Tutankh Mummies

Tutankh Mummies - Chapter Three (4)

”Miss Lee, there you are, ” said Mrs. Cox,

”Yes, Mrs. Cox, here I am, ” said Mun,

”I know my husband didn hire you for the project of Tutankhamun, but he said that because his team needs more members for the new project in this country, he wants to hire you, how about that? ”

”Thank you very much indeed, Mrs. Cox, but Ive changed my mind, Im planning on a new project with another expert, so! ”

Mun directly turned her body in the opposite direction from Mrs. Cox, but quickly standing in front of her, Mrs. Cox blocked her exit,

”But my husband is the most famous archaeologist in power, his fame will be very helpful to your career, ”

”But since Ive seen how your husband treats his team and Tutankhamun, Ive realized that I mustn work with him, cause Im an archaeologist specializing in mummy, not in gold, who must find the truth of the ancient period, so actually, I was studying this unusual mummy, ”

Mun directly spooned a spoonful of the right chest of the pudding mummy and put it into her mouth,

”Oh, interesting… ” said Mrs. Cox coldly,

”And because of the snow-covered road, now scientists can arrive here, so now Im doing an autopsy on this guy, oh! look, look at this half clotted, thick blood, ”

Mun directly picked up a tiny ceramic jar on the nearby table, after pouring a great amount of vivid, bloody red cherry syrup onto the mummy she directly cut its left chest with a knife for a meat course,

”Look at this, its his heart, then its very half juicy and half bloody, maybe this guy was… half mummified! good, new project, very interesting, right? ”

She took a tiny piece of a vivid, bloody red strawberry out of its left chest with the spoon, and put it into her hilariously talking mouth,

”So next, I also must study other parts of this mummy guy, ”

”What a humor… excuse me! ” said Mrs. Cox in perplexity,

And at the same time while Mun speared the center of the mummys lower abdomen with the spoon, soon Mrs. Cox disappeared into the crowd,

”Bye! oh good, finally! ” cheered Mun with a sigh of relief,

Therefore she finally continued to enjoy the party and the pudding both, soon she finished the pudding and directly looked at the sword-shaped cake that other people already ate most part of its blade,

”Well, I hope those pieces of the blade won cut your guts, ”

Soon, she found the Anubis-shaped cake with no head, neck, and arms on the next table and directly approached the cake, then as soon as she stopped in front of the cake, abruptly, Tun knelt right behind the cake and put his head and arms right behind those empty parts of head and arms,

”Hey! beautiful girl, hello, ” said he smiling in mischief,

”? ”

While she gazed at him with surprise, soon, he moved his head, neck, and arms as a traditional Egyptian dancer and an Egyptian belly dancer danced, watching his hilarious dance show, she smiled at him brightly, soon, she clapped her hands,

”Thank you very much, lady, you
e a great audience! so, in the name of Anubis, I suggest a new project to you, and the project is, restudying the mummy of, Tutankhamun, ”

”! How did you know that I wanna study him? ”

”Cause I just heard and watched your nice autopsy, ”

”Oh, ”

”And your name is Miss… Leigh! or Lee~? ”

”Lee~, its glad to meet you, Sir, Im Mun, ”

”Im Tun, ”

”? Um.. it means… ”

”Yup, barrel, then actually it was derived from Tutankhamun, my dad did, when I was born in Dec.11th.1920, my parents made my name normally, John, then Nov.4th.1922, the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered by Howard Carter*, and after my he read the report of it with huge interest, he changed my name to tut, but you know, it not only means the pet name of Tutankhamun, but also means clicking tongue, tut… but fortunately, my mom stopped him, so they simply decided to put the last alphabet N of Tutankhamun, right next to the Tu, so yes, Im Tun, then from kindergarten even to university, some classmates used to make fun of my name, some of them bullied me seriously, even when I slipped and tumbled down the stairs, Tun Blake Tumbled!, but Tun is much better than Tut, right? ”

”Right, Tun, ”

He smiled at her with confidence, then at that instant, You Belong To Me by Jo Stanfford played on the record player gently, and at the same time surrounded by the romantic melody and lovely lyrics, while she still gazed at him with the significance in her face and eyes, soon he noticed something,

”! Your name was also derived from! ”

”Yup, Tutankha, Mun, ”

*Howard Carter (May.9th.1874~Mar.2nd.1939) : Howard Carter was a British archaeologist and Egyptologist who discovered the intact tomb of the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh Tutankhamun in November 1922, the best-preserved pharaonic tomb ever found in the Valley of the Kings.

– sourced by Wikipedia


At 11:10pm, while other party guests enjoyed the party normally, surrounded by the pleasant melody of Hard Rock Candy, Baby by Judy Harriet, sharing a piece of the left chest part of the Anubis cake with two glasses of lingonberry wine* in fresh, vivid, bloody red, Tun and Mun enjoyed and shared the sweet lingonberry winelike and the sweeter Anubis cakelike special moment together,

”When I was born in Nov.11th.1920, my parents made my name normally, Jane, then Nov.4th.1922, the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered by Howard Carter, and after my parents read the report of it with huge interest, they changed my name to like that, ” said she smiling sweetly,

”Aha! ” said he smiling sweetly, too, with surprise,

”And Im terribly sorry about those bullies who made fun of your name, how mean they are! then you know what? I also couldn grow up normal, ”

”Oh? all right, Im listening, ”

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