Tutankh Mummies

Tutankh Mummies - Chapter Two (2)


”Amun Ra saved him and Anubis didn take our Pharaoh to the afterlife! ”

The next morning, surrounded by the bright, hopeful morning sunshine beaming through the open window of the bedroom of Tutankhamun, the court physician found that Tutankhamun had survived from infection, directly outstretching her arms towards the ceiling, she shouted with a sigh of relief, therefore all those butlers and servants of Tutankhamun in the bedroom cheered and praised Amun Ra making deep bows towards the sky, then soon, raising his body from the floor, one of those male servants ran out of the room and moved in the direction of the bedroom of Tutankhopesh, as soon as he stopped in front of the door of the room, he told those two gatekeeprs something and one of those gatekeepers instantly opened the door, entering the room, he directly ran to Tutankhopesh who was sipping magenta red wine in a clear sky blue glass at ease, but as soon as he whispered to Tutankhopesh something, Tutankhopesh threw the glass at the face of Amun Ra in the mural of the nearby wall with fury, and in the mural, Amun Ra looked down at many ripe figs all hanging on a tree, a female farmer stood on the right of the the tree and a male famer stood on the left of the tree each with a basket both filled with many harvested figs in their right hands, and at the same time, both of them held a fig in each ones left hand, those two overripe figs in their hands were both splitted a bit and revealed their ruddy fleshes, and as soon as the glass filled with wine hit the left eye of Amun Ra, it shattered into pieces and the wine dyed the wall and the floor both made of light beige limestone richly and reddened the left eye of Amun Ra, the reddish eye instantly weeped tears of blood.


After a month, the injured part of Tutankhamun almost got cured, so he was already excited to ride the new chariot with new horses tamed well by new skillful horse managers, so that night, he smiled at the sumptuous meals at the banquet for celebrating his recovery,

”We hope to enjoy this feast for celebrating your recovery and greatness, your highness, our great pharaoh, ” flattered the head butler of Tutankhamun,

The still immature 19-year-old boy king instantly put a piece of barley bread on his tongue with excitement in his typical, easygoing contentment, while he chewed it, he picked up a pale blue glass with several lines each in bright lemon yellow and dark midnight blue filled with vivid ruby red wine among those many polychrome vessels, then on that particular night, the oddly shiny, dark crimson wine stealthily tempted the heart of the teenager king who couldn notice the ominous sign even right under his very nose, the immature boy who completely fell in the sweet temptation in the hidden menace, gladly drank down in a quick single draft without any doubt and even a bit of question, only with his young blood heartbeat,

Then while he gazed at the liquid in odd red carelessly, soon all of a sudden, the sharp pain like an acuate flying spear with a keen blade of the spearhead, began to spread all over his throat, stomach, and small intestine, so the poor 19 finally noticed that the wine wasn the sweet joy for his tongue and thoughtless soul at all too late, while he stared at the menacing sparkle in the glass with agony, soon his mouth started bleeding and the increased, burning agony spread all over his dying body, then while Ankhesenamun, his servants, and other siblings tried to wake him who already not only fell to the floor but also fell in the eternal sleep desperately, sitting in the gilded chair on the opposite side of his dying twin brother, Tutankhopesh glared at the already cold, dead body of Tutankhamun with cold cruelty and cold heart, not only surrounded by the warmth of the bonfire, but also swept by the cold night wind from The Western Desert, soon he drank up the vivid, fresh, bloody red wine in a pitch-dark raven glass with many stripes each in brilliant, golden yellow and provocative magenta red at a wild gulp with khopeshlike sharp contentment, while his servant poured bloody red crimson wine in his glass, soon the nightmarishly red blood streamed down through the crack between lips of his dead brother, the blood continued to flow all over the floor made of light beige limestones with four relievos each in a sun shape, a scarab shape, a hawk shape, and the eye of Horus shape all made of brilliant gold, like a bloody Nile.


A little later, the court physician ran into the banquet hall, while she tried to revive the dead body of Tutankhamun, soon Tutankhopesh gave his assistant a look as a signal to remove the glass of Tutankhamun, directly approaching the glass, Tutankhopeshs assistant picked up the glass and tried to wrap it with a thick, bloodstainlike dark red cloth with tension, but soon, his fingers spilt several drops of the poisonous wine still remaining in the vessel to his palm, the poison instantly melted his hand and soon the entire hand became a charred piece of flesh and bones, and at the same time, screaming in burning pain, he dropped the glass to the floor, the glass shattered into pieces, and at the same time, as soon as the remaining wine fell to the floor like several drops of real blood, the spot of the floor made of thick, hard limestone immediately melted and became a charred chunk, and at the same time, as soon as the other people in the place found him and the melted floor, all of them were shocked by the unexpected horrifying scene, then soon, wrapping all his right fingers with the linen napkin on the table, the head butler of Tutankhamun approached him and picked up the biggest one of those many broken pieces of the glass on the floor, he cautiously examined and smelt it, soon, he shouted,

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