Ashley went home after getting her mom prescription to take a shower and to eat before going back to the hospital, she saw an envelope, so she decided to take a look at at it

She opened the envelope to see a month notice letter, she was shocked at what she saw and got on the ground and started crying she can believe this was happening to her, her mother was in the hospital, her dad was nowhere to be found and now a one month notice

”Why is this happening to me, why me, why me? ” She said as tear drops fell from her eyes

Some hours later a slim figure got out of a taxi and went inside the cafe

”Ashley, why are you looking like this? Whats wrong ” Carey said

Ashley suddenly broke down and started crying

”Ashley whats wrong, you can tell me, Im here for you

” Shes dying Carey, my mom is dying ” she said in between the sobs

Carey was in shock by what she just heard she did know what to say

”Carey, why am I cursed, why is this happening to me, why ” she said as she continued crying

”You are not cursed, don say that ” Carey said trying to coax her friend

”I am, do you know what also happened ” she said as she held her tears

”When I got home after everything that happened, I saw an envelope, and it was a one month notice to leave the house ” She continued crying

”Whats your mom suffering from maybe we can find a cure ” Ashley looked at her friend at what she just said

”It can be cured ”

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