 18-year-old teenager, but he directly lashed their backs and at the same time those stallions galloped on the rough, rocky ground filled with many rough, big and small pieces of limestones insanely like two furious, winged steeds at breakleg speed,

Therefore he finally began to feel fear by the dangerous situation that his thoughtless, spoiled, young blood had caused, soon the stick made of gilded wood which had the hidden crack in its center, gradually began to break little by little, carrying the cracked chariot madly, while those wild horses like two violent pegasuses, ran on the ground filled with many rough, hard, broken pieces of limestones that were scattered all over the place, soon the cracked stick was completely broken in two, and at the same time bouncing off the chariot, he fell to the ground heavily,

”Pharaoh is injured! send this message to the court physician! ” shouted the head butler at one of those nearby soldiers,

The soldier directly ran to his horse, as soon as he mounted the horse, he ran the horse to the palace, and at the same time while butlers and servants all ran to Tutankhamun in their hurry, already rising from the chair, Smenkhkare looked at Tutankhamun with shock and worry, Tutankhamun still lay on the ground and moaning in agony with the bleeding deformed left leg, but Tutankhopesh just watched the scene still sitting in the chair, a little later, rising from the chair unhurriedly at ease with arrogant gait, he walked to his twin brother, as soon as he stopped in front of Tutankhamun, he icily looked around those two broken pieces of the stick first without any compunction even a bit, soon lastly, he caught a glimpse of his twin brother suffering by the broken, bleeding leg.

Ancient Egyptian quarries11 – sourced by



On the windy late night, lying in the extravagant gilded bed covered with a white linen sheet in his bedroom, Tutankhamun sweated buckets with severe pain, every sharp part of those broken bones in his injured left leg pierced the deformed part and the infected part both,

”Keep wiping blood and pus in minute detail, ” ordered the female court physician to those nearby servants,

She directly looked at the head butler of Tutankhamun,

”As a doctor, I did every best treatment to our great pharaoh, and he is passing the crisis tonight, therefore all of us must pray and ask Amun Ra to save his dying body, and beg Anubis not to take him away to the afterlife, ” said she with worry and tension,

As soon as the head butler gave six among those nearby soldiers a look, they ran out of the room, soon carrying two golden statues of Amun Ra and Anubis one per three soldiers, they came back to the room, as soon as they put Amun Ra next to the bed on the right and put Anubis next to the bed on the left, Ankhesenamun;
ot only his wife and the queen of Egypt but also his half-sister*, other siblings, butlers and servants and the court physician in the room, all knelt in prayer to Amun Ra and Anubis, except one, Tutankhopesh,

”What a view, ” mumbled he coldly and colder than a cold, dead body,

He directly walked out of the bedroom and at the same time his assistant followed behind him, he continued to walk in the direction of his bedroom, a little later, while he got closer to the gilded door of his bedroom, soon one of those two gatekeepers both holding spears opened the door, when he entered the bedroom with many extravagant pieces of furniture each made of solid gold, gilded wood, and bronze all studded with diverse, multicolored semiprecious stones and glasses, his servants were setting for dinner with many various, tasteful meals in plates and bowls each made of solid gold, multi-colored glasses, and wood, water in a cup made of blue glass, and red wine in a cup made of red glass, the rectangular, long, wide, gilded table covered with a tablecloth made of white linen, he directly sat in the gilded chair in the center of the front of the table and impaled a piece of sheep meat with a smooth, sharp, golden fork and put the meat into his mouth, soon one of his two butlers approached him,

”Prince, the new linen you ordered just arrived here, ” said he,

”Bring it to me now, ” said Tutankhopesh,

Soon carrying a roll of white linen fabric in his both arms, one of his servants entered through the door of the room, while he approached the table for dinner, soon carrying the other gilded table a bit smaller than the dinner table, the other four servants put the table in front of the dinner table, soon the servant with the linen stopped in front of the smaller table, he put the roll on the table and spread it,

”Put this fabric into the dark beige limestone chest engraved with Amun Ra on its lid, ” said Tutankhopesh examining the linen with satisfaction,

The servant carried the linen to the distant chest,

”Because I need formal court wear made of the best fabric, for my upcoming coronation ceremony, ” muttered Tutankhopesh in a small, dry voice filled with greed,

He directly drained the bloody red wine.

ot only his wife and the queen of Egypt but also his half-sister : incest; the incestuous alliance was common among ancient Egyptian royals to preserve their royal blood.

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