Tutankh Mummies

Tutankh Mummies - Chapter Three (3)

Tun Blake, a 38-year-old archaeologist with short, curly, dark brown hair and light blue eyes of English, Scottish, Turkish, and Egyptian descent, picked up a plate and a fork, and put the fork on the plate, he directly picked up the cake knife next to the Anubis cake, and cut the left part of Anubis head,

”And whats next? dry bloody wine in canopic jars? ”

As soon as he put a piece of the cake on the plate, spearing the center of the piece with the fork, he put it into his mouth merrily, then when he finished the piece, the chief gave nearby party staff members a look to bring something, instantly leaving the banquet hall, they approached the corner of the hallway, a little later, they carried four gilded wooden statues of ancient Finnish warriors all raising swords, and put them next to those statues of ancient Egyptian gods, and at the same time, everyone cheered and enjoyed watching the unusual statues,

”What are these guys? maybe our almighty Dr. Cox wants to see these Egyptian god guys and Finnish warrior guys all fight over what? happy new year cakes? right? all right, guys, fight! happy new year fight, everyone! thats right, slay this guy first and stab Anubis? jackal? shepherd? doberman pinscher? miniature pinscher? chipin? wait, he looks like a chihuahua! ”

Holding the empty plate and the cake knife, he acted as he stab the left chest of Anubis with the cake knife as he wielded a sword, he also acted as he covered his body with the empty plate as he used a shield, and at the same time, many people giggled at his hilarious show, soon Hound Dog by Elvis Presley played on the record player, meanwhile, Dr. Cox was answering a female reporter of English, Scottish, Turkish, and Pakistani descent from Britain, a male reporter of German, Jewish, Japanese, and Thai descent from America, a female reporter of Welsh, Irish, French, and African descent from Australia, and a male reporter of Welsh, Scandinavian, Indian, and Chinese descent from Canada, then soon, as soon as Tuns weird show met his arrogant eyes, he started finishing the interview in his hurry and anger,

”Yes, the result from the project of ancient Finnish relics including Viking weapons and other different tools, will be great! and after we… …I, finished this project in Finland, soon, I, will discover and study the related relics of Vikings in Britain and other western and northern European countries, besides, I, have also prepared many projects in India, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, China, and Mexico, of course, these projects also will be great! and thank you very much indeed for your nice questions, haha! I, hope both of you enjoy my, party, and, excuse me! ”

Soon while Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley played on the record player, as soon as he left those reporters, he rushed to the spot where the funny show of Tun still continued,

”Stop it! you
e shaming my party! ” said Dr. Cox with fury,

”Are you kidding? its the year end party for everyone, ” said Tun with excitement,

Dr. Cox directly glared at Tun in perplexity,

”What? you ok? want some cake? ” asked Tun smiling unconcernedly,

”! ”

Directly pointing his shaking index finger at Tun, Dr. Cox tried to make some good warning to stop the show that he hated, but cause he really couldn make any proper word at all, soon he snapped at Tun,

”Im on diet! ”

He directly disappeared into the crowd, and at that instant Race With The Devil by Gene Vincent played on the record player, and at the same time Tun smiled at those onlookers with confidence, directly cutting a piece of the sword-shaped cake, he asked those onlookers,

”So, who wants to eat some cake?13 ”

”YEAH! ”

They instantly cheered for the cake and Tun both.

who wants to eat some cake?13 – quoted the line of the buzzword of buddy in the American reality TV show cake boss.


”Yes, while our team studied the new relics, soon Dr. Cox forced us to focus on the specific relics made of gold and jewels, therefore although we studied Tutankhamuns three coffins well, we couldn study his mummified body in detail, so even if other members will stay in the totally wrong project, I won , ” said Tun seriously,

”So Dr. Blake, whats your plan? ” asked the British reporter,

”As soon as I find a new expert, Ill proceed with a new project, ” answered Tun,

”And whats the new project? ” asked the American reporter,

”I don know yet, ”

Soon, at 10:20pm, after finishing the interview, those reporters directly took several photos of Tun, after shaking hands, Tun left them and directly approached Darius, sitting in a nearby chair, he was waiting for Tun,

”I heard that, did you really quit? ” asked Darius,

”Yup, right before I did that interview, so I lastly could watch that the mad sod madly showed his typical mad temper, ” answered Tun, smiling with confidence.


Meanwhile, at 10:40pm, dancing to the melody of High Definition by Bill Haley And His Comets, Mun Lee, a 38-year-old archaeologist with shouder length wavy hair and eyes all in dark brown of English, Welsh, Hong Konger, and Egyptian descent in a snow white dress and buttercream white heels; all with simple design purchased at 20 percent discount, picked up a silver spoon and a plate of a clean bandaged mummy-shaped milk pudding on one of those two main tables, spooning the right part of its head, she put it in her mouth merrily, then while she looked around the party spectacle with excitement, soon abruptly, she found that Mrs. Susan Cox, a 33-year-old Miss Britain 1951 and manager of her husband Dr. Henry Cox with shoulder length wavy, ash blond hair, and Libyan desert glass green eyes of English, German, Dutch, and Austrian descent in a brilliant, trendy dress & heels all in champagne gold wearing a necklace made of a golden string, a golden frame, and a cushion cut golden yellow canary diamond in the center of the necklace and a ring made of a golden band and a cushion cut golden yellow canary diamond on her left ring finger, was rushing to her,

”Uh oh! ”

Directly eyes down, Mun looked at the pudding mummy, but soon, Mrs. Cox found her,

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