Tutankh Mummies

Tutankh Mummies - Chapter Three (1)

”Someone put poison into the wine of our great pharaohs glass! ”

Soon, as soon as he recalled that the man was the assistant of Tutankhopesh, he pointed his left index finger at Tutankhopesh still unconcernedly sipping wine,

”Bring down the traitor! ” said he,

The four guards of Tutankhamun directly dragged Tutankhopesh down from the chair, all in a fluster, Tutankhopesh dropped the glass and writhed to take their strong hands off him madly, but instantly beating his whole body with the butts of their spears, those guards dragged him out of the banquet hall and took him to the outside, soon one of them made a torchlight with a branch of the nearby tree and two flints and one among those several flaming torchlights each on a stand all in single file, a little later, as soon as they stopped in front of the door of a small, single story building made of dark gray limestones, one of those guards opened the tiny sack tied to his belt and took a key out of the sack, as soon as he unlocked the door, dragging Tutankhopesh again, they entered through the door and directly descended the staircase, as soon as they arrived at the basement, they entered through the open door of a nearby empty room, the guard holding the torch light directly lighted the torch hanging on the dark gray limestone wall, and at the same time, one of those rest three guards picked up a roll of rope hanging on the stick hanging on the wall, and tied Tutankhopesh to a column made of dark gray limestone with the rope, soon the chief priest and the four priests among those priests of every temple, Tutankhamuns head butler, and four guards dragging Tutankhopeshs assistant, all entered the secret prison, those guards directly threw the assistant to the cold, hard, dark gray limestone floor,

”The murderer who poisoned our great pharaoh, must be executed! ” said the chief priest,

As soon as he pronounced a sentence of death, begging for his life, the assistant pointed the index finger of his rest hand at Tutankhopesh who was afraid of the punishment that would make him painful to death,

”No! that wasn my fault, that traitor forced me to put the poison into the wine, hes the real murderer! ” said he in fear and trembling,

Then at that instant, one of those guards drew the bronze khopesh from the sheath tied to his belt and directly wielded the khopesh to the neck of the assistant, his head and his body instantly separated from each other and both fell to the floor, the scarifying scene made Tutankhopesh the last murderers fear increased insanely, he directly glared at the chief priest,

”No! this murderer lied, I didn force him to do that, and Im the prince of this country, no one can treat me like this! all of you must worship me, the living God! you must remember that Im the chosen one, the living God of Egypt! ”

but his lies and madness; the frantic last-ditch effort never could change the sentencing, cause all of them still knew that the murderer, the traitor was him, therefore with no formal trial by the anicent Egyptian law under the power of Amun Ra, they carried out the special execution that only could be carried out to the royal sinner; the half mummifying punishment to the alive sinner of royal birth.


Whenever the chief priest cut off Tutankhopeshs tongue, eyes, and nose, he threw them at the torchlight, two of those guards instantly untied Tutankhopesh and dragged him to a nearby raven granite table with Anubis holding a scale with his right hand and a khopesh with his left hand engraved on the left side of the table, they put Tutankhopesh on the table and tied his body with the rope, those four priests instantly cut off his belly and drew his every organ out from his chest and belly except his heart, and at the same time, Tutankhopesh was not only bleeding severely, but also still alive painfully, they put those organs into Canopic jars12 all made of dark beige limestones, while they directly wrapped his whole bloody body with long linen bandages, his blood immediately dyed the white linen to the nightmarishly vivid red from bloody hell, as soon as they finished wrapping, they put him into a raven granite coffin, and at the same time, he moaned in bloody agony endlessly, tons of blood continued to fall all over the floor and into the coffin both,

Soon, when the chief priest gave nearby two guards a look to do something, those guards instantly picked up nearby two bronze chests one per person and carried them to the coffin, as soon as they put those chests next to the coffin, the chief priest put an ominous spell to those chests, soon, pointing his index finger at the one of those chests, he gave nearby two priests a look to do something, while those priests directly lifted the chest, soon, the chief priest opened the lid and those priests instantly leaned the chest into the coffin, then at that instant, a large number of scorpions poured down into the coffin madly, using their acuate, poisonous stings, whenever those scorpions pierced the whole body of Tutankhopesh, he groaned insanely, while those scorpions pierced him to half death, soon as soon as priests leaned the last chest, an enormous number of Egyptian cobras insanely poured down onto the entire body of Tutankhopesh who was not only alive painfully, but was also half dying and half dead accursedly, while the every acuate, poisonous fang of those Egyptian cobras bit him to nearly death, soon, those two priests mercilessly shut the coffins lid made of raven granite engraved with a huge scorpion on the right and a thick Egyptian cobra on the left both in the center of the lid, and directly sealed the crack, as soon as the chief priest locked the lid with a key made of a rectangular gold with four relievos of a scorpion, Egyptian cobra, Anubis, and Seth, he put the key into the last empty canopic jar and closed the jar with an Anubis head-shaped lid, actually, many scorpions and a large number of Egyptian cobras were engraved on the right side of the raven granite table; the altar for half mummifying, soon, before the chief priest left the place with those other priests, he gave those guards a look to lift the coffin, instantly carrying the coffin, they followed after those priests.

Canopic jars12 : Canopic jars were used by the ancient Egyptians during the mummification process, to store and preserve the viscera of their owner for the afterlife. They were commonly either carved from limestone, or were made of pottery.

– sourced by Wikipedia


”The person who sets this traitor free from the eternal half death, will experience the pain of the complete death, ”

Under the chilling moonbeam surrounded by the enormous pitch-dark only with a small light of a flaming torch, standing in front of the feet of the 5 meter long statue of Anubis made of raven granite and gold trims surrounding the both ear lines of Anubis that was built on he west bank of the Nile opposite Luxor in upper Egypt*, as soon as the chief priest finished cursing, four of those guards dug in the sandy ground with shovels right in front of the feet of Anubis, and at long last, as soon as they finished digging a deep hole, holding the upper part of a rope ladder, those rest four guards put the lower part of the rope ladder into the hole, climbing the rope ladder, as soon as those four guards got out of the hole, those rest guards threw the coffin into the deep, pitch-dark hole that looked like a throat of a devil, and at the same time, the half mummified royal traitor Tutankhopesh shook the coffin desperately still surrounded by the ton of scorpions and Egyptian cobras all pricking and biting his entire bloody body, soon all those guards finished filling up the hole with the sandy dirt, but those priests couldn realize that they could mummify his body, but they couldn mummify his unconscionability, viciousness, fury, rage, venom, vengeance, and curse.

*The west bank of the Nile opposite Luxor in upper Egypt : the location of the valley of the kings where the tomb of Tutankhamun is located.

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